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This edition of Behind the Akshon is brought
to you by Vite Ramen. The instant ramen with 27 grams of complete
protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep you playing at your best. Learn more at the end of the video. I’m the best tracer in the world. Saebyeolbe. World Cup winner with South Korea, the face
of the New York Excelsior and their captain, who led them to a completely unheard of 34-and-6
season. Saebyeolbe was seemingly unstoppable, being
named one of the best, if not the best, Tracer of all time. But something was coming. Something not even he was ready for: GOATS. GOATS quickly dominated the Overwatch League,
making Saebyeolbe’s signature hero, Tracer, a non-viable pick. And as GOATS rose up, the Married Man Meta faded away… However, Saebyeolbe had different plans. This is the retRUn of Saebyeolbe. NYXL made the extremely uncommon move of subbing out their D.Va player for a Sombra specialist, instead of simply having their D.Va player
flex onto Sombra as most teams do in order to retain the ability to go back to a traditional 3-3 composition, or use other compositions that also utilize D.Va. Why did they do this, and how was Saebyeolbe’s performance so drastically different from Meko’s on Sombra that it justified putting
him in? Looking at their match against the London
Spitfire, NYXL had only one objective in mind: shut down the Spitfire’s Zenyatta
player, Bdosin. Possibly the only Zen player capable of matching their own Jjonak in terms of deadliness. Let’s see how they used Saebyeolbe’s Sombra to achieve that. As London crosses the open ground, we see Saebyeolbe targeting Bdosin, who is lagging behind. This forces Birdring to use a Repair Pack
on him, a critical resource London will not have if NYXL decide to rush them now. Nor does Saebyeolbe actually Translocate away,
knowing that London are very reluctant to turn around and rush him, which would use up even more resources and leave them out of position. As a result, he simply sticks around and kills Bdosin, ending the fight before it even begins. Bdosin has respawned and needs to get back to his team, but London know Saebyeolbe could be lying in wait to ambush Bdosin while he
walks or, rather, floats back. Hence, they send Fury back to protect him
and use Defense Matrix on him if Saebyeolbe is indeed around. This allows Jjonak to land a massive volley
onto Fury, taking him down to half health and building more than 10% of his ult charge. Fury continues spychecking for Saebyeolbe,
but he reveals himself anyway when Fury is looking away and nearly kills Bdosin for it. Libero also builds some ult charge in the
process by giving SBB a Repair Pack. We therefore see how one simple kill at the
beginning of one fight leads to multiple members of the NYXL getting value and building ult
charge out of it. By now, Saebyeolbe has done so much damage while London was rotating to the high ground, that he has actually built up an EMP. A mistake from Gesture, as he begins swinging while Birdring goes back to protect Bdosin allows SBB to EMP in a position where Bdosin’s Transcendence will not save Gesture in time. So, when we get to the next fight, Quatermain has not built up Sound Barrier yet, due to how long it takes, and Bdosin does not have Trans available for Nenne’s grav. Overwatch League analyst, Sideshow, brought this up in a halftime segment, so we shall not go over the ultimate economy much more. Instead, we want to focus on how Saebyeolbe is playing Sombra slightly differently from any other Sombra player. He does farm his EMP by shooting tanks at
times, but more often than not, his main target is the enemy Zenyatta. To remove him from the fight rapidly or, if
that is impossible, to draw resources away from the enemy team. Moving ahead to the 3rd map, Hollywood, we
take a look at this fight. Here, he gets massive value as he hacks Gesture
out of his Earthshatter. London realise he is nearby, and Birdring
uses Shield Bash and Whip Shot to take him out of the fight. At this point, it might seem like the fight
is already lost for NYXL, but Jjonak and Mano have other ideas. NUS turns around and suddenly realizes all
of his teammates are at critical health, and the NYXL clean up with Mano’s Nanoboosted
Firestrike. But why were London not able to stop this? Since Birdring already used both his stun
and Whip Shot on Saebyeolbe, he has nothing to punish Mano as he walks forward with Nanoboost and Nenne’s Bubble. As Gesture tries to swing back, Jjonak lands another anti-nade onto him and Profit, and Mano hits a massive Firestrike which hits four members of the Spitfire. Here we see that the value Saebyeolbe provides extends beyond simply killing Bdosin and building EMP: he also forces the enemy team to use
valuable resources to stop him, allowing his team to have the advantage in the ensuing
fight. Assassinating targets with EMP. In the next fight, observe Saebyeolbe’s laser
focus on Bdosin. Bdosin already messed up in the previous fight, using his Transcendence for no apparent reason, which might have been a misclick. Despite this, Saebyeolbe still chooses not
to focus on EMPing the rest of the team, which he could have done because there was no Transcendence to counter it anyway. Instead, his EMP has eyes only for the Zenyatta, which will take him down to 50HP and remove his powerful Discord Orb immediately, making it much easier for the NYXL to push forward and clean up without fear of getting focused down. It’s a bonus that SBB actually catches all
six members with the EMP. In the final fight of the round, Bdosin has
still not managed to rebuild the Transcendence he threw away, but NYXL know that if they
allow him to stay alive, he will almost certainly get it and stall the cart further. Hence, SBB again targets Bdosin first and
chases him around the pillar to confirm the kill over going for easier targets such as
Profit’s Zarya. Let’s move on to London’s attack round. London used the strategy of simply rushing
into NYXL and overwhelming them with superior damage in a brawl to take Point A
quickly. NYXL needs to hold this choke to give themselves
the best chance of stalling out the cart, and this is where Saebyeolbe comes in. Timing his de-cloaking with NYXL’s soft engagement
and Fury’s turning around, he one-clips Bdosin, and again ends the fight before it begins. Sure, Bdosin could have used his Transcendence
to save himself, but all that would do is open London up to a massive EMP from Saebyeolbe
with no way to counter it. In fact, this is what happens immediately
after. Saebyeolbe again tries to assassinate Bdosin,
and he reacts with a Transcendence to prevent the EMP. But Saebyeolbe never used his EMP, and now
NYXL can simply kite back and wait out the Transcendence, before engaging with their
EMP. Unfortunately, NYXL appear to wait too long,
and as a result London just rush them before Saebyeolbe can do anything. Here we see the second way in which Saebyeolbe
uses EMP. This time Bdosin is not the target for two
reasons: First, it is likely that NYXL thought that Bdosin didn’t have Transcendence. Mainly because Jjonak is only 50% of the way
to his own. Surprisingly, Bdosin somehow managed to build
a whole Transcendence in the previous fight. And secondly, look at where Saebyeolbe is
looking. His targets are Gesture, who is ahead of his
team, as well as NUS, because of his sound barrier and ability to escape fights safely. It’s sheer luck here that Saebyeolbe hits
Bdosin as well, but Gesture would have gone down even if Bdosin had Transcendence. So, what are the main principles behind Saebyeolbe and the NYXL’s Sombra play? First, go for assassinating the Zenyatta over farming EMP on tanks. It’s easy to get lost in the amount of damage you put in and the rate at which you can build EMP, but sometimes, a single assassination can be as valuable as using six ultimates. Second, even if you can’t assassinate an enemy support, try to force them to use resources on you. Things like Defense Matrix, Shield Bash, Whip
Shot, and Zarya bubbles are all extremely important in GOATS, and if you can create
a small advantage for your team, that might be all you need, especially in a team as coordinated
as NYXL. Former NYXL coach and current Washington Justice
head coach WizardHyeong once said attention is a resource, and even drawing some enemy
attention could be enough to swing a fight. Finally, if all else fails, just use your
EMP to assassinate someone. You’ll notice that Saebyeolbe never actually
solo-EMPed Bdosin when he had Transcendence up. This was partly because Bdosin had been forced to use Trans at other times, but also because Bdosin would have reacted appropriately to
Saebyeolbe appearing in front of his face. Instead, use your EMP on out-of-position targets, or when you know the enemy Zen does not have Transcendence. That way, you can easily win a fight off the
first elimination, or guarantee that the enemy Zen will not be able to build Transcendence to stall or turn the fight around. So, you were saying that you were the best
Tracer in the world last season. Do you believe that you could become the best
Sombra in the Overwatch League this season? I will try my best. That’s all for this episode of Behind the
Akshon. What did you think of Saebyeolbe’s return? Are you excited to see him back on stage? Do you think the NYXL’s Sombra play will be
enough to challenge the top two Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock? Let us know in the comments below. And now, a message from our sponsors. Vite Ramen started as a dream by twin brothers to play better with better nutrition. Now, they’re a small team making the world’s first nutritionally complete instant ramen, loaded with tons of protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep you feeling and playing at your best. All for less than the cost of a fast food
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