NO AGENDA DINNER | The Jakt Journey 003

– It’s hard to explain
exactly what it looks like but they’re gonna close it off and it’ll just be for
our for two, three hours. We’re gonna have a two-course meal and then beer and wine served for everyone. There’s gonna be, I think
there’s 16 people coming, everyone with different backgrounds. You got like people, people in music, people in tech. I think there’s like some investors. Just a mix of people. The idea being that. So it’s called The No Agenda Dinner because the idea is there’s
literally no agenda. It’s just getting people together to break bread and it’s
something that people don’t do, we don’t, our concept is because we
don’t think people do it enough where you just sit over a meal and just get to know each other and shoot the shit with no agenda. Usually there is some sort of reason, it’s a business dinner,
it’s something like that. With this we’re just
getting people together and seeing what happens so that’s why we’re doing it. (smooth jazzy music) – Everyone in this room already knows how uncomfortable this makes me so it’s totally cool but I just wanted to give
a quick two second spiel about why we actually do this. So Ryan and I started
doing this about a year ago and in general, most of the great things that have happened in my life have come from meeting people that are outside of my typical circle. Jen being one of them, Ryan
certainly being one of them. I met (laughs) Lindsay, the reason I’m saying that ’cause we met in the UberPool. (laughter) And so I’m just always meeting people and I feel like really great things happen when you kind of just open
up and you’re vulnerable and you kind of say yes to certain things and that’s the whole
purpose of this right here is just to kind of meet people
outside of your normal circle with literally no agenda and that’s it. (applause) That’s all I have to say. Thank you all for coming. – [Man] Well done, well done. (smooth jazzy music) – I’ve never been back in this room. I’ve been to this place before but. – So my background is self-taught
[in software development] so I wasn’t trained. and then have a product background, mix those two together. – Mix with what? – Like a product business side. – Oh yeah. – Put those together. On our team, though, we
have design, product, development, marketing. – Wow. – Are you performing locally
mostly or are you touring? – Yeah, I’m touring. That was my last shot. I’m from Chicago, just played a show back
home this past Friday, playing at Webster Hall the studio stage. – Nice. – While I’m here I try to play
as many shows as possible. – That’s a good room when it’s full ’cause it feels. – The energy. – Not the best sound but the vibe is good. (chatter) – Yes, we get into Irving
Plaza and it’s her and I and I’m marginally taller than her and we’re all the way in the back and we get over to my friends’ and all the girls in
the crew are even like super tall and they’re like, can you guy see? – The girls are like,
want me to put you up on my shoulder? – Do we just didn’t see St. Lucia at all, like we didn’t. – When you’re engaged, when you and I are meeting Melissa and we’re talking right now are you like, oh I’m not gonna forget you we’re talking, this is all right here but your future self will forget. – And that’s human nature, right. – So there’s no need in the moment because you’re like, there’s no need. When you recognize the way you operate and the way humans are. – You’re like trying
to program around that. – Yeah. (smooth jazzy music) (rhythmic instrumental music)

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  1. This really great Anthony! You guys are doing something really smart with this vlog and I hope it grows and wish you all the best! 🙂

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