No Fun City (Vancouver Music Video)

Okay, I get it your city is beautiful Trees and water are so irresistible Just admit it, this place is a bore But there’s so much to do! ‘Till it starts to pour Go for a hike! Mmm that sounds dumb Exploring the mountains doesn’t sound very fun Views so dull they should come with a warning I’ve had more fun in a town called Boring The weathers too cold, and then it’s too hot It was far too easy to acquire this pot Bars are too empty, bars are too packed And how could I choose from all these beers on tap? The nightlife sucks and your people are lame I went to a club, it was incredibly tame There’s no cool people, not even one Maybe you’re no fun No fun city, no fun city Everything is shitty in no fun city No fun city, no fun city Everything is shitty in no fun city Running, SUPing, hiking sucks Shopping, skiing, biking, sucks This place, this place, this place, sucks That thing, that thing, that thing, sucks There’s too much sushi and it’s all undercooked There’s not enough culture do you even read
books? Your roads are bland and there’s nothing
to see And not to mention your parks are too clean Science, beaches, clocks, whoa Your landmarks are crazy, the west coast is
dope There’s nowhere to sit and go watch a show You don’t have Uber? What the hells Car2Go? Toronto, Rio, Wisconsin, better Dildo, Moose Jaw, Compton, better This place isn’t fun, there’s nothing to do Do you only have fun if the fun comes to you? No fun city, no fun city Everything is shitty in no fun city No fun city, no fun city Everything is shitty in no fun city No fun city, No fun city Everything is shitty in no fun city No fun city, no fun city Everything is shitty in no fun city

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  1. It's true. Vancouver is pretty, modern, pristine, but boring. It's because people here are boring and are not spontaneous. That translates into a boring society and a boring city, and all the trees and nice buildings can't make up for it.

  2. Ok seriously whenever these guys make a video about Vancouver people keep saying stuff like the people are rude and stuff. Some of these comments are from people who have lived in Vancouver, and some are from people who have not. But they don't realize that most people from Vancouver and the rest of the world don't think like that, we think of Vancouver as a beautiful city with great food, people, and lots of things to do. So if you think like the other guys, no one needs to hear it

  3. vancouver is only fun for seniors. But all they can do is call handydart and use their government support money to keep themselves alive. LOL
    The poor young people in Vancouver pretend to act rich which is extremely funny, just like the commenter below me.

  4. the whole city is a bunch of liberal pretenders. Deep inside and in their own little rooms on their computers they spew out racist hate online.

  5. Damn this song is the shit i really want it on spotify pls😁 i really don t understand how you possibly could dislike this song😂

  6. You think Vancouver is not boring huh? just go to coffee shops and see packs of dead looking zombie-like old and young people all bored and hopeless! Look it up for yourself and put away that stupid arrogant selfish mask you have on your face

  7. the seniors are fucking each other more than the young people are in Vancouver, LOL. It's a sick twisted city. Italian female seniors have sex with their single lonely MGTOW sons every day in Vancouver. Check out the senior ravioli grandma and her 60 year old lonely single ravioli son on victoria.

  8. I've been living in Vancouver for over thirty years and it's boring. If I travel to Chicago , New York , Los Angeles and Honolulu Hawaii. The atmosphere is different. Don't ask me why. I don't know. I couldn't find any activities here that's interesting . I've been there. Done that. There's nothing new. Nothing here cheers me up.

  9. Fuckin relate-able😂😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 ! I will admit the city is beautiful tho 🤨🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. I want to move to other country its really boring here .most tourist attractions are forest. Malls are closing so early especially in downtown. Most popular foods,cool gadgets i cannot find here in canada. So i was thinking to move to u.s.a or one of the country in asia.

  11. You know I thought I was not going to like this I lived here 36 yrs it rais a lot but I love it here but I thought it was a negative video as it turns out it was quite the opposite showing the fun stuff here or in video the no fun stuff lol

  12. Living Langley I see all tourist either like this guy or the most enthusiastic people I’ve met but guaranteed it’s definitely a fun place to go would recommend it 😃👌

  13. That clock thing that isn't even really driven by steam and is made to look Victorian even though it's from the 1970s. Yawn. And who even thinks a late 1960s district heating system is a talking point, anyway?

  14. I get that this is just a joke and it’s supposed to be humorous and, trust me, I appreciate the attempt … But often people who aren’t from here get bullied and socially isolated and it’s actually very hard for them to socially integrate for a number of reasons, mostly due to cultural differences in Canada.

    Note that no where in this hilarious list of positives do the writers of the song mention anything about the people who live here. The material things are only mentioned.

    What the makers of the video fail to understand (and what makes you look small minded even about your own country.) is that people who look like, or seem like, the kid in the video are often judged very harshly- instantly and socially isolated, making it very hard for them to have any quality of life. (Even getting ousted from industries they love because of a lack of understanding about where they come from or their sense of humour.). Often these people you see are just depressed from the social isolation and miss their families.

    It’s a very hypocritical and mean place to live. The problem isn’t the city itself. People from “away” love the city. We just don’t particularly appreciate being harshly judged for no reason by the people here who are also very hypocritical about it and have a very narrow sense of humour. It’s like a big city with a small town attitude and the struggle for people who didn’t grow up here but for whatever reason are now “stuck” here- is real.

  15. How can u not like vancouve?

    o h i d o n t k n o w m a y b e c r a c k a d d i c t s n n o o n e c a n a f f o r d l i v i n g t h e r e

  16. Dude thats not how you measure the "fun-ness" of a city. Those things are only good if you are just there for a visit. I visited Vancouver 2 years ago and did those things and it was surely fun but we are not talking about "recreational activities" and "tourist fun". We are talking about the lifestyle, where people are very antisocial, reserved when it comes to socializing, depressed, living to pay the bills, no growth and life.

    There is something in the air you can feel when you visit certain places. You can feel the collective emotions that place has. If you dont believe me try experimenting in your own house. Go to certain rooms in your house and try to feel the energy there. You'd find the bathroom and other rarely used rooms are the ones where you experience peace of mind. This is exactly what I am feeling when I am in Vancouver. It feels like most people suffer from depression, anxiety and malaise. There is is collective feeling of sadness in the air of Vancouver.

  17. It also forgot to mention that Vancity is a super racist city. They only socialize , work,date with their own race, and generally they do not like immigrants from east of Asia and Middle East. Oh, It also forgot to mention that it’s super over priced to have fun and the city is dead after 9 pm on weekdays.

  18. Vancouver is actually very pretty & stuff (& expensive to live in) we have the mountains & pretty beaches & cafes & tourist traps etc etc but you know not everyone goes hiking there’s no need for any person to go to the beach or whatever (sorry for rambling on) but really Vancouver is just a small provincial city (& did I say over priced)……I guess what I’m saying prettiness does not make a city world class… own opinion anyways

  19. vancouver is too warm. the weather is a shame to the canadian culture. give it to the usa because ti's too warm

  20. I've never been to Vancouver but wanted to visit. Is it really that boring as the video makes it out to be? I wouldn't wanna come all the way there to find it's a no-fun-city.

  21. I'm sorry, Vancouver IS boring af to visit. It seems like a really nice place to live (delicious food, beautiful views, nice hiking), actually, but who can afford that? All the salty Vancouverites need to get over it. You live in a fantastic suburb. Enjoy your nice everyday life and don't get butthurt because you're not as fun for tourists as New Orleans or Barcelona.

  22. Ok listen Vancouver only has 2 sport teams which are Canucks and Whitecaps and they never even won any cup yet (wow what a terrible city!!!)

  23. As someone who has grown up in Vancouver and still lives here, depends on who you meet and who you are!

  24. Son: what does boring means
    Father: It means Vancouver
    mother: That's why we moved to a better city which is Toronto

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