OCPS | 150th Anniversary Celebration

150 years ago Orange County Public Schools began. 19 superintendents ago they actually started their legacy here. Back then Orange County stretch across Central Florida encompassing parts of what later became known as Osceola and Seminole County. Bet you didn’t know that Our population was only 2,000 people And teachers were paid one dollar per day per student. Times have certainly changed. Today we’ve grown to the eighth largest school district. At the core though we are still about the same thing, leading our students to success. Can you believe ten generations have passed through the doors of Orange County Public Schools A lot has changed as Dr. Jenkins has said but what hasn’t changed is the impact that Orange County Public Schools have on our young residents and I want to thank all of the teachers the support staff the administrators and everyone here for leading our students to success and I especially am grateful as you prepare our future leaders. Tonight the fountain will be orange in honor of the 150th anniversary. And I am pleased to present this proclamation Whereas in 1869 the state of Florida passed the first law establishing Orange County as a school district to be governed by three appointed board members and administrated by a superintendent and whereas Orange County Public Schools has grown into one of the nation’s largest public school districts and whereas with the support involvement of the families in the community Orange County Public Schools has maintained its commitment to lead students to success in the city of Orlando and our residents are grateful for Orange County Public Schools and its hundred and fifty years of impact. Now therefore I, Buddy Dyer mayor of the City of Orlando hereby do proclaim Wednesday December 11th, 2019 as Orange County Public Schools 150th anniversary day in a city of Orlando.

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