OBSCENE EXTREME (FULL DOCUMENTARY) CURBY – the 20th anniversary of Obscene Extreme

Let me see, where is it?
Fuck, I don’t remember. Maybe those ones? Check it out. I’m Curby, I’m an extreme music fan
since I was 12. Since I met the first German thrash metal bands
I really enjoyed it a lot. Then I sold my soul to Scum,
by Napalm Death, and… Since then I’m doing fanzines, magazines…
Then I have a label… Then I started to tour with bands
all around the globe. And then, in 1999,
I wanted to celebrate my birthday so I did the first Obscene Extreme festival. It started like a birthday party.
It was just a birthday party for Curby. And now it’s the huge festival you are gonna see. There is… I don’t know how many,
maybe five thousand people today? The festival started with his birthday party
and it just continued. He started 20 years ago like a birthday party. And from that time
he has the same idea of the festival. Nothing changed. No sponsors… Nothing has changed in the 20 years
in the main idea. Which I really love. It’s just unbelievable. I never expected… I’m repeating this in every fucking interview.
I never expected anything like this. I just wanted to do one festival.
I wanted to do my birthday party. And… that’s it! But the people, the passion and everything
behind the first festival was so huge, especially from the bands, from all the people
who were here at the battlefield. It was so incredible
that I was pushed to continue. I had to do it.
I had no other choice. When was the first time you met Curby? Curby? I met the first time
in 1995 in Bischofswerda at an Agathocles record release show. Let me talk a bit about our first show in 1999 because today we celebrate the 20th anniversary and tonight there’s a special event with bands
that played already on the first OEF. For us it was a game changer because we never played
in front of so many people. And I still remember one guy
who came to us after our show and said, “Oh, dude! That was like in 1988 Napalm Death. That was like really 1988.
And you are cool.” And I still have this in my ears and in my mind. And the show felt like this, and… I’m still feeling like that. The spirit of 1988
and the early days of grindcore. So we are here today to bring an event on stage and hopefully a little bit more wild
as we were in 1999. I’m Jan, from Belgium, and I’m the vocalist
of a band called Agathocles. I’m here, at this festival, because… the first day of the festival
is for old bands that played 20 years ago. I started to learn English because of Jan,
of Agathocles. That’s a great story. They came here, imagine, in Trutnov.
First time they played here in 1993 or something. And I came here totally drunk as fuck,
I couldn’t talk. And I met Jan, and I told him
like… bla bla bla, some bullshit, like every drunk kid is doing. And he gave me two EPs. And told me, “Give me 100 crowns,
in your currency.” And I couldn’t understand him. And then he said, “Ok, that’s ok.”
And just walked away. And I was like… what the fuck!
I can’t speak with my idol, this is bullshit! Then I started to learn English by myself. My English, as you can hear, is DIY. I didn’t have it in school, nothing at all. And thanks to Jan I can speak with you,
so thank you, Jan! For how many days
have they been building the stage? Just from the morning. – This morning?
– This morning. We came here at 9 a.m. And it rained all day,
which is completely bullshit. But, you know… It was a really terrible day,
but the crew is just incredible. They have so much passion for the fest
and everything… That’s so great. There were so funny things
at the first festival, for example… We realized here, at the battlefield,
one day before the fest started that we didn’t have a stage. We had ordered the back-line,
the sound guy, everything, but we didn’t have a stage.
It was like, “What the fuck? What are we gonna do?
No stage!” We came here and there was no stage. So then there was some kind of trailer
behind a tractor or something and we had to push it upstairs,
where the stage is now and we started to play from it.
It was just incredible. And there are thousands of those stories. Me and Curby have met the first time
one year before in a festival in Belgium. It was a festival set up
by the members of Agathocles. One of the first times I met Curby
was at a festival in Belgium we organized. Also an open air festival
which was called Wee Lewaat which means “more noise” in our language. We were in touch by written letters
since years before. And we met there, we became friends. He was telling me about the plans
of starting a festival in the Czech Republic. And we were one of the first bands
he invited to play there. By the time I think we were touring
through the summer and we played on the first Obscene Extreme. I’ve been coming here all years,
now it’s 20 years. Just one year I didn’t come
because I broke my feet. But all the other years
I’ve been always coming here because I have my tent here selling records. And it’s a pleasure to be here
as a visitor to meet friends, so I always come here,
definitely every summer I’m coming here. Twenty years before and now…
it’s very different. How a big step Curby did
from the beginning until now. After 20 years how the festival is big right now. People from all over the world
coming just for listening grindcore stuff. Grindcore is raw, it’s fast… We love speed and BPMs
more than anything else, so… we play short, fast and loud. What does grind sound like?
I don’t know. It sounds like… somebody launching rocks at a wall
with a leaf blower or something. It’s just noise. What it really is, it’s just music of extremes. That’s the simplest way I can put it. Plug the cable to the head,
take your sticks and play some fucking fast shit. This is great, I love this. I think we’ve met people so far
from 14 different countries or something. It’s nuts. For example, I’ve met some guy
from Argentina here and he told me, “Man, I collected all my money
for the last three years just to come to Czech Republic
for Obscene Extreme.” Collect for three years all the money from work. “And now I’m here and I love it.”
That’s super cool. I think there was a list of 53 countries or however many countries
there are bands playing here. And you just feel like… wow! We may be separated by distance at home,
even though we are all the same, and now here we are able to become
one happy family. This festival has such an exciting appeal that it makes people get on a fucking plane
from Australia. It’s like a meeting point
for all the extreme fanatics all over the world You can make new friends,
everybody looks after each other… There is non-stop circle pits all day… The smell of piss, beer and weed is amazing. If you like grindcore
you have to come to Obscene Extreme. It’s my favorite thing in the world. It’s difficult to describe how unique this is,
how is the atmosphere… It’s really the Obscene thing when you are here. Even when you try to export this
to other countries… We’ve played in Obscene Extreme Asia
and Australia. It was good shows with a lot of people but it was not the feeling and the atmosphere
that is here in Trutnov. This is a special Trutnov thing. You have to come here to see
and understand by your own how it is. It’s difficult to describe it. The best time ever. It’s the best festival in the world. Obscene! We still improve the festival.
Every year it’s a little bit different, a little bit better, a little bit this,
and a little bit there. It’s just like… I really like it. Especially the way that here, at the battlefield, there’s so many nations,
so many continents included… You can meet so many different people.
It’s unbelievable. That’s why we are called “freak friendly”. It’s just a real unique fest,
it has a different vibe than… There’s bigger fests and smaller fests… It’s not about the size,
but more of a community gathering. When I come here I know that I’ll see people
that I probably won’t see anywhere else. Or that if I’m only here once every few years at least if I come here
I’ll see everybody at once. There’s always a great line up
and I don’t know why you wouldn’t go, because it’s also one
of the most reasonable fests. I’m not trying to make
a fucking Obscene Extreme commercial. But it really is. It’s awesome every year. I’ve been going to Maryland Deathfest
for 11 years and that was always a reference point for me
in the United States of what was going on in grindcore since they implemented so many grind bands
in their line up every year. But this was always known as the grindcore fest, where grind is number one. And I think it’s very clear
that nothing can top this, that this really is the greatest of the world. I wouldn’t even just bring it to Europe, I would say for the grindcore scene of the world. Because there’s so many international bands here, and so many people traveling
from all over the place. It’s really cool. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
the legendary Napalm Death! Scum completely changed my life. It was like this. That’s it! You will follow it
’till the end of the days. So at 12 years old
Napalm Death got you into this? Yeah! At 12 I started with thrash,
some here and there, and then, in 1987, came Scum
and it was all done. This is almost like an extension
of Napalm Death, this festival because it’s… First and foremost it’s about the fans, or people, a good deal for them rather than vastly inflated prices that you usually get with festivals
that depend on corporations to supply… This festival doesn’t, so it can be more flexible. So that’s a great thing. Sixty-eight euro, first pre-sale, for four days For… this year, 84 bands. Then you have until the 6th of June, 72 euro. And here you pay 80 euro. He has always said to me,
“No way do I want to be… to be reliant upon corporations to be running my festival.” But we have also a teenager pass,
which is very important. If you are a teenager
you can come here for 20 euro. And if you are kid, zero to 14,
you come here for free. Which is perfect. All the sponsors are here at the battlefield. These people that buy the tickets
are the most important that we get. Right now, after ten years, we can control
the beer sales and everything. And it helps a lot to improve the festival, to have more bands, to have a bigger stage,
a better stage, a better sound man… This only happens thanks to
that we collect all the money in one place. That’s really important. What were your expectations
coming into this as an organizer? Nothing. Zero. I just wanted to meet my friends. Imagine there is this weekend
five or six thousand people, I’m pretty sure I know half of them. I was at the Fuck The Commerce in 1998,
and it was great for me because before that you had pen friends,
you had to write real letters, you maybe remember.
The connection was really hard. You sent a letter, and then in one month
you had an answer. And at Fuck The Commerce
we could meet at one place, which was incredibly great, incredibly cool. And I really liked it, the idea.
I was like, “Wow, this is perfect, we don’t have anything like this in Czech,
let’s try!” That’s how I tried to do my birthday party. He’s my friend since…
I don’t know, 92, or something, because first we exchanged some letters.
I’ve sent him the demo tape. I can’t describe the feeling of
getting those tapes from the post. You were just like… running around the house.
It was just incredible. And then we met first time in my hometown
when he was there for the show of… I think it was Amorphis from Finland.
They played in Ostrava, my hometown. How would you describe Bilos with three words? Energetic. Czech. Lemmy. Have you ever played in a band yourself? Never. I’m lazy. No, really… I had a band
with Malignant Tumour’s Bilos. It was really funny,
we called it “Vaginal Tumour.” I made the lyrics and everything. Bilos sold me the bass guitar. The bass guitar stayed in the corner of my room for quite a while, for like one year. I didn’t touch it because it was really difficult
with the fingers. I hated the feeling.
When you put the strings on the fingers it’s not comfortable for me. And I was also a drunkard. I was in the final time of my alcoholic times. Then I had to go to rehab and everything. And after almost one year we had the band,
we never played a show. We had many offers
from all the Czech festivals and everything. We could do something,
but we didn’t. And after that I had to pay my alcohol bills so I sold the bass
and I’m not a rockstar anymore. I was 22-something or 23.
My brothers gave me a ride to the hospital. They gave me some really hard medicines. Then I survived something like alcohol poisoning, when you have really bad times. My last party was with Jaro,
of Dead Infection. We were drinking maybe two weeks in a row. When I was alcoholic it was really terrible,
I couldn’t sleep because I was shaking my hand like this every… I don’t know, every five hours. Because I wanted to quit,
but you cannot quit without medicine when you are at the last stadium. So I remember I called anonymous alcoholics. You have them in Sweden too, right? So I called them and they told me,
“You have to drink something.” And I told them, “No! You misunderstand me,
I want to quit drinking.” And they, then, “No!
You are close to the stadium when you get totally mad from alcohol.” When you have too much alcohol,
then too less alcohol. When your body is… When you are addicted to alcohol,
you need alcohol to stop shaking because you couldn’t even eat soup. It’s not possible. It’s like shaking like that…
You have to drink. I was calling them and they told me,
“Right now you drink some hard liquor a little bit and then come to the hospital.” And I told them, “No, I want to quit,
I don’t want to drink anymore.” And they said,
“No, now it’s the time you have to do it.” This is some kid of panic attack when you get it. Whatever you do here you are not
the weirdest guy at this festival. There is always somebody
that does something more fucked up than you. And it’s completely normal. I’ve seen shit happen here. When you
come back after a weekend like this… How do I explain this to somebody? If people ask you, “How was your weekend?”
I don’t know where to begin. Here are people really insane. You can see guys with underwear,
without underwear… It’s no problem for them! This is a really insane festival,
the most insane I have ever seen. How does it feels to be playing
when you have jumping bananas from stage? Sometimes it’s like… what the fuck? When you are singing
and you see some things passing by it’s like… oh, what the hell? People screwing each other, getting naked… Sometimes I have to bite my tongue
not to laugh. But it’s incredible. The crowd is very enthusiastic
and all this stage diving… It’s a lot of fun. I met a Marge Simpson today.
I met a Sponge Bob. And they came dancing on the stage. If you have some secrets inside to be like… childish again, you can be it here. If you want to walk naked there,
you walk naked there. I think that one of the things
that makes this festival different is that grindcore is given significant importance
over other genres. In other festivals they have grindcore bands,
but they always stay on the background. But here, grindcore bands are the headliners. The festival represents this genre. This is not a fucking Wacken,
this is not like Hellfest or other festivals
you are gonna see everywhere. This is a grindcore festival,
old death metal grindcore festival only. It becomes a tradition for people to come here because it’s the only place
that has this kind of culture. You go to Wacken and it’s like seeing
a bunch of people in fucking uniforms, like, “I’ve got 20 Running Wild patches.”
“Well, I’ve got 21 Grave Digger patches.” Like, “Cool!” Here I don’t think anybody really gives a fuck. You want to dress like a banana?
Dress like a banana! You want to get lead around on a leash by some dude with a dildo sticking out his head? Fucking do that! It doesn’t matter. And that’s the best thing about it to me.
The culture is so open minded and chill. When was the first time you met Curby?
Do you remember the exact moment? Yeah, it was maybe 1994 in Germany. We played at a festival,
our first show with Fleshless. It was East Germany. We played there with Dead Infection,
Last Days Of Humanity, Agathocles… It was the first time, I think,
I met him personally. He was there, in the corner, selling his tapes. It was nice. We started talking,
and after that we started our cooperation. He pressed the first Fleshless split tapes. Then we started with the first Fleshless CD. He did the second Fleshless… That’s how we started our cooperation. How would you describe Curby
with three words? – When was the first time you met Curby?
– 2000. And if you could describe him with three words? If you would describe Curby with three words,
what would that be? If you would describe Curby with three words,
what would that be? Fucking incredible guy. If you would describe Curby with three words,
what would they be? Little big kid. Dedicated, passionate, vegan. Grindcore god. First of all he is a winner. He seems to get along with
so many different kinds of personalities. And… a great father to his kids. Stubborn, strong and funny. Dictator. I always wanted to control everything
because I think it’s much better. It’s my responsibility how I am doing it,
and I feel much better. Now we have a big team of people
that are helping me. Without them I’m zero. I can’t do nothing. Very warmhearted. Final word is always on me because I want to choose the bands
I want to see personally. That’s really important for me. Obscene Extreme is like a family thing. Friendly. He is just open minded
and friendly. Really much. And vegan, of course. He’s my good friend. He’s intense. He has just an intense personality. He is opinionated, but not in a bad way. I’m a huge Metallica fan, and he goes,
“Fuck, man! Can’t believe! For what? Playing hard rock?
Fuck that… it’s shit, man!” But it’s not malicious at all.
It’s great. What made you go from an extreme listener
to become an organizer? How did you get the idea? That’s the thing.
I always wanted to help my scene. I wanna see my scene grow up. I wanna see my scene to be stronger, better. And I think I have some skills how to do it. Especially, the passion in my heart
is still the same as when I was young. It never changed, it will never change. I’m listening to music maybe…
sometimes 14 or 16 hours per day. If I’m not playing football,
I’m listening to music. And that’s really something
that makes me extremely happy. He wants everyone to have a good time and he’s all about
celebrating the music that he loves. and all the fucking cool people
that show up, he’s just… It feels like a big family gathering. I’ve literally stayed at his home,
played soccer with his kids and shit like that. He’s like a…
he treats everybody like family, and… so yeah, that’s it. Morning… – Is everything ok?
– Yeah, definitely, and you? Three hour of sleeping is a little bit less… But there are some blast beats in here
I have to go there. If I don’t say nothing I’m sleeping, ok? – How is your day?
– Today? Beautiful. It’s the first time I see sun,
so it means it will be a great day and… Last night it was like…
pure emotions at the battlefield and it was really beautiful. I didn’t expect I was going to perform
at my festival. I never did. That show with the band,
with Bilos, Adolf, Chymus, with the guys I started this festival with… It was really funny.
I don’t know, have you seen it? Three songs of noisecore.
They even made some rehearsals. I couldn’t make it, because it was a surprise. And I never played the instrument,
as I said yesterday. – But it looked cool.
– Yeah. It was cool. And the fire with the “20 anniversary”
from the crew and then I think I surprised everyone
with the fireworks. It was good too. Do you feel you have time,
between shows and all this, to enjoy the bands? Not really yesterday. The start of the festival is really hard, always. You can prepare,
and pre-production can be great. But then little things
get fucked up here and there and there must be someone who puts it like this. First or second day is always shit,
but since today I have no problems at all. Bands are here, no cancellations of the flights,
bla bla bla, this and that. So it’s a very relaxed time.
I have seen already two bands. That first band from Spain, Convulsions,
they were so great. They started at 10 a.m., already
enough people here, it was a great show. So… yeah, I’m enjoying it.
I’m waiting for Chepang. With two drummers, from Nepal. Curby, when he came to Malaysia, my guitarist was hosting him. Curby stayed, had lunch at their place and all. So we had a connection
before we came here. While you are booking bands,
is gender, diversity or nationality something you have in mind? Yeah, I wanna mix. I think we can enrich,
nations can enrich nations. When we meet so many nations here,
we can profit from it, everyone. We are traveling a lot with my kids. They understand that white, yellow,
red, black people, it doesn’t matter. Still the same, we are all equals, all of us. So there’s no place for racism
and all this bullshit. That helps us to create a better environment
for our lives, I guess. Every fest have their own ups and downs but Obscene Extreme is just, I don’t know!
For me personally, everything is… it feels like home to me.
Everything, everyone… I’ve met you before,
and I meet old friends of ours. It’s good to meet all our old friends. And sometimes it’s just…
if it’s a grind festival, it feels… I feel I belong here. Everyone has the same opinions,
the same views. Sometimes you go to a festival somewhere else,
and when they get to death metal they are gonna be like, “Hum. Ok.” But every one here is like, “Hey! How are you?
How you’ve been?” Everyone is friendlier here, I can see. And the atmosphere is just… I don’t know. I feel relaxed here, instead of… I’m not saying that the rest of festivals are bad
but they have their own way. But the Obscene Extreme way
is just very chilled, very relaxed. What band has influenced you the most? – Oh, my God…
– Yeah, that’s a hard one! Yeah, I mean… The first grindcore band
that I have ever listened to was Nasum… back in the days. Just because of… they are fast. Everything here is really relaxed. Still professional
and everything is taken care of and you know everything is on time,
you know where everything is… but it’s so relaxed.
And everyone who’s coming here… is so relaxed. This is like your backyard barbecue
but with 3500 people and everyone is into the same music. And all this… you can bring your kids. Yeah. If I had any, I could do that. I wouldn’t be afraid the would get hurt here. Everyone is so kind to each other. In the beginning it was our kids
because we had to work, so… We just had some nice person
that cares about our kids. So we gave the kids to her and said,
“Well, if you can, you know… care about them a little bit. They are
really friendly and you will have lots of fun.” Well, it was great.
Since then it has grown a little bit and now it’s perfect that you can leave the kids
in the teepees in Kinder Grinder and they can make a tattoo here. There’s a tattoo workshop, stage diving workshop, water battles when it’s sunny
with the fans and… so much things to do.
They do different masks one day… You should stop here,
because it’s like, really… When are they open? Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
I believe 10, maybe 12 ’till 8, or something. So you can leave them for eight hours
and you can go wherever you want and we will care about them. And it’s sponsored by Obscene Extreme
so it’s completely free, of course. I can tell you how hard it is to be an alcoholic. After one year with zero alcohol, nothing, I went to my favorite bar and discotheque
in the city and I felt physically so bad,
I wanted to puke, I had to go home. I was not drinking for one year. I was drinking water in the pub,
but I couldn’t stay there. After one year of being free,
not meeting my old friends and everything, still the mind is so strong… I was so fucked up,
it was an unbelievable feeling for me. So I went home and never came back. Would you say that the festival
reflects Curby as a person? I would imagine so, except from the part
that he obviously doesn’t drink, which is a major influence on what happens here
at this festival I guess that a lot of the people I know
that hang out with… this kind of crowds, that don’t drink,
they like to observe what happens as the people deteriorate from alcohol intake. Do you think that alcohol
is an important ingredient for Obscene Extreme? Yeah, I think so. Not for me, actually,
but for many people it is, for sure. Yeah, for some people, I guess.
People go loose and have more fun. But for me it’s not necessary.
I can have fun without. It helps a lot, I don’t know why. But I think everyone is responsible
for his or her actions. And it’s important to say
that everyone has his own life. We can not judge anyone for nothing at all. Fucking great! It’s good to be back.
Really good to be back. People that come here every year,
like the bondage fetish folks. They have like a… the girl has a buttplug with a ponytail
and she’s dressed like a horse. She’s on a leash.
How do you tell that to your mom and dad? That’s a normal fucking thing on this festival. The list is endless. And the worst part is…. Rock and roll all night and party everyday. Don’t care about this
fucking bullshit grindcore shit. Rock and roll is the only way. You always get so drunk and annihilated here,
especially if you’ve been here seven times, everything becomes blurry
and it’s hard to remember. But it’s… yeah. I’m happy that this exists. That people can come here and do this. The priority is to get drunk
because tomorrow I won’t get drunk. Because tomorrow is our set.
I can not afford to get drunk. So tonight will be the best to party. I’ve met people that said
that this was the best show in 30 years. It’s unbelievable that they say that. Because, I have to be honest,
I was quite nervous to… to be this headlining thing. But anyway, that just meant we had to play last. I was quite nervous all the day before playing. But it’s really so nice to know
that people enjoyed it. And on stage I also saw it.
It was incredible. How was the Agathocles show? Actually I saw them so many times before and it was the best from everything I saw. Beautiful, libertarian discourse,
sober people on the stage which I think made a big difference. Because usually Agathocles
were playing drunk or wasted all the time and that is also a part
of their 30-something year story. And it was different this time. And I could follow their set and…
Yeah, grind is protest. What do you think the main reason is
why people said it was the best show in 30 years? I don’t know… Maybe the persistence.
Seeing Agathocles after all these years… still playing the old shit. Because we are not technical musicians.
We just make noise, grind, punk. We are happy with the noise that we make. We don’t like to make experimentation,
to go more experimental. Just the basic noise, punk, grind thing.
That’s Agathocles. And maybe that affected the people. Or maybe, it was late at night,
and they were all drunk. That’s also possible. – Were you drunk?
– No. I didn’t drink anything before the gig. Except the food and the music,
in what way does OEF reflect you as a person? Fun. I think everyone can understand
that we want to have fun here. We wanna enjoy ourselves, enjoy everyone,
enjoy music, enjoy this, enjoy that. And I think you can smell it here. People totally understand. They just walk through this gate,
come here, and… they breath, and now it’s the real crazy world
of Obscene Extreme, and… even the people that came for the first time,
they smell it and feel it in one second. And it’s amazing. Everybody! This song is for anybody
whose parents told them, “Go to bed! You have to wake up for school tomorrow.” – Is your family involved in the festival?
– Yeah, sure! They must be! Because otherwise we can not make it. My girlfriend is doing merch,
all the merch stuff and everything. Me and Monika met on my birthday party
after the first Obscene Extreme. She couldn’t come here to Trutnov,
so I did another party in my hometown, Dolany. After a couple of months
we have been already living together, and… on the second Obscene Extreme
she was already working here. Beautiful. A love story. Yeah, I have many stories.
Obscene Extreme completely changed my life. Thanks to Obscene Extreme
I have another four kids. So, thank you! Nathan is working like the crew
and making all this graffiti stuff. Even though he’s young he’s quite ok, I guess. And the younger daughter is doing lots of things. My older daughter is booking hotels and she cares about logistics. My brother in law is making a beer business
all around here, and that’s it. Lots of family members are working
in the Obscene Extreme crew. My brother is working hard
in the Obscene Extreme crew for the food stands and stuff like that. What are you looking forward to the most
except for the bands? – The vegan food. It’s perfect.
– You are vegan? Yeah, I’ve been vegan
for basically all my life, so… yeah. They always make the food here
a little bit special. It’s always really good. It’s really good to go to a festival… Of course festivals generally these days
are much better with that. Most festivals have pretty decent vegan food. But of course this festival goes
several steps up beyond that. So I’ve already sampled some and I’m about to sample some later on.
It’s great. You know who is the funniest person of our family
who was here? Monika’s… my girlfriend’s grandfather. He’s a really funny guy. He was back in time driving here all the time but now he’s like 83, 84
or something like that and he always gives me good ideas,
like, “Listen!” I remember one year, “Listen! If you invite less bands
you will make more money. Do you understand it?”
You know, things like that. It was so funny I was like,
“Of course! That’s really great. I will think about this.” And he has more like those funny things and he’s like… you know? He… He’s just a bit… you should meet him because that’s a really crazy person,
really good dude and… he has this odd opinions, and… He didn’t understand why I’m doing the festival. He thinks it’s only for the money
but it’s not like that. I don’t know what to say so far
about Obscene Extreme except it’s the best fest I’ve ever been to
in my life. I just saw Gruesome and that shit was incredible. That was the closest
I’ll ever get to see Death live and I appreciate that.
Thank you, Gruesome! Grindcore has a couple of subgenres but I’m more into the old-school
more political one. I’m not into the deathgrind that much… or goregrind, and so on. How do you feel about pornogrind bands,
those type of bands and people? Well… I have mixed feelings about them,
and of course I don’t… If anybody in a band was really quite serious
about degrading women and stuff I would think that is fairly fucking stupid. But also you’ve got to be careful,
because art… There’s an argument that says
that art should be free to be whatever it is. So, I have two views on it. I have that side of me that says
that if you are really serious about… If you really think that degrading women
or anybody else is a good thing then you need to kind of go
to have a word with yourself. But, on the other side,
I think art and the expression of some really quite absurd things to me still, even though it might make me go shit, it has to be, it has to stand. Censorship is also a really bad thing. Expression is a really important thing, so… I think it’s ok to have contradictory views
on things sometimes. This song, friends, is about a world of which this festival, if it were in it, would definitely be not a fucking example of it. This song is about a world
where some of those in power wish us to fucking live in. A homogenized world, where there’s
one mode of fucking dress sense, one way of fucking thinking and only one or two forms
of sexual fucking expression. What a tedious fucking world to live in
that would be. And we know different by the look of things,
we know different. This song is called “Standardization”. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Watching my mobile, always.
If some things went wrong or something, if there is something ultra wrong,
everyone knows where I’m sleeping so they will wake me up, so… I have no mobile on during the night anymore because that was terrible.
I had to go… I don’t know. I went to sleep at 4 a.m.,
and someone woke me up at 5 a.m. It was totally stupid, you know? So that’s what I do in the morning,
checking the mobile, checking the weather… And then I start to think what to do first. The best show so far? Lobotomia yesterday.
Lost my nose. Suffocation! I began drawing when I was a kid
because of the Iron Maiden covers. I decided that that was the shit
I wanted to do as a grown up, I wanted that to be my job. I ended up being on that path
in one way or another, and I think that I will continue doing this thanks to the Maiden covers. I don’t know if it’s still an inspiration today, but it was certainly why I started. First time I did something for the festival
was in 2010. That was the second time we played here. I wrote Curby sending him a book
with my works, Nashgul covers and so on, and he told me, “Ok, let’s go!
Let’s make a t-shirt!” I did the image for the first poster and I have been designing t-shirts, the image,
plastic cups… for the last eight years. There is also Martin, a Czech colleague. He’s making the posters. And there’s more people
making things for the festival. I have been doing it for eight years now,
I think. Yeah, eight years. All of the bands that play here,
all of the people who collaborate… we are all making the festival be how it is. Sometimes, as I told you before… The festival itself tells me
what I should draw and design, I’m not the one contributing. There’s a couple of thousand people,
and we have no security at all. I believe in people. Everyone can be good, everyone can be shit,
even me, it’s 100% sure. But I always believed
in the good part of every human that came through the gate of Obscene Extreme. And I believe that people understand it. We didn’t have any fights or anything. You can ask anyone
who has been coming here for a longer time. When there’s some little problem
and someone is really drunk the other people will help him or something,
his friends. So it’s… It’s really perfect. Zero tolerance
is really important because… if you fight, if you do all this crap shit then you can not enjoy yourself. I think that “respect” is the word
that is most important. Respect to each other.
That’s the most important thing. Would you say that you were an angry kid? Yeah, definitely.
We grew up in a shit place so we were very frustrated. And by the time when it all started,
the fact of playing this fast and noisy shit was a way to get out all these paranoias
and all this frustration going around and have our own imaginary space of something that nobody would even understand
just made for us. Every freak, these people outside of society are very warm welcome
here at Obscene Extreme because they give us something special. That’s why we have also
all these freak shows and everything. I think OEF is the place where you meet
the most original people on the planet or one of those little places. Smart and even physically different. People come up to me sometimes
and go, “The lyrics and stuff… anti violence and the veganism…
I think you are great.” No, that’s not the point.
It’s not about me. It’s about a contribution to a better world. Endorsing humanity. Making the humanity bigger. Because certainly, at the moment,
humanity is very fucking low down in a lot of things,
a lot of situations. This is a song about recognizing human beings first and fucking foremost. Human beings above objects of productivity,
objects of profitability or any of that old shit. Human beings first and fucking foremost. This song is called “Smash a single digit.” I’m an original person by myself.
I never wanted to be gray. You can always find Curby in a crowd,
let’s put it like that, because he wears the most colorful fucking clothes
I’ve ever seen. In Czech Republic, when you grow up,
everyone wants you to be like this. In fact he’s great because he’s like an antithesis to all the black that’s out there.
He’s blue, red, pink, yellow and all that stuff. Yeah, and the shades and stuff. He’s great. He’s definitely his own person.
That’s for sure. I remember I had long hair
when I started to go at the age of six to school and the teacher wrote my parents
that it had to be cut because I’m boy, not girl, and bullshit like that
in the communist era and they didn’t care.
So the teacher took me by hand, you know?
Gave me a walk to the barber. And cut my hair.
It was an incredible experience for me. And then I started to hate school because if they do things like this to you,
you will never forget it. And it really happened.
Even the teacher made the payment for me. That was pretty funny.
Since then I had always long hair. As the name says, it’s freak friendly. You can do what you want.
There’s not much control, there’s freedom. There’s no security, so it’s all really free.
That makes it really good. I love the thing that you can be on stage,
jump off stage… Whatever you like, you can do it. And I guess that’s something
from the spirit of the 90s, when the wall came down, the system changed, and everything got a little bit more free, and I think all the eastern countries
can enjoy it a little bit more because it still has the smell of freedom in it. And freedom means for me “do what you want.” And it’s grindcore, so you do what you want.
No borders, no limits, no control. Just enjoy yourself as you are. Everything seems to revolve
around one single thing, and it’s humanity, it’s about behaving
like a human being in all aspects. I was a little kid, driving my bike
like 12 kilometers to buy a really cheap ticket. I was going to these shows
and it was super wild back in times before the iron curtain fell. And those shows were not forbidden but it wasn’t official. So sometimes police came to the shows
and beat the people and stuff like that. You told me you could find Abba,
not Rolling Stones. Yeah, exactly, because that was western music,
not supported by communism. So you should have some safe music. And Abba can not make a revolution,
I can not imagine because you wanna dance,
like “Dancing Queen”, and you are not thinking more
about what could happen. And music shops were full of Abba
and all this pop, non dangerous music. And if you wanted LPs, like metal or something,
there were really huge black markets in almost every bigger city.
Super expensive. I remember I was buying tapes,
a copy of the album. And it costed like 120 korunas back in time. And my father earned per month 1500 or 2000. And he has three kids. I remember my father was a football coach
of my team. I started to play football when I was four. He was my coach, really great, everything perfect. When he was referee in our games
he always was the referee against us. And I told him, “Father, why do you do this?
You could make it 50-50.” And he was like, “No, this is better
for your life, for later life because no one will be fair to you. I don’t want to help you unfair
only because you are my son. That’s not possible.”
So that was one the lessons I got from him and I’m very happy for it.
I’m the same with my kids. I didn’t even have a tape player, so I had to go to the club
where the young kids were meeting. The village gave you one room,
“You can go there and have fun together…” One of us would bring the tape player
and we played together, drinking beers… It was a great time.
That’s where I heard Scum for the first time. A bunch of friends, and we were all like… You know, like… what the fuck!
That full wall and energy to you. It was just crazy. Four years after the revolution we had nothing,
not too many things here. Now you can order everything
from the internet, like good guitars, strings,
bass, drums… and everything. Four years after communism
it was not full of shops like now. You know what I mean? It was very different. But something was better, something was worse. So… is things going smooth? It’s perfect. Better than expected.
Just fantastic. So, how has your day been so far? Fantastic. I did just one coffee. Beautiful suspension workshop,
which was first time for me, so… When my kid did it first, my daughter Aneta I was pushed to do it too
and it’s a great feeling to fly. Actually I’m part of the Fly High Tribe now and I’m a proud member. It’s beautiful. Then I have seen some great bands.
That band from Sweden was great. God Mother. Fuck…
That was awesome. I saw you on the stage,
so you had fun as well. I knew they would be good because Keijo,
from Rotten Sound, is booking them. But this was an amazing show
at 11 or 12 or something. Perfect. Thanks, guys! That was great. I wasn’t expecting that much people
to show up that early because I guess we were
the first band for today, at 11, so… I figured people would still be asleep. But the turn up was good and the crowd was going crazy,
getting up on stage. All you can ask for. For ten years
it’s been on my bucket list to be here so I’m finally here after a long time.
It feels good. All my favorite bands have played here, so… I really wanted to do it as well some day.
And now we are here. So it feels good. – Did you see the game they did?
– Yeah! – Like a children play, I think it’s called “limbo”.
– Yeah, like not wall of death. Yeah! Oh, man… I had so much fun already.
It makes me cry that it ends tomorrow. What is you best memory from Obscene Extreme? We were getting ready to play
and we used to do this thing when I was younger, not so tubby, where we just come out covered in blood
with no shirts on. So we were standing at the stage
all covered in blood and ready to go. And like, “Oh! It’s a hurricane.
There’s going to be a hurricane coming. The show is over. Pack up your guitars
and stuff.” So I’m like, ok… “Fuck! I can’t believe we flew all the way here and this is the first day of the tour
and we are not gonna play… shit!” So we go into some other area,
I don’t remember where it was now, and we were just hanging out
with the Regurgitate guys. We just assumed we weren’t playing
so we started pounding drinks like fuck it, you know? That’s the best thing that’s gonna happen today.
We’re gonna get wasted. So about an hour and a half later
the guy comes in. We assume he’s gonna say, “Ok, guys,
we’re gonna take you to the hotel now.” He’s like, “No, it’s ok. The storm has passed
You gotta go play now.” And we were like… “What?” And I don’t even remember the gig at all. But the day was extremely memorable. And that was something that can not be replicated and hopefully will not be replicated. Probably the most fun times I don’t remember because of some intakes of… Czech gold. Best memory… Yeah, good moshpits. When Mika pissed accidentally on Kai,
our old drummer. There’s a backstage house back there. And now there’s a bar on top of it.
But that year… I think it was 2002, it wasn’t there yet. Kai went down hillside of the building
to have a piss. And then he’s like, “Oh, fuck! It’s raining.” “No, that’s not rain, that’s piss.” And Mika is accidentally right on top of him. I’ve just been eating a biscuit
and it’s all over my fucking face. Wow, ok… That’s really impossible to answer
because we had so much to drink and we can’t remember,
because… somebody interviewed me as well during 2012. “What bands do you like the most? What’s the most fun part of Obscene Extreme?” I think I remember saying him,
“I had too much to drink.” Blackout, so… Everyone was blackout,
my drummer, my guitarist… I can’t ask them… what was the fun part of Obscene Extreme in 2012. They give the same answer. You don’t remember anything
because it was too fun. We had too much to drink. What’s the most memorable year
at Obscene Extreme for you? I guess the two times I’ve played. It’s not even worth a discussion to say
that the two shows I’ve played here are the two most awesome shows
I’ve played in my life. What year was the most memorable for you
at Obscene Extreme? I think every year,
because every year is different. You get to meet other people. In 2008 we also played here,
it was memorable… because two weeks later
our bass player killed himself. Yeah, Tony killed himself. But it was his dream to play
at Obscene Extreme, and he did. We’ve got a new album at that time,
it wasn’t released yet. And then he hanged himself. – I’m really sorry…
– But we had a good party here and a nice show of course. How does Trutnov as a city
treat you and your festival? Beautiful. I must say the cooperation
with police, with the mayor, with everyone here in the city is really great. The mayor is always asking me
if I need some help with this and that. It’s really great. I think even the people of Trutnov
are really happy for OEF now. When we came the first time
it was a difficult situation as there was the Antifest,
a punk fest, in this place. And the punks were coming from all around Europe. Antifest was a really huge festival back then with five, six, seven, eight thousand people. They had The Exploited,
all these bands, old bands. And the people were crazy,
they were going to the city and destroying the city
a little bit here and there. People were scared. But then we did first year, second year,
third year, fourth… and continued to do a really good job, and… Simply we got them on our side, all of them. And it’s really great. Now we have
no big meetings, no problems anymore. We know the contacts to each other. If something goes wrong
we make a call immediately. I can call the boss of the police of Trutnov,
he can call me. It’s just a really good cooperation. Napalm did something 30-something years ago. Now it’s up to other bands
to add their thing on top and drive it in all these different directions. So then, in that case,
it’s not for me to pass judgment. It’s for me to concentrate on what Napalm does. Other bands have to take it in other directions. Like everything else, in music
there are some things I like, and some I don’t. Even in this general scene. But it’s not for me to make it go
in the directions of my opinion. That’s for people to take it
in those other directions. I love to see new bands coming into the scene exploring new stuff. I like all the old-school stuff
but I like the fresh spirit. When I see young people starting a band and being really into it, just to go for it. I love that. I love playing with young bands,
to support them… to give some kicks into the scene that is changing and not like all the time the same. Like a little bit in the death metal scene. It still sounds the same a little bit, and… I love when it’s getting fresh. I’ve reached that point now
where I’m 42 and it’s like… I play music all the time so I’m like really bad
at keeping up on current stuff. I still just listen to Heresy,
Napalm Death and Crossed Out. So, I don’t now! And I listen to all my friends’ bands,
you know what I mean? Like… I listen to you, guys.
Or I listen to Phobia, or PLF or whatever. So… I don’t know. All out favourite bands are breaking up.
Like The Kill. I miss them. About your own label, are you still active with… I’m not much active anymore, because it’s… It’s not about the work, work is ok. But the problem is
that my last album was with the The Kill. Kill them all, a really great album. If you can not make anything better,
why continue? I can not find in this moment
a better band than The Kill. You have seen them live.
You know how they play. It’s just a fantastic band. So I said… Maybe in a couple of years,
when I see a really great band I will come back and do something. If you could think of one song that would summarize this festival, what song would that be? “You suffer”. Why? It’s like… exactly! You suffer, but there is no reason for it.
The answer is why. So “You suffer”, for sure. Perfect. And it’s only because it’s Napalm Death.
Because it’s everything. It’s Monday evening after Obscene Extreme. The holy land of the battlefield is already clean. And I want to personally thank everyone
who came to Obscene Extreme and supported us in many ways. You are all great. Thanks to you,
that edition was completely amazing. And I wanna invite you
for the 21st anniversary in 2019. And… see you later.

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  1. Amazing !!! Realy Great part of history. Uniqe festival. Im honored that 20th anniversary was my First Time at Obscene Extreme. Continue it !!!

  2. I really need to see this one guys "the boss" aka Curby & Wheelmust Production thanks a lot !!! Greetings from Brazil

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