NO HANDS EATING Challenge | #Fun #Sketch #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

now enjoy my challenge video our each body parts are so important as we see with our eyes smells with our nose hears with our ears so our hands important too think if we don’t have hands won’t be able to do anything and then our life might be more challenging so related to this today we gonna do a challenge and that is ” Not my hands Eating Challenge” Rules for this challenge is that we’ve our hands tied at the back and we have to eat without using our hands so lets get started r first challenge is to drink this frooti using this straw yeah… I’ve done those who will eat the more apple than the other in one minute will be the winner so lets see those who will finished these gems first will be the winner Anantya won in this challenge Anishka di won this round now we’ve got Rasgulla we need to arrange this sandwich here we have two bread slices now let see who will arrange this well its gonna be bit easy as cheese had already arranged on this now our hands are free to eat this we really enjoyed doing this challenge you too even try this challenge at home its so amazing now I knew the value of my hands if you like to see us together tell us in the comments below also share your ideas which you want us to do next press that red SUBSCRIBE button & the notification bell too to see more amazing videos like this

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