NYE dinner|福气满满团圆菜,吉祥如意幸福年——年夜饭|Liziqi channel

(Chinese paper cutting art) (Writing festivity couplet for the new year) Right: may the world be peaceful and prosperous; Left: may we live in abundance and flavors ; Middle: may Ziqi always be able to pluck those dawn blossoms Peppa pig has #7 on her (Ziqi’s name – “Qi” means #7 in Chinese) (lucky lantern decors) (This is why, Kids~ you need to behave) (Lotus leaf wrapped Chicken – fragrance from the leaf gets soaked into the Chicken) (farm animals cheering for Ziqi) Is it boiling? (Ziqi looks up to show off her blind chopping skills) 福气满满 “fuqi manman” – bags full of good fortune! 金银满仓 “jinyin mancang” – may gold and silver fill your warehouse! (cutting lotus root) 笑口常开 “xiaokou changkai” – always smiling! 生财有道 “shengcai youdao” – road to the riches! (Lettuce “shengcai” and Make Money “shengcai” are homonyms in Chinese, she used a good pun here) (puppy cringed when the scissors snipped) 只属于你 “zhi shuyu ni” – [heart] only belongs to you! (two puns used here! 紫薯芋泥 zishu (purple yam) and yuni (mashed taro)) 诸事顺心 “zhushi shunxin” – everything happens according to your wishes! (another pun here – every (zhu) and pig (zhu) are homonyms in Chinese) 年年有余 “niannian youyu” – there will always be a balance [in the bank]! (fish “yu” and balance “yu” are homonyms in Chinese – implies never running out of money) 合家团圆 “hejia tuanyuan” – let the family be whole! (the food items forming a complete circle symbolizes a complete family – i.e., no missing members) 花好月圆 “huahao yueyuan” – let the flowers bloom let there be a full moon! (there’s a full moon and blooming flowers on the dish – symbolizes the perfect moment) 大吉大利 “daji dali” – most auspicious fortune! (two puns used here chicken “ji” and chestnut “li” – jili=auspicious fortune) Grandma, stop watching TV, come have dinner~ OK~ coming What are you doing? I’m taking this to Uncle Chen (an old neighbor man) OK~ Come and join us! (To the cameraman) Thanks everyone for your hard work throughout the year, and still working now during the holidays Let’s have a toast! Happy Chinese new year! (Granny speaking in Sichuanese – unintelligible)

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  1. АХАХАХА,свинка Пеппа ору 😀 вот такого поворота,Я НЕ ОЖИДАЛ КОНЕЧНО

  2. Hello I'm from USA:) I love your channel it makes me so happy my sister always see's me watching your channel I'm truly a fan

  3. Whoever disliked this video are antisocials, this is a video full of love and talents and cultures. I am amazed😍

  4. In one day she made all the food 😝😝😝 amazing. Ohh she caught also the fish by herself 😱😱😱 what a girl she is

  5. 字上手い!


  6. Such an amazing woman I adore her my motivation 😊 You are soo good also the cameraman 😁❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  7. I like fugi manman
    How many varieties oh woman pork chicken fish etc etc
    Tell me how many hours it took to cook
    Pls reveal the secret how the bamboo water pump works pls let me know

  8. Task she accomplish in a day:
    Decorates house
    Pluck Vegetables
    Catch fish
    Makes more than 10 dishes
    Serves everyone
    Delivers food to neighbour
    Task i accomplish in a day:

  9. K.F.C Rejacted Poor Jack Ma
    Now Jack Ma Owner Of world Infamous Ali Baba. someone Rejacted Liziqi .. Liziqi Now World Infamous Bloger.

  10. Wow u r absolutely amazing I love to watch your videos everything is so perfect so fresh and all of your knowledge is simply astounding thank you so much for all u do and yes I'm hungry again hahaha

  11. Hermoso video. Que delicioso se ve todo. Me gustan mucho los perros. Por qué Liziqi los ignora. No es cariñosa con ellos. Que les dan de comer.?

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