OCPS | 150th Anniversary – Christmas Schoolhouse

This schoolhouse originally sat down
across highway 50 on Old Schoolhouse Road this was the 1906 school and when
the Orange County School Board wanted to sell the property they let us get the
buildings and move them over here and we restored it we had the big room and then
the little room and it changed their looks over the years this school is
actually a combination of a lot of different memories and also what
we had documented a lot of these items actually came from people in the
community like we have the school bill that was from the original Christmas
school they had a teacher’s living quarters behind it at one time which was
later moved over north of here which was my house as a kid we had different ages
in the classes at first and then as we got more kids they started separating
us out. Right next door is the lunchroom that was originally the lunchroom but
later became a first grade class for myself the big room was then the
lunchroom my grandmother worked in there and we always got home-cooked meals and
a lot of people would come from the community and eat lunches hot lunches
there and when you get people from the community who actually grew up in this
community and went to this school and you see how much it means to them to
preserve a little bit of their history well it really means a lot because my
dad also went to school here and his brothers and sisters and it’s just kind
of something that’s part of me

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