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She is a former Nickelodeon star whose roles
shaped a generation. Her meltdown was very public.
She is now sober, but not out of treatment yet.
She is now engaged, but is she in the right state of mind to marry?
33-year-old Amanda Bynes is on her way to recovery.
And yet, her mother, who still has complete legal control over Amanda’s financial and
personal matters, is not sure she is totally fine. After all, there are face tattoos, social
media apologies… and fresh break-downs. Team RumourJuice is here to investigate what
is really going on with Amanda Bynes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
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In December 2019, Amanda Bynes debuted her two fresh face tattoos.
The actress-turned-fashionista has also recently introduced her fiance to the general public.
As it was revealed by the media, she met Paul Michael at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
The pair have been dating for a few months. Both of them can boast a solid year of being
sober. It is alleged that Paul is in his 20s, a son
of a prominent LA doctor. Like a proud bride, Amanda boasted of a massive
diamond ring… But is their marriage meant to be?
After all, the actress’ mother does not believe her daughter is in any capacity to
make her own decision about her well-being or treatment. And without the permission of
her conservator, Amanda will be unable to marry Paul.
To which Amanda has issued a response on social media:
“Today I want to talk about a controversial topic: My conservatorship case. I have been
going to a treatment center that charges $5,200 a month. […] This is why I’ve asked to see
the judge […] regarding this conservatorship issue.”
But the thing is that Bynes’ mother has been in control of her life since Amanda first
showed signs of struggling with drugs and mental health issues.
Bynes came to prominence as a teen star. The youngest of three ids in the family, her talent
for the drama was evident. At the age of 7, she got her first agent. First, she was a
successful commercial actress. Next, a Nickelodeon producer saw her talent and was impressed.
Amanda started her career in All That, a sketch show. Eventually, she was offered her own
show — called, unsurprisingly, The Amanda Show — and became a true young comedy star.
Along came both movies and TV shows. Most notably, she starred in She’s the Man alongside
the then-unknown Channing Tatum. In fact, Amanda Bynes fought for the guy to be cast
in the movie. She persuaded the producers: “This guy’s
a star — every girl will love him!” She’s the Man, however, was not an entirely
positive experience. When Amanda saw herself on the big screen, she did not like the image.
“I’ve never told anyone that,” Amanda said in her interview with Paper Magazine in 2018.
According to her, it was “a super strange and out-of-body experience. It just really
put me into a funk.” She confessed: “I went into a deep depression
for 4-6 months because I didn’t like how I looked when I was a boy”.
The star says she did not start going out until she was 25, she still fairly quickly
went from “innocently” smoking marijuana to more serious mind-altering drugs.
“Later on it progressed to doing molly and ecstasy,” she said in a 2018 interview. “[I
tried] cocaine three times but I never got high from cocaine. I never liked it. It was
never my drug of choice.” The drug she loved? Adderall.
“I definitely abused Adderall,” she confessed. In 2012 and 2013, after years of being in
spotlight, Bynes showed first signs of concerning behaviour. Eventually, after several durg-
and driving-related arrests, the actress was hospitalized.
When police entered her apartment in connection to her being charged with reckless endangerment
and marijuana possession, Bynes allegedly threw a bong out the window.
Among other things, she has set a fire in her parents’ neighbors’ driveway. She has
released a series of very strange tweets. At the time, she publically accused her father
of emotional and sexual abuse in a series of tweets. When confronted by her parents,
Bynes said a microchip in her brain made her say those things… But also, it was her father
who ordered the mysterious “them” to microchip her.
Bynes also went after a number of celebrities, calling them “ugly” in a bizarre series
of tweets. In the past years, however, Bynes showed signs
of getting a grip on her own life. That is why she pursued her long-time passion
for fashion and enrolled at the LA Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. An
insider source at the Institute said Bynes is doing really well and the professors love
her. Bynes has publicly apologized to everyone
she had offended in the past. “I can’t turn back time but if I could, I
would. And I’m so sorry to whoever I hurt and whoever I lied about because it truly
eats away at me. It makes me feel so horrible and sick to my stomach and sad,” Bynes said.
Here is what the actress has to say to those who struggle with problems similar to hers:
“Be really, really careful because you could lose it all and ruin your entire life like
I did.” Amanda Bynes’ parents are still very cautious
of the decisions she makes on her own, including her engagement and possible marriage in the
future. All we can do is wait and see… and hope
for the better for our favourite actress-turned-fashion scholar, Amanda Bynes.

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  1. We all know Amanda Bynes for her iconic roles and her unfortunate descent into the realm of mental health issues. Today, she is on her way to recovery, studying fashion and engaged. But why are her parents still wary?

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