Nurses dance celebrating the closure of a mobile hospital in Wuhan.

Jianghan mobile hospital in Wuhan is officially closed. Medical team members of Guizhou province Ms. Li LI and Yi RAO were performing a happy dance after they relased the last patients. I was doing my last shift saying goodbye to the last patient I was standing there waiting for him helping him to pack his luggage and escorted him to the gate The patient said to me Hubei people and Guizhou people we are one family I was greatly touched by his words At 10 pm on 05.02.2020, Jianghan mobile hospital with 1600 beds was officially put into operation. It was one of the first mobile hospitals in Wuhan. The whole hospital was to receive patients of new corona virus with moderate symptoms. The moment I said goodbye to the last patient, it was very emotional for me. I was very happy form them and was also very happy for us then we can finally go home and be with our family

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