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now will become 5M Subscribers soon as my friends who’ve come up here wouldn’t leave without Subscribing Surely you’ll get 30,000 Subscribers till today if you enjoyed this video must hit Like and get this video to 2,00,000 Likes lets enjoy the video now Dear bring me the Balm now go & bring a glass of water Mumma I’ve pain in my legs so plz take it by yourself hmmm… I know… don’t you had when was in my womb then you used to kick when inside the womb… Kept you total nine months in my womb Wow these Challenge videos are so fun I really enjoy to do challenges hopy if someone do challenge with me Mumma I am here for you I’ll do it leave it … you aren’t daring If I asked you something then surely you’ll deny for all that No Mumma I enjoy challenges even I grew up doing challenges Ok then lets play Arrange the Closet Challenge to see who’ll arrange her closet first.. so are you ready done Mumma I am done Mumma why are you sleeping Anantya’s Cupboard is looking so messy hmm… lets make here to clean how much it cost?? 250/- But its available only at Rs. 200/- give it at Rs. 200/- no.. I’ll pay only 200 otherwise lets go we’ll get it from another shop Bhaiya plz give Lets go… gone through the whole market only to save 10 Rs. it was not looking so good lets do one things that whole stuff cost around 10 or 20…. lets buy it and then you’ll do diy for me Anantya.. look seems Papa left his Credit card here lets go for shopping Ok Mumma don’t know why she takes this much of time Mumma now lets go I was talking about online Shopping my dear Ok… Mumma buy this LOL doll its looking so pretty …… why not as we’ve your Papa’s Credit card it was so nice to to do online shopping Anantya, I am going to Aunty’s place will be back just wishing her but Mumma…Lunch?? will be back within two minutes Mumma why don’t you use phone to wish her… now its a generation of Technology just forward her any anniversary message but how can we share our real feelings with it just coming back within minutes Ok then Bye Mumma… its been too long where is she… lets see I know … surely will take hours feeling so hungry Anantya take it out fast what? pizza….I text you message is this the message?? yes I wrote it there .. My dear daughter bring Chicken Pizza so fast ..:-)) Mom you’re getting so much smart with the smart phone…. now remain hungry Mummy I am going down to play but its too sunny outside Mumma you stopped me always now will you plz let me go today and I’ve to study after returning hmm… so funny.. seems you like to become a Doctor Yes Mumma I want to become a Doctor what are you doing here go and play outside Mumma its too sunny outside I might be getting tanned but my dear playing with your friends is also important and so what with the sunny day… Ok Mumma give me Umbrella no need to Umbrella use this sunscreen just have apply it and go after getting ready touch this with the both hands and the fabric too but this is what Mumma i have got the complete list made by Panditji you need to follow this .. wear green clothes on Wednesday… and on Saturday feed a black dog as you studied hard and still didn’t got the good marks now you’ll get good marks OK…she use to bring something new everyday… why you’re sad Mumma what will happen if i don’t get good marks or got failed if nothing would happen… then be a Youtuber so as to follow your passion or hobby and anyways.. its important to remain happy so smile… I scored 95% marks wow.. lets have a party lets go… you know Guptaji’s daughter got 99% marks and even he invited for a party you’ve just got only 95% marks do hell with your party Guess Mumma… how much I’ve scored

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