Nostalgic Toy Review! 11 Fun Lego Hacks and More DIY Toy Hacks

Emily is about to get a reminder she
needs to prepare a gift for her anniversary day. She and Jacob have been
dating for a year now and a stuffed animal or a cheap hand-drawn postcard is
not going to cut it. You’ll need to figure something out! Ouch! That was a classic step on a
painful Lego piece move right there… Funnily enough that spare piece is just
what she needs to create something cute! Let’s take the cube piece with the square tile and color them gold to make them stand out a bit. Now grab a ring
base and add a dash of super glue and then neatly place the cube piece on top. Perfect! This ring could go straight on your finger. Now do the same thing with the tile piece. Just make sure the hole is
facing up this time instead. For the box go the extra mile. Opening the gift is part of the experience. We’re ready to head out! Aww… isn’t this nice? Wait a second, Jacob! Emily has
something for you! Oh no… she didn’t… Even the smallest gesture can touch someone’s heart… And the best part, Jacob,
you’re not the only one with a ring! As you might have guessed, the cube piece and the square tile connect together perfectly! You guys are connected now! But wait! It looks like Jacob didn’t forget about the
anniversary either! He’s about to offer you his heart! So sweet! He had a similar idea as you, girl! You take that other half, Emily, and keep it close. Relationships are all about the little things. I kind of feel like the third wheel so I guess this would be a good time for me to go… Emma ignored her low battery notification and eventually ran out of battery. Now this is where she needs to grab the charging cable and plug it into her phone. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it sounds… She’s been procrastinating on
fixing her wire situation for a while now. Girl, you definitely need some help… *chuckle* Lucky for us, we have a hero in town! How you doin’? There’s nothing Superman can’t handle and it’s just what those cables need! First, grab a base plate and cover it with two sided sticky tape. Don’t uncover it just yet though… Now fill your palm with brown plated lights and place them around the edges. Notice there are a couple of spaces left
between in a few areas. Find a round spiky piece and cut it halfway from the top. Remove the utility knife and sack a few of them below the cut piece. This pole is going to function as our printed sign holder which will point out which charging cable goes where. Simply place the heroes on the plate and stick the base plate to a table by uncovering the dual tape. Now just hand the cables to the heroes and they will take care of the mess. When they are needed, just borrow it from them and plug it into your device. Emma can now easily
charge her phone without a hassle! Jacob is spending some quality time with
his figurines. Aren’t you a bit too old to be playing with dinosaurs? I’m sure there are more important things you could be doing. Boys… They never grow up… Hmm… These two items do go well together visually though! Come on, Emily, I’m sure you can
prevent them from going extinct! Alright! Let’s grab a precision knife and
cut out the back top of the dinosaur. Don’t worry, most of them are just empty
shells… Go ahead and give it a new paint job! Make a paper funnel tube to securely
slide some soil inside. Just give it a little shake! Whoopsies! Clean-up on aisle five! Now grab the plant pot and take out the
tiny piece together with the root. It’s time for the little guy to get a new
home. Voilà! The dinosaur got a new lively shell! You’ll just need to water it once in a while. I wonder how Jacob is going to
react to this! Oh no, Emily, did use them all? No worries, Jacob, she saved one just for you! Go ahead! We won’t judge. Amazing, Emily! Thanks to you these dinosaurs will live another day! All of them look quite cute and playful! Emma is about to display her Captain
America action figure. And it looks like she just found the first half but… …where’s the other part? Oh wow! It got sliced up pretty badly, didn’t it? And this whole set is falling apart! So much for the changes around here… Don’t worry, this is not the worst-case scenario. I’m sure you can find a way to prolong his life. There we go! You’re up to something! Drop a dash of glue on the
end of the shelf and stick the chest piece on top. Do the same part with the
torso and stick it underneath. Now go ahead and lay down the books by the hero’s side. Perfect! Emma’s captain book holder came in to
save the day! With great knowledge comes great responsibility! Emily is about to find out she’s running
out of graphite. And her pencil is getting too short to hold. The same goes for the rest of her pencil case… They’ve sure seen better days… Hmm… I noticed Jessica uses her pencils to tie her hair back every once in a while. That’s a really cool idea! Is there any chance we could do something similar with the shorter ones we have? Emily is determined to try this out! First of all, let’s sharpen both sides of the pencils. Now simply glue them to a used brooch. A rainbow color transition should do the trick. Boom! It’s done! Can’t wait to see you try it out! Wow Emily! It looks adorable! the necklace is such a nice touch! Another brilliant idea! Uuh the cutout earrings! Is there anything you can’t do? We’re in math class and Emma is about to
turn in her homework assignment. It all goes as planned until… she has mixed up
her exercise books for the gazillionth time! This is definitely not a good time
to replace those numbers with the periodic tables… On the other hand, Noah
has his materials all sorted out. An easy solution is to not have notebooks with
the same covers! Grab your exercise book and separate the front and back covers. Spray some hot glue and place two big base Lego plates on them. Depending on the book, you might want to check the sizes first. Now feel free to add ground plate buttons around and personalize your book with text or symbol. PI sign in this case will go perfectly with math. You might just want to add some glue to
keep them intact though. Art class might need an abstract touch
and a half filled file will go well with chemistry No more hassle with these creative Lego exercise
books! Jacob is watching his favorite late-night show while fidgeting with his Lego toy. As you can see it only took him a minute to lose the cowboy’s hat which disappeared somewhere deep into the void. Maybe he can just take one of those
raspberries as an alternative? There we go! A red afro man! I didn’t know you had
this red wig laying around. And what is the story behind the cotton moustache? *chuckle* What is this tip you may ask? Honestly I’m just as confused as you are… But they do look alike though… *chuckle* Anna is about to leave the house. As per usual, her nephew has left Legos scattered everywhere! Well as long as she
doesn’t step on them bare foot we should be okay. Wait a minute! Looks like Anna can’t find her keys! I really hate how this always happens
whenever I’m on the way out… As if the day wasn’t going to be stressful enough… How do they even manage to get under there?! Hmm… Keys and Legos… It looks like Anna has a way to combine both of these items! Don’t worry, we’ll just need a couple of pieces. Attach two Lego tabs together to create
the perfect heart-shaped keychain! This big flat Lego piece will make a great
base for a funky door sign! We’ll use the rectangular pieces to
create some Lego font. Simply attach the Lego keychain to your board. Now let’s see it all come together! Perfect! It looks fun on the wall! Anna won’t lose your keys anymore with this fun new and creative keychain holder! Sarah is playing with her dog in the park outside. Looks like our little guy bit
through the tennis ball again… Which is a common occurrence for any dog owner. Sarah came up with an idea on how to reuse these destroyed balls. Turn the holes into a single opening by cutting out a line between them. Using super glue attach some ear horn and leg shaped felt cutouts for a custom-made tennis monster! Perfect! We’re done! The ball can be repurposed as a leash hanger or a
doggie bag holder. Let’s just set this puppy up and get going! Sarah, don’t forget those poop bags! Now who will play with the tennis monsters… Hey, Panda Lovers! I hope you enjoyed
these hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to stay tuned for more!

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