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  1. Marriage Story is so good I watched it three times in four days. And now I'm thinking of watching it again. And again.

  2. I love it so much. Scarlet and Adam were fantastic and Noah guided everything so majestically! This scene reminds me a lot of Jean-Luc Godard's 1963 film Contempt. The thirty minute long apartment scene very well blocked and constructed, with Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli falling out of love through talking to each other, talking through walls and to themselves.

  3. "endings don't have to be failings. we can still celebrate the thing even when it's over"
    this really came through in the movie, such a subtle emotion and yet I think they portrayed it beautifully

  4. Honestly one of the best scenes from a film I've seen in a very long time. Beautiful yet heartbreaking at the same time. Kudos to the director and actors involved.

  5. He put so much thought into everything, and now I feel bad because as a person in the audience I didn’t appreciate it/catch some of the things he thought so much about!

  6. I like how the movie didn't take sides or portrayed one character as more right than the other, they both had flaws in this marriage and we see that played out throughout the film

  7. That fight scene was so amazing… I rarely watch these type of 'marriage/relationship' films but "Marriage Story" was exceptionally good. And Adam Driver, wow… just wow.

  8. Insightful to hear about his process. That apartment is the saddest, most generic space in the whole movie. So perfect for the story.

  9. This brought me back to the film and I felt all those feelings again. Watching the film mase me relive all the bad fights I had with my wife and I'm glad we hadn't become full assholes to each other in a way we can't recover from. I'm so impressed with this film.

  10. its amazing how different the space looks being shot on generic TV video in comparison to Film in the hands of a cinematographer

  11. Omg Noah just made this brilliant scene even more brilliant. I think at the surface I didn't notice all the symbolism but subconsciously I must have because it takes my breath away each time I watch this movie (5x so far). Thanks variety for having Noah do this breakdown for us!

  12. "adam's penis was out the entire scene and what we wanted to do there was really convey that these characters were letting everything out in that moment so adam's penis being visible the whole time was signifying that"
    wow, incredible

  13. "intense" it just felt like a shouting match imo. Adam & Scarlett are both great actors in their own right but this movie did absolutely nothing for me.

  14. Kylo actor is a great actor. Fucking Reylo fans ruined his possible interest in being friendly with fans in general. 😦

  15. There were too many good movies this year which means too many good directors. I’m sad he didn’t get an Oscar nomination

  16. 5:04 This reminds me of Falconetti's performance in Carl Theodor Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc, with the extreme close-ups on her anguished face during the trial. See here:


  17. Saying that an actor's acting is "unbelievable" and saying that an actor's acting is "believable" are both compliments.

  18. how did he not get an oscar nomination for best director? he’s so particular about every detail that went into this film and i’m so amazed at how he executed every detail so well.

  19. This scene was so thought out yet so hard to watch for me because it felt like I was seeing something that I wasn't supposed to or like I was intruding. I got so lost in the characters that I forgot I was watching a movie and suddenly I was watching a couple fighting. Really good acting and directing.

  20. Marriage Story strangely tells a happier divorce story than my parents divorce. My dad won’t tell my mother he wishes she was dead to her face. He would simply look his children in the eye and tell them that he wishes we were never born if it meant being spared the pain of being reminded what he once shared with our mother.

  21. i love noah’s work, and this film did not disappoint! he’s such a thoughtful, talented human without being presumptuous • there really is a reason behind every small detail, even the edges of a coffee table. incredible work from all involved.

  22. it’s a shame that this scene got so memed and turned a lot of people off the film. i didn’t know about the memeing until after i watched, and at first i didn’t understand the hate. it’s a really pivotal scene. this movie didn’t hit me until the credits rolled, and then i started bawling

  23. We need more movies like this. Amazing writing and directing. Breathtaking performances. Soul shaking storytelling. Oscar-worthy all around 👏

  24. It seems that his snub at best director at the Oscars doesn't matter. But his own wife's does for not being nominated for "Little women". It looks like IT IS a gender issue…
    Double standards, you did it again!

  25. This is such a well shot scene and an amazingly intense storytelling, That anyone with curious eyes will feel very much present in that room as the juice box.. I had a feeling I was watching my parents :'))

  26. It's always exciting to hear what was behind a certain scene. We can learn a lot merely by listening to great, knowledgeable people. I didn't expect so many thoughts behind this scene. I assume there was also a specific atmosphere on a film set when they were making this scene. It's just extraordinary, creating things. I admire people for having skills to do that.

  27. Overrated movie and acting. They don't lose themselves in the roles at all. What is it with people being obsessed watching angsty movies. I swear adults are turning into teenagers. Domestic arguments in real life within a marriage are ten times more cringy and pathetic. They romanatise it here, lol. And people feel they can relate. Pure cringe

  28. Where is the hole in the wall? Great film, the performances make this movie re-watchable. Hope to see it again soon. Been ruminating on it all week since I watched it last weekend.

  29. his explanation of the juice box fucking ruined me. i’m in awe of his artistry. definitely could watch this film over and over again. there’s so much ‘there’ there

  30. When he talks about how the juice box represent how the kid is not there but still staying present, I know how good Noah is as a director.

  31. I like the idea of exploring the ending of a marriage as not necessarily a failure but the natural conclusion of a phase in a couple's respective lives. Even stars die.

  32. Oh look another day a group of adults makes a living yapping about fantasy rather than talk about what really matters in their own country. Must hate kids. It's gotta be on the resume or you won't get paid to do shit.

  33. IT's unfortunate that such showy, "big", direction gets the academy love, when I think Baumbach's direction in Marriage Story and Greta Gerwig's in Little Women should be on the best director's nomination list.

    I think they're work is subtle, but is IMO much more precise and deliberate than like JOKER.

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