Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (5/9) Movie CLIP – A Magical Evening (2000) HD

## [ Humming ] [ Sniffing ]
That’s sexy. #You-ou-ou’ve got
the magic touch # # Ooh, hoo #
Hey, whatyou playing that for? l thought it’d be soothing. Oh, Cletus,
you haven’t even looked at me. l know whatyou look like.
We married for 44 years. l look
atyou evey day, all day long. – l knowjust whatyou look like.
– Cletus, please, look at me! Damn. Now here we go. You got a show tonight?
Whatyou got that on for? Well, ifyou don’t know
after 44 years ofmarriage,
l don’t know what to say toyou. You should say good night and
take that damn rag offthat lamp
before we burn something down. – Hell.
– [ Needle Scratching Record ] There! What about Viagra? Viagra don’t work for me.
l’ve been taking ’em like M&M’s. Look, Cletus,
maybe it’s psychosomatic. l seen on Opr_h once
that this happen to men
after theyget fired. Um, l mean, retired.
You know, sometimes
you lose yourself-esteem. Lose self-esteem?
l ain’t lost no self-esteem. You’re always yapping about it.
You won’t never let up! You’re like a broken record.
Evey time l turn around,
”Cletus, howyou feeling now?” ”You got the groove now?”
Evey time l walk in the room, l don’t even wanna hear it. Go to sleep, please.
Let it happen naturally. Never mind, Cletus!
Never mind! l mean, l’m sory toyell
and scream, butyou got
too much pressure on me! You want tenderness?
Ease up on the pressure. Too much pressure for me.
[ Bed Creaking ] [ Grandma ]
Slow it down, Isaac.
No, no, baby, l’m over here. Now, there they go. Now, you’re fine now.
Isaac, you’re a champion. That’s your old-ass mother.
Hey! Gotta slow it down!
l ain’t taking nobody
to the emergency room tonight! Somebody break their leg,
gonna stay broke this time. [ Grandma ]
Isaac! Bingo. Pokeno.

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