Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Using Deep Fakes for Good with Anthony Atamanuik | TBS

One of the most important roles of journalists
like yourselves is helping the rest of us idiots separate the facts from the lies. Unfortunately,
your job is about to get even more difficult, take a look. It’s almost 2020 which means it’s almost
time for another election which means fake news and if you thought the last round of
fake news was bad, lol, wait till you see what’s coming next, deep fakes. Deep fakes
are videos created using artificial intelligence and deep learning to make things like this
Steve Buscemi Jennifer Lawrence Mashup. This was very truly surprising for me. Ahhh kill it! Kill it! I hate it. Where did deep fakes come from? In 2017 a reddit user named deep fake popularized
this technology by naturally creating porn which swapped people’s faces. Okay they would take celebrities and face
swap Yes. with the porn star Yes, behind every new technology there is
someone trying to have sex with it Good for us. I’m proud of us. Should we
just put like the porn people on climate change? Absolutely. 
Look at that big juicy eye of the hurricane. She like to fuck that, huh? Honestly, we deserve to die. Anyway for more
on deep fakes, I sat down with the guy who made this Pete Davidson Ariana Grande nightmare. This has been one of like the best years of
my career and like the worst of my life. Meet The Fakening. Is it hard to make a deep fake like could
I make one You can if you’re willing to put the time
in. All the software is free and open-source.
When everyone starts out they get a free Nicolas Cage starter kit. Ah, a Nicolas Cage starter kit is a real thing
that people get? Yeah, yeah, when you go to download the software
for the first time, there’s a link to a Nicolas Cage face set. So you could put Nick Cage’s face on my
body? That’s correct. Can you do it whenever? Sure. Could you do it like now? Of course. Oh my god! I look amazing Ha…this is… exciting and horrible. It’s
terrifying. The bees, not the bees. I’m gonna go into that place and I’m gonna steal
the Declaration of Independence it’s gonna be awesome. Hahahahahahahaaa, look at us, we look insane.
Oh my god the world is gonna end and we are going to hasten that. Face swaps facial remapping and a fuck ton
of other deep fake techniques are not illegal and voice swapping is just a year away. How
much worse can it get? Please say not that much more. I think it can get significantly worse. Oh god. I mean if you look at election interference,
say uhm You no longer actually have to hack emails
to smear somebody. If you can engineer a tape at the right time. You can sway presidency.
Deep fakes chip away at our sense of what reality is so imagine a world where instead
of talking about whether or not the wall should be built. We’re talking about whether if
the wall has been built or hasn’t been built. Whether it exists or not and if we can’t
agree on the basic facts how can we discuss something that is divisive and needs nuance. the answer is we can’t, we’re dead. Imagine what Russia could do with this tech
oh my god forget Russia using my team of novices I made Mitch McConnell actually tell the truth
about Merrick Garland. What we did was attack Merrick Garland’s
background and try to destroy him. I descended on Capitol Hill and tried to intimidate our
members into opposing this good man’s nomination Yeah, that’s totally fake and I made it,
what else could we do with this earth ending technology Could maybe scrub actors out of things that
we wish they weren’t in anymore [gasps] Oh my god, we could erase Bill Cosby
from The Cosby Show and replace him with Oprah! Let’s save all
the problematic shows I want to do Rosanne next, oh, I merged seamlessly with her that’s
interesting. How about Woody Allen. Annie and I broke up and I still can’t get
my mind around that you know. The possibilities are endless, you know
what, fuck it I’m gonna try this out on The Godfather of fake news himself Donald
Trump. I asked Anthony Atamanuik to provide his voice and used facial remapping to make
the presidential statement we’ve all been waiting for. I believe in climate change it’s a tremendously
big league problem, the hugest, and I think the me too movement is totally fabulous and
I love times up and I believe all women no matter what and I apologize to all the beautiful
women who I’ve hurt, groped, screamed at, fanny padded, armpit twisted, tune in Tokyoed
and all the rest and believe me racism is a totally big problem. These nazis, these
nazis are bad guys, totally bad even the tiki torch ones and finally the peepee tape only
it’s not the peepee you think because the peepee tape is totally real but the pee is
way worse, more brown, more of a bile, thick like a nickelodeon slime. Thank you, good
night. God bless America, oh yeah, I don’t believe in God, I don’t even know who Jesus
is, he sounds like a real rabble rouser.

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  1. Smooth symmetrical faces are the easiest to replace or change, unique facial characteristics(wrinkles, moles scars, deformities) lead to harder reconstruction of face to film. So the better looking you are the easier it is for someone to take your body.

  2. Imagine the US government makes a deep fake video of like the president of Iran saying he has a nuke and is planning to strike Israel in five hours and then disseminating it over the media before attacking Iran preemptively. They could manipulate the public and policy so easily. Matter of fact anyone could. For all you know one day the news will come on and it won't really be them. The real people will be gone and replaced overnight by AI clones that you can't distinguish from reality. In a world where we communicate mostly via the internet, how do you know almost anyone you know couldn't be replaced? For all you know, I myself am some kind of robot. AI technology is suddenly advancing fast but it's headed in an ominous direction and I have doubts anything will be done about it until it's too late

  3. The only way, and I mean the ONLY way, to prevent the worst from happening, is to spread the knowledge about this tech as far and wide as possible. Not just in us or the developed parts of the word, but also in every countries in the world with authoritarian govs such as africa, china,, etc

  4. Deep fakes don’t worry about them government is gonna know the difference between deep fakes and a real message

  5. "Deep Fakes chip away at our sense of what reality is"…
    Bee expresses brief concern, then "Forget Russia! – my team … tried this out on [Donald Trump]!"
    Yup. It's OK when Bee does it first. I just wish she'd try being funny first…

  6. Honestly, this doesn't scare me at all.
    We've been able to fake things convincingly for decades. Just because now we can do it in video doesn't add that much more problems. There was a time before photography and lying was even easier back then.

  7. The Trump we wish we had, but never will.
    Thank you DeepFake, you gave us a small bit of satisfaction.

  8. Deep fake used by public do for fun or entertainment……

    Government uses deep fake to create and blame it on public. ..

  9. “Sometimes people think I'm wearing a wig when I'm not wearing a wig, and then sometimes they think I'm not wearing a wig when I am wearing a wig.”
    — Nicolas Cage

  10. This almost comes of as desinformation as special interests groups have results much better than this.

  11. Well, at least you're talking about something that genuinely matters. (this really does, I'm not joking).

  12. 5:23 – You intentionally made that easy to spot as a fake. You aren't trying to leave the door open for the dems to use this tool next election cycle, are you? That would be highly, highly, highly immoral — even evil.

    Then again, if the dems do use it, it will be spotted either way.

  13. Fake letters -> pictures were legit
    Fake pics -> voice recordings were legit
    Fake audios -> video recordings were legit
    Fake videos ….

    -> Its time for a snickers

  14. Wake up all television media is scripted, edited and has a narrative so it is all fake not real in any sense of reality.

  15. Who needs deep fake?!

    I remember when the re-tarded left thought the person on SNL was Sarah Palin and said she could see Russia from her house.

    The left recently got triggered by a slowed down video of Nancy Pelosi saying they were tricked into thinking it was REAL.

    The left are dangerous idiots that can be tricked by a child with some crayons.

  16. Is it just me or is the man in this video look like an age regression of Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley)?

  17. Thanks to this technology, politicians will be able to reach more recipients. Hilary's election team can shed several false films when it speaks for building a wall for immigrants and is contrary to the theory of global warming. In short, the strategies of the lie of Donald Trumpa can now be used even by honest politicians.

  18. Why doesnt everything come with a nic cage starter kit?
    I want my Samsung note12 to come with a nic cage starter kit. wallpapers, themes, icons, phonebook pics, and AR emojis, all nic cage baby!!
    (Edit: even nic cage ring tones! AAAH NOT THE BEEES)

  19. How cute. Now the mendacious cultural marxist sociopaths have a new powerful tool for doing something they love: gaslighting …which of course will backfire on you when it ultimately renders all video evidence inadmissible in any court. Have fun kids, and don’t say you didn’t see it coming 😉

  20. Soon YouTube will be flooded with deep fake videos of celebrities and politicians saying the n-word. And clips of Nicholas Cage in movies he didn't appear on.

  21. When you can scam other people by face swapping & say look the camera is evidence that it was he or she that committed the crime. 🤔

  22. Actually deepfakes have been around since 2014. They used phil hoffmans face on my head when he passed away. I was one of the first deepfakes in the world. -drew michael hershner

  23. Maybe technology is just no longer viable for public discourse? I for one think that’s a good thing.

  24. People still believe Trump colluded with russia the Covington kids were shouting racist things and jussie smollet was attacked by white supremacists deepfakes are the least of our problems leftist propaganda/disinformation is and it’s starting to finally get exposed thanks to real journalism

  25. Its funny, Trump exposes how bias and corrupt the news is and the brainwashed retards want to turn around and say hes the fake news. Delusional libtards at their finest ahhahahahahaa

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