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Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here we are fine. My cold and cough has gone. But my eyes are still swollen Many have shouted at me seeing my last video. I couldn’t come in front of you in that face. That’s why I created that emoji. I felt very sad to know that many of you didn’t like it. I will not repeat that again. A very big sorry to all of you. Today I am here to share a very big happiness with all of you. Many of you would be knowing it. But there would be many who doesnt know too. Our Veenascurry world has crossed 6 Lakh subscribers. The main reason is all of you. So I should share my happiness with you too. You love and support has always been with me. A big thanks to my friends and family to from the bottom of my heart. Expecting your support in the coming days too. Today I am here with a much requested recipe. Its an eggless sponge cake. I shall do the egg version later. This is very easy and can be done by a child too. Our cooker or oven is not needed for this. Not even a hand beater or a whisker. Its a simple, easy, and tasty cake. All of you do try it out. I got this recipe from a channel Cooking Shooking! Its a small young boy. I always feel him as my younger brother. I like all his recipes. If not all, I have tried many of his and they have all come out well. I give all the credits to him for that. If you liked the recipe, dont forget to share and like. Expecting more of your support. So without any delay lets see how to make this cake in a happy moment like this. Ok. Lets begin to make the cake. For that first lets make the cake tin ready. Take whichever tin you have with you. You should line it. Using a baking, wax or parchment paper to line your tin. If you dont have it, you dont have to worry. Just spread butter all over the tin. You can use oil also. Then sprinkle maida or atta over it and make sure it reaches all over the tin. Later just dust off the remaining excess flour in the tin and then your tin is ready to use. Since I have the wax paper, I shall use that. I am not lining the sides but only the bottom of the tin. I shall show you how to do it. For that take a butter paper and fold it into two equally. Fold this again to half. You will get a square sheet like this. You can then fold it from corner to corner. Later again fold it like making a rocket. Now you will get a shape like this. Put your tin upside down and place the paper on it. Place the point on the middle portion and then the rest outwards. Cut where it ends at the outline. Cut it correctly. You will get a correct round shape butter paper to line the tin. It would be the same size. The cake tin has 20cm diameter and 7cm depth. Some would want to know the size of the pan. So I just mentioned. Now lets apply some oil or butter on the pan so that the butter paper stays well onto the tin. Moreover you can apply some oil on the sides of the tin. I am using oil. You can use butter too. Now place the paper in the tin. The paper will stick to the pan properly. See its correctly placed in the pan. You can even do the same on the sides if you want. Lets keep this aside now. Now take a big kadayi to bake the cake. It may be non stick or even steel or aluminium. But it should have a tight covering lid for it. Would be better to have a thick pan too. At the same time you can do it in a cooker too. I have shown that method before. You can remove the washer. In that days video many had doubts why I wasn’t removing the washer and weight. You may do so. Then you can do the same procedure. So you can use any vessel you like as I mentioned. Usually when I bake, I dont use salt or sand. Some use those. But it comes out well for me without those too. But some have the feeling that when you dont put salt in the pan, it doesn’t come out well. If you have a negative feeling, then your cake may not come out well. I dont want that to happen. So you may add salt. So for you I am adding 1 cup of our normal salt. Now let that not be a tension for you. You shouldn’t place the cake tin directly into this vessel. The bottom part will get burnt soon. And the inside wont get cooked. So I am placing a normal bowl in the kadayi. After that I am placing a lid like which I got when buying the cooker. This is the height I’ll be placing the cake tin So our cake wont get burnt when its like this. Use whichever bowl or lid you have. But the flatter the better Now this is done. Lets place this on high flame and close it tightly with its lid. This is to preheat it. Its just like preheating in an oven. Let the kadayi or cooker get preheated like this. Dont forget to heat this on high flame. By then we shall go and prepare the cakes batter and come. Let me introduce the cakes ingredients to you. Today we are using 195gms maida to make the cake. If you are not able to measure in grams, its 20 tbsp of maida that I have taken. This is the measurement spoon that I use. You can even use the tbsp you have at home. 20tbsp of maida. 1 cup maida weighs around 150gms. So 45gms more than a cup. For easier method, I used the spoon. I have kept 20tbsp maida in a bowl. Always use fresh and good baking soda. It shouldn’t be too old. I use a tin maximum for 3 months and then I use the rest for cleaning. This is a new tin. Add 1/2tsp baking soda. Just 1/2tsp baking soda will do. Never add more. Baking soda and baking powder and completely different. Many asks me that doubt. 1.5tsp baking pdr is next what we need. So I shall add 3 times half tsp of it. Follow the exact measurements I say If anything increases, then the cake wont turn out to be good. I am adding very little salt to this. Only then the cake will taste correct. Mix this well and then we shall sieve this so that all incorporates well. You can sieve it once or twice. I bought this siever from IKEA. I had shown this in my last video. Many had asked me about it. I had said about it in the icing sugar video. All those who haven’t seen that dont forget to see. I will be using that icing sugar in today’s video. You can use the normal siever if you have. I am using this because I have it. When using this the flour doesn’t spread outside or sideways. Keep this aside Take a big bowl. Let it be steel or glass. It doesn’t matter. Add 3tbsp of melted unsalted butter. Its not hot. After that 2tbsp sunflower oil. You can use any refined oil that doesn’t have any smell. Lets mix this well. I am using a fork here. Usually I use a hand blender for this. But for you its a fork today. You can make a cake beating with your hand or fork. Now add 8tbsp of powdered sugar to this. You can use icing sugar also. I am using icing sugar today. You can just powder sugar and then measure too. We should add this little by little. Never add all together. It wont be easy to mix. The sugar should melt well in the butter mix. You can use a hand blender or whisker too. But there would be many who doesn’t have all these. So for them I am showing using a fork. I am adding the icing sugar in three times and mixing it well. Usually I wear a gloves and mix it well. But today I am lazy to do that. You dont have to worry about this cake. I used to get tensed long back when making a cake. That tension and negative feeling make the cake a flop. But when you think positive everything will be ok. Now I have added the whole 8tbsp of icing sugar. Mix it well. Now I am going to add Condensed milk. It is a thickened form of milk and sugar. I had posted the video of making it at home. Those who haven’t seen it, dont forget to see. Add 1/2 glass of it. Weight wise it is 145gms. So pour that into the butter mix and mix well. Let the sugar, butter, oil and condensed milk incorporate together and form a smooth mix. If we add granulated sugar, it is difficult to melt or mix with a fork. Thats why we used icing or powdered sugar. Mix this as much as you can. Now this has formed a smooth consistency. When you touch it you can see that there is not sugar content felt in it anymore. Next I am taking 220ml of milk. Our glass is 240ml. So little less than that. The amount of milk needed can be said only by mixing. It depends on the consistency of the batter. The milk should be of room temperature. It shouldn’t be hot or cold. Just keep it out of the fridge before hand. You can heat it for 30 seconds also in a microwave. Add 1tsp vanilla essence to this milk. Next add 1.5tsp of white vinegar to this. You might be thinking wont this curdle now! It will curdle. But no problem. This is a substitute for buttermilk. You can use buttermilk also. But I prefer doing it this way because sometimes buttermilk might be sour. So without taking risk, I make it this way. 1.5tsp vinegar to the milk. Keep your surroundings clean. Put all the used vessels to a sink and soak. Then we can wash them soon Now lets add half of the buttermilk to the butter sugar mix. Mix this well. There shouldn’t be any lumps in this. Try avoiding this by mixing it well. So pour little first and mix. Now we shall add the dry ingredients that we have sieved and kept earlier. Add little by little and mix. You shouldn’t over mix it too. Else the cake will turn out to be hard at the end. Lets slowly fold the mix in. You need not take a spatula to fold. You can do it with your fork itself. Only by adding little you can avoid lumps Never mix to both the sides. Always mix only to one side. Once you feel it is mixed well, add the rest. Mix well and make a smooth batter. You might think its a long procedure because of the video. But when you make it you will understand its an easy recipe. I am saying all in detail for new bakers here. At the same time people who bake often might feel this a bore. But our channel is for beginners. So I have to say all in detail. Now all the maida has been added. This is our consistency. Add milk as needed. If you cannot mix it with a spoon, either wear a gloves or mix with clean hands slowly. You might not be able to mix all with a fork. So lets pour little milk at a time and mix in one direction only. Now I have poured all the 220ml milk to this. The batter should have this ribbon like consistency. I have taken this to show you how it falls down when lifted.That cannot be shown by fork. Now the batter is ready. Lets pour this to a to the lined tin. If you feel the batter is curdled. Nothing to worry. It will be ok when baked. Pour the batter into the lined tin. This ribbon consistency should be seen. If that doesn’t come, it means milk is less. You can add little more then You should put the pan to bake as soon as you pour in the batter. It shouldn’t stay out for more than 20mts . The baking pdr and baking sodas effect will be lost. Then the cake will not rise. Spread the batter to all the sides. Tap the tin twice or thrice to get rid of the air bubbles in it. Now lets place the tin into the preheated vessel. Open the kadayi and keep it in the middle of the pot. Always use a thick cloth or gloves when doing this. Close this and reduce this high heat to medium heat. I have reduced the flame to medium. This should be kept to bake for 45-50mts. It may differ according to lids. So you may open it after 30-35mts, insert a skewer in the center and see if it is cooked. I shall open this after 35mts. I have kept it on medium flame. Never open it in between. Some might be anxious to know if its getting baked or not. If you open it in between, the middle part will sink down. So that should not happen. Open only after 30mts. Look at our cake. It looks awesome. It took 50mts on my stove. Check how long it will take for you. It will vary between 40-50mts. Just check after 30mts. You will get to know how much it has been cooked. To see if the cake is ready, use a skewer, toothpick or a fork and insert in the middle of the cake. If it comes out clear that means the cake is ready. I am going to keep it outside. If its a normal tin, wait for it to cool and then turn over. Dont do it when its hot. I have removed the side tin. Let this cool down. After that I shall cut and show you. If you dont have a wire rack like this, you can place it on a siever tray or plate too. It looks awesome now. The sides have become golden is colour. The height of the cake is according to the tin size you use. To get more height, use a less wider tin. My tin is 20cm wide. So it rises only this much. If you use 18 or 16cm tin, it will rise higher. But the diameter will reduce. So it all depends on the size of your tin. Now our cake has cooled down. First lets remove the butter paper. See our sponge cake is awesome. Nobody will believe that we have not added eggs to this. Lets cut this now. Always use a sharp knife to cut a cake. Here it is. Our super cake is ready. It has lots of holes in it. Its very spongy. You can store it in an airtight container and leave it outside or chill it and heat it in the oven when needed. Or just heat it in a preheated oven or kadayi like we did. It will taste like a fresh cake itself. I am not using any icing on this cake. I am serving it as it is. I shall show you an icing cake another day. I am getting many requests for different cakes. I shall show you all slowly. Let me taste a small piece and see. Since I have a cold, I cant eat sweets. Its perfect. Sweetness is also correct. You can adjust the sweetness according to your likes. You can make it with only butter adding butter for the oil At the same time, you can make it with only oil too. Dont complain that you did not see that cake. If you liked it, dont forget to like and share our video. If you watching it for the first time, dont forget to subscribe to Veenascurry world. So until we meet with my next easy and tasty recipe.. Thank you… AAAYYY… I took a video of it. I want it to go down again so that I can take a video. All that has been screen recorded Athu.. 6 Lakh subscriptions!!!

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