Noah’s Batman Birthday Party!

(Poppin Party Thrower) Hey Eden! While I finish wrapping the last present can you go finish setting up Noah’s superhero batman birthday party? Mom left everything on the table. I’ve got just the thing! Okay, let’s get with this party popping! With this poppin’ party thrower I can get this party setup in no time! Yes, it works beautifully Now for the balloons! Perfect! Now it’s time for streamers! What? No! No, no, no! Done! I wonder how Eden is doing? Hey Eden, how is the party stuff going? What in the world happened? I told you to set the party up, not throw it all in the pool! I know! I was using my new poppin party thrower invention and it malfunctioned. It threw everything into the pool. Well, we need to clean this up before Noah and mom get here. Eden jump in the pool and get all that stuff. What? No, you’re crazy. It’s freezing! You jump in! Never mind Let’s get the net I can’t get it. Here, let me try. This is taking too long. Mom and Noah will be here any minute! I have an idea! Eden, you should change your Poppin Party Thrower into a Poppin Party Grabber! But I worked so hard on it. If I change it, it won’t be the same. It’s time to take your lemon and turn it into lemonade. But I don’t even like lemonade! Plus I brought soda for the party. I mean we gotta take what we have and use it to solve the problem now, please change your machine Done! Awesome Eden! It worked just in time. Well, for the most part, You guys are the best sisters ever! Why is the cake wet? Hey guys if you wish me happy birthday Make sure to comment down below and comment down below when your birthday is and make sure to click that big red subscribe button up in the corner right there to become a super hero k and if you Wanna watch more videos then click here here or here

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