NiKO is GROWING UP!! Backyard Spacestation Acadamy Game with Adley and our new friends!

– I’m trying to make it just fly up. – [Dad] That’s pretty cool. (hard rock music)
(water splashing) (laughing) (grunts) (yelling)
– Whoa! (slam noise)
(whoosh noise) (yelling) – [Dad] Oh, yeah! (everyone cheering) (everyone cheering) (laughing)
(applause) – Let’s go! No bounce! Hi, Vlogie, welcome to–
(record scratches) wait, where’s Adelie? Adelie, we’re starting the Vlog. Adelie–
(cheers) What? You were down there? – Yeah! (growls) Hi, Vlogie! – Okay, what are we doing today? – Today we’re gonna have
a party with new friends and the Holiday Boys. – Yeah, the Holiday Boys are coming over, and then Holiday’s brother,
Tim, just moved to Utah, to work at the Space Station, so we’re gonna meet
his kids, and hang out, and have a Space Station party. Do you know what we do
at a Space Station party? – Nope. – Me either! We gotta figure it out.
(squeaky toy noise) – We got out all the decorations. – What kind of decorations should we do? – Space Station gaming.
– Space Station gaming. (laughs) (makes noise)
– So we’re gonna have a party and we gotta get ready. Should we go get ready? – Yeah, come on, Vlogie, let’s go! – Let’s go! What are you doing, Mom? – Stuffing a piñata. – [Dad] Stuffing a piñata. – Not a party without a piñata. Could we figure out a way to hang this? Did we?
– [Dad] We haven’t. We gotta figure that out still. (laughs) Where’s a tall chicken when you need one, you know what I mean?
– I know. (laughs) – I’m opening the cups for my mom. – Thank you.
– Perfect. She’s being a helper. I think I gotta put the vlog down, ’cause I just had a good idea. We are going to create
a Space Station Academy where everyone has to pass
classes and do certain things, and if they pass, they graduate, and they’re officially
part of the Space Station. Do you like that idea? – These are glass ones. – I think those are plastic. I like that idea. (plastic breaks) so that’s what we’re doing.
(Adelie groans) (screams) Careful, crazy! – Yeah, and they break. (hitting noise) – We’re gonna apply the
Space Station Academy BRB. Ready? (everyone cheers) Welcome to my house!
(laughing) (applause)
and welcome to– – Come on. – Space Station Academy. It’s a Space Station school. So, Holiday Boys, have you ever graduated
Space Station school? – No. – Okay, we need to do it.
Adelie, have you graduated yet? – Nope. – New Holiday Boys,
have you graduated yet? Holiday Girls? Space Station Academy, no? (Nico crying)
(everyone talking at once) – [Mom] Do you wanna graduate? – Nico, you haven’t graduated yet? We have a couple classes, and if you guys pass all of the classes, you graduate from Space Station Academy, and there’s a surprise, all right? – Let’s go! – Please sign your
names, and pass it along. All right, while you guys
are signing your names, I need to get you guys
sorted into your classes. One second. – This is real! (Mom laughs) – [Man] Oh, good job, Ryker. – [Man 2] Oh, he knows how to– – [Boy] Dang! – Ooh, Ryker, I like your name. Guess what my motorcycle’s name is? Ryker. Yeah, we’re twinners. All right, while you guys are signing in, – [Adelie] Yeah? – This is our sorting helmet. It’s (laughs) gonna let you guys know what class you’re in.
– [Girl] Oh, my gosh. In the Space Station, okay?
(man laughing) this is important stuff! So who wants to be sorted first? – I’m down. – Okay, come have a seat. – [Helmet Recording]
Hmm, you are a fun one. Space Station Gaming! – All right, Space Station Gaming! (cheering)
Congratulations. All right, who’s next to be sorted? – [Helmet Recording] Hmm,
this head feels so nice and so smart.
(girl giggling) Space Station Integrations!
(cheering) – Oh, integrations! Okay! You’re working with your Dad! Who’s next to be sorted? – Me? – All right, let’s go for it. Let’s see where this guy’s going. – [Helmet Recording] A for Adelie! – A for Adelie?
(cheering) – [Helmet Recording] And
another A for Adelie! – A for Adelie!
(cheering) that’s a good spot for you! – [Helmet Recording] Oh, this is, this is a very, okay. Vince Summit! – Vince Summit?
(cheering) – [Helmet Recording] Ah-hah. Another Space Station Integrations. (cheering)
– Ooh, Integrations with– – [Helmet Recording] Yeah,
Space Station Gaming. (cheering)
(laughing) – Oh, yeah. Space Station Gaming. – Yes! – Welcoming Makenna to the Space Station. – [Helmet Recording] Business Development! – (laughs) Okay! (laughs)
Business Development. (cheering) Oh, good luck. This is important. – Stand. – Okay. Let’s see. Oh you’re
going to the Space Station. What are you gonna do? – Best day ever, huh?
Welcome to Sean Dureske. – (cheers) You’re in Sean Dureske? – Best day ever!
(Mom laughs) – All right! Joining Space Station,
let’s see where she goes. – [Helmet Recording] (gasps) It is from Space Station Breakfasts, Magic Spoon! – (cheers) Whoa! Magic Spoon! (everyone cheering and laughing) That’s a good one, okay. Okay, you’re all sorted now. Do you guys remember your classes? – Yeah! – Okay, good, that’s important. That’s where you fit in the Space Station. But you still need to
pass all your classes. So the parents can be there
supporting, but they can’t help. The kids have to pass the
classes by themselves. – Okay.
– All right. – So, very first class,
astronauts only, no parents. Who can read? – I don’t know.
– Me. – Connor, congrats on being able to read. (laughing) all right, guys, gather around. Connors gonna open it up,
that’s the first class. – All that matters is graduation. If you pass all our Space Station classes, you will graduate. Work together and be pretty,
I mean, really smart. – [Dad] You can be pretty, too. – First class, rocket building! – Oh!
– Rocket building! There’s some flames there. Where do you think that the
rocket building class is? – The fireplace. – You know? Makenna knows. – Not that fireplace,
but the fire pit outside. – Not that, fire pit? Let’s go check. All right, rocket building, let’s go. – Here we go.
(bell noise) ♪ I feel pretty– ♪ You guys all have to build a rocket ship that passes inspection. Those are the rocket ships,
these are the stickers, bring it to Jenny for inspection. If she gives you a thumbs up, you’re done. And we’ll go to the next class. (upbeat funk music) (cups rattling) – I’m just gonna put B’s. – [Dad] I like that. B for Beckham? (kids chattering) – Just gonna shoot them. (makes noise) (Dad laughs) [Dad] That’s cool. What’s your strats? What do you got here? – I don’t know. Simple but cute. – Simple but cute, I like it. That’s Adelie’s motto. – I’m doing what would
actually happen in space. – All right. Whole galaxy? (cups rattling)
(kids chattering) This is a easy beginner
class. They get harder. – I’m winning! – [Dad] You’re winning? – Yeah! – [Dad] Those will be rocket ships! (laughs) – Looks great, pass. – Yay! – Oh, no pass. (Dad makes buzzer noise) – [Dad] You only need one cup. – Love it.
– [Dad] Looks good. – (gasps) pass! – Yes! – Yeah, I do. – [Dad] That’s a lot of sticker weight. I don’t know if that’s
gonna pass this section. – Pass. – You got lucky. All right, has everyone passed?
Should we do the next level? Who wants to read this one? Makenna? All right, gather around, next class. – Look at my rocket, Dad! – [Mom] Pass! – Pass!
– Look at mine! – Oh, that looks so cool. – Time to launch. To pass this class, we must launch all
rockets at the same time. Any ideas? It’s sometimes the best rocket fuel. – H2O.
– H2O is what it says. – Nope. – Adelie, you’re leading them astray. – Not over there. No parents can help. – The– the rocks. – Something about H2O?
– Splash pad. – [Dad] Okay, wait, they all have to launch at the same time. How are you gonna do it? – Like this!
(slams cup down) – Choose this one. – [Dad] One’s yours? – There.
– [Dad] Oh, good job. – Here!
– [Dad] That’s yours? – Mine’s right here. – [Dad] So are all the rockets ready? – Yeah! (suspenseful music)
3, 2, 1, go! (Dad cheers) – [Dad] You guys did it!
Good job! Next class. (cheering) All right, Beckham’s
reading the next class. Get ready, guys. – Now we need to practice landing. Everyone must land a
rocket, marks the spot. – Oh yeah, good idea.
They know what’s going on. Okay, so these are your rocket.
Pick which color you want. So those bowls are the landing zone. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You gotta stay up here. No one can go in the skate park. It’s hot lava in there. – [Mom] It’s in the lava!
(fire noise) – Oh, no! – [Dad] On the count of three, you can try and shoot your rocket in here. If it misses, I’ll bring you another one, and once everyone lands one
in there, you pass the class. On your mark, get set, go! (Dad making noises) All right. Maybe if anyone lands. – [Mom] Yeah. (laughs)
(upbeat funk music) – Good one, Adelie. (Dad exclaims) (kids exclaiming)
(people exclaiming) – Guys come on. (cheering) – Oh, he got it! – I made one. – I made one. (cheering) – Oh, yeah! (laughing) (groans) – Here I go! Got a rocket! – Oh, Adelie, that was close. – Here they come. – They’re firing. – Oh, who was that? – Daddy, I got it. (everyone cheers) – I’m not a disappointment! (Mom laughs) – Celebration! – All right, Connor. – Oh, yeah. – Our last, now, let’s read it over here. – Everyone must be smart
and find the last clue card to pass the last test. A table. A table. – [Camera Guy] That doesn’t
look like a table, bro. (cricket noise) (everyone laughing) – Teamwork! – All right, so what do we
need to do for the last class? We need to find the last
clue, and then we graduate. – Hit the piñata! – Where do we think it is? – It’s up here!
– In the piñata. – All right, who’s gonna
try and open it first? – Me! (hitting noises) – Ow. – They’re just gonna gang up on it. – Oh, here it comes! – What?
(everyone cheering) (screaming) – Grab me something, grab me something! – Guys, I got good news and bad news. Good news is we found candy. Bad news is did anyone find the clue? – Uh-oh. – Oh, crap. (everyone talking at once) – It’s candy. – Chairs? – [Dad] Oh, close. – [Girl] Is it visible? – Nothing. (Dad laughs) – Wait! – [Dad] Yeah! He got it! (everyone cheering) Nice. – It’s in an envelope. – [Dad] Yeah. – [Makenna] Guys, listen up. – [Dad] Oh, I like that. Teacher’s pet. (laughing)
(slam noise) – Congratulation. Go down to graduation. All guests are able to come. Stairs. – [Dad] Where do you think it is? – I don’t know. (kids chattering)
– Wait. – [Dad] All right, you guys
passed all the classes. You are now officially astronauts at the Space Station. Good job, let’s hear it for some claps. (everyone cheering) Holiday, this is for your family. And these Pokémon cards are for you boys. You each get a pack. – Yay! – [Dad] Aw, yeah. Team Tim Holiday family,
we got some SkeeBall. (cheering) Girls, you get some crafts for graduation. (cheering) Okay, these ROBLOX are
for you guys to share. And Adelie, for graduating
Space Station Academy, you get the Lion King game. (squeals) – I love Lion King. – [Dad] I know. – I wanna play–
– Whoa, that’s so cool! (kids talking at once) – [Dad] You’re welcome, I
want some high-fives, though. – [Mom] Everyone’s an astronaut, now! (whistles) – You’re an astronaut, Ryker. Oh, yeah!
(cheers) so Tim’s entire family
just moved from Arizona, where Sean Holiday used to live, and now they’re all in Utah, so I had to have a little
Space Station initiation with these guys. They’re gonna be in vlogs a bunch, and we’re gonna have tons of fun. This is wild. Cullen, let’s see it. Oh, yeah (laughs). He just
got a holographic Charizard. Back when I did Pokémon, that was, like, the best card you could get. What’d you get? Holy! That’s amazing. You showing Lori your new toy? – That’s right. – I really want to get some
of these at the Space Station. Holiday, think about two of
those at the Space Station go jam with your buddy,
talking, just cycle for a bit? – What was that? – All we do at the Space Station is work. Normal work or work out. But it has to be work. (Dad making noises) (Nico laughing) Here’s your astronaut training, Nico. (makes car revving noises) (Nico laughs) it’s G-force training. (makes car revving noises) (Nico laughing)
(kissing noise) There, you’re an astronaut, too, now. That was your classes. (hard rock music)
(cheering) (yelling) – So close! (flippers sounding) – Trying to make it just fly up. – [Dad] That’s pretty cool. (water noises) – (gasps) Kick it! Come on! Kick it! – (cheers) Good job, Adelie! Oh, yeah! I like that! (screams) Adelie’s setting it back up. (yelling) Whoa. (Mom laughs) Stand up, I got you. – [Mom] Actual terror in her face. – [Man] Yeah, she’s legit scared. – (yells) I’m on. – You got it? (cheers) good job! – [Mom] Oh, my gosh, that was the best. (laughs) – Were you scared? – No. – [Dad] What’s up? – Weather is way different
up here than in Arizona. – [Dad] Not so hot? Welcome to Utah, bro. (slam sound) – Arizona right now, I bet it’s 115. – In Utah right now,
it’s one heck of a party. (drum kit sounds) – Okay!
(Dad cheers) (everyone cheers) – Go for it. (everyone cheers) – [Camera Guy] Way too– – You over rotated! Come on, do it again. – Okay, okay, okay. (everyone cheers) Let’s go, no bounce! (water splashing) – Okay, I want– – [Girl] You want breadsticks? – Three cheers for mom (mumbles) Hip-hip (everyone cheers) Hip-hip (everyone cheers) – [Dad] Where is she? – [Man] Hip-hip. (everyone cheers) – Thank you for grabbing pizza, Momma. You’re the best. – Sorry it took so long. – [Dad] You’re fine. You’re fine. – It should be really hot. – Pro tip, never grab the end
piece, grab the second one in. I don’t know why, just been
doing it my whole life. Good job, Babe. – Cheers. – [Dad] Successful Space Station Academy. – It was fun. (plays Trans-Siberian
Orchestra “Wizards in Winter”) – What’s going on? – Vincent, what’s it doing? – The doors are opening. (everyone laughing) – [Dad] The car’s flying!
(Nico makes noise) (cheering and applause) (whistling) That was pretty cool, huh? (Nico makes noise) (upbeat rock music) – Best reactions. (screams)
(Dad exclaims) – [Voiceover] It was at
this moment that he knew.

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