Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

There was a little hiccup
yesterday at the White House after President Obama’s home
teleprompter reportedly malfunctioned during a family dinner. Onion News Network Washington
Correspondent Jane Carmichael joins us now with more. Jane, tell us what exactly
happened over there? Well, last night in the middle
of a conversation with Malia about raising her allowance Presdient Obama’s home
teleprompter suddenly went blank. He sort of froze mid-sentence, but after a few seconds of silence Obama was able to pull up
his prepared remarks from memory. So, it didn’t differ
at all, basically, from the copy of the
dinner conversation that it had sent over
to reporters before hand? That’s right,
it was almost verbatim. He hit all the points about Malia
needing to get at least a B in math and trying to get
onto the soccer team, just in a different order
than they were written. Well, White House Deputy
Press Secretary Brenda Inglett briefly addressed
this error today. Let’s take a look. The President has hundreds
of conversations everyday and it simply isn’t feasible
for him to memorize the text for every single one. The prompter is
really just a tool to help the President to
speak, blink, and breath. Obama is always
open about the fact that he works with a
team of talented writers on every remark he makes. Yes, absolutely the prompter
just helps make sure he doesn’t say the wrong
thing at any point every. Exactly. He would write his
conversations himself but he is just too busy.
– He is the President. He does make sure, though,
to look over and edit any asides or off-hand remarks
he didn’t personally script. Of course, you know Jane,
it seems like the President has gotten better at using the
teleprompter since the campaign. – Yes, he sure has.
– Remember that pumpkin patch incident before the election, when the
wind blew the prompter over in the middle of picking
pumpkins with the girls. That’s right, causing Obama
to fumble around awkwardly, drop the pumkin
he was holding, and refer to
Sasha as Jennifer. And, there was the
CAPS Lock incident. Oh, yes. Obama nearly
shouted himself hoarse over the course
of that speech. There were various mix ups where teleprompter operators
displayed the wrong lines. Once it caused him to say, “I played a little basketball
myself in high school,” after sampling a piece of
Cape Cod salt water taffy. -The GOP had a field day with that one.
– It was awful. Obama was furious about it. He had his staff put a long
angry rant into the teleprompter for him to scream at them.
– I remember that. But, you know also, Jane,
we should point out that Obama is not the first president
to use scripted interactions. Ronald Reagan was known for
using que cards, for instance. Yes, that’s exactly right. And, of course, Joe Bidden is
known for reading his remarks off of his arm, where he has
written them in magic marker. Exactly, right. Well, Jane thank you
so much for that report. – We appreciate it as always.
– Thank you Ana. Far from caving to criticism the president has increased
his reliance on the teleprompter, sending it alone on low-priority
diplomatic meetings and photo opps. Well, right after the break
we’ll talk to a Philadelphian who knows all the best
places to get murdered. Still ahead this hour: Real-life ‘Transformer’
electrocutes child.

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  1. I cant believe some people cant see you are trolling. I am beggining to think every reply to your comment is made by socks of yours.

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  3. i blame fox.
    when a parody or reality becomes indistinguishable from it something is wrong with the media

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  6. A teleprompter wouldnt be needed. Rational Americans understood what he was saying. Those that are against him will take anything out of context to use against him.

  7. I am with you. This cracked me up. The caps lock incident. "Yes the President shouted himself horse…" Sweet line. I find it funny that those on the right would accuse us of not having a sense of humor. Most of them would never laugh at or criticize anyone with an R next to their name. At least we will question Obama.

  8. This cracked me up so much that I had to check and see if it was a real news broadcast! And it wasn't just obama, it was the news anchors as well! Seriously, obama can't adlib it with his own family? He needs a telepromter to critique him as to what to say to the loves of his life? Admit it, the man has no convictions on which to rely on to help him speak to the public. I know there are times when every president needs one, but please! Without a teleprompter obama is a gaffae waiting to happen.

  9. The Onion people are always funny. LMAO. At least we know President Obama can read. Its the thinking part he has trouble with. He's a joke.

  10. Actually, it's funny but before Obama was elected, he relied very little on the teleprompter, usually speaking more "from the heart" and off the cuff. Reporters have actually complained that it's been since he was elected, that he's come to constantly rely on the teleprompter, and that his speeches are so much less energetic than they used to be as a result. I think his fear is justified though… he knows the right is looking for anything he says out of context to hang him.

  11. Forget the teleprompter, 60 minutes will be airing a 1 hour special on this issue that will focus on what the GOP thinks about Obama raising Sasha's allowance and why House Republicans want to pass legislation disbanding Malia's soccer team.

  12. Ah, the teleprompter difficulties explain Obama's inability to recall his birthday date or his place of birth. Problem solved.

  13. Lmao, it's hilarious when a video like this causes all the mouth-breathing birther idiots to come crawling out of the woodwork.

  14. I guess the secret service minions of president Gaveston have to check constantly his serf staff to make sure that there is not a knave among them; for if there were such a knave could be tempted to alter the teleprompter texts and make president Gaveston say things like “911 was an inside job”; as the ruling banking cartel in the USA, commonly known as the FED, does have great difficulties to find a presidential puppet, who can even give speeches; Bush the Son tried at least to do so.

  15. Some of you people are so tremendously and unrelentingly stupid that I honestly cannot believe any of you manage to log into YouTube unaided by hired help to post comments. Even if you're not familiar with The Onion, the fact that anyone could watch this video in its entirety and still not pick up on its blatant satire says far more about the state of this country than anything else ever could.

    Please, for the love of everything sacred: Kill yourselves as soon as you possibly can.

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  17. Why are they trying to make him look like more of an idiot? Everyone knows he can't formulate unless he can read from a script. He has never had a meaningful job in his life other than his dope dealing days and that is why is school records are sealed – Barry the Dope Dealer – rumor has it he always had the best shit. FYI he also was known to Stem the Rose

  18. NEW RULE –

    All the stupid comments which can't grasp the obvious satire will now be voted UP as opposed to down.


  19. The founding fathers of America look down on Obummer and say who gave that slave a suit. The last black president did the opposite of every campaign promise easy to do.

  20. Who's watching this in 2018? Isn't it crazy looking back, considering the immigrant child-caging sexual predator we have as President now, that THIS was pissing people off about the President back then? I know this is just a satire video, but I know there were a ton of people who genuinely were upset about Obama using a teleprompter. How times have changed… Pretty much anyone looks good when compared to our current Cheeto-in-Chief, but damn this video takes me back to how great we had it as a country back when Obama was in charge, relatively speaking.

  21. 0:43 Did everyone have a good day? How was your field trip Sasha?

    Could you pass the pork chops, please? Thanks.

    That's great honey. What's your favorite thing you saw?

    🤣😂 When The Onion puts jokes on a fake script that we see for 2 seconds! That's why I watch this!

  22. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/07/05/president-trump-blames-teleprompter-july-fourth-speech-revolutionary-war-airport-westwood-nr-vpx.cnn

  23. "After the break we'll talk to Philadelphian who knows all the best places to get murdered."

    what thrilling times

  24. "he had his staff put a long angry rant into the teleprompter for him to scream at them" lmao imagine writing your own self-roast

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