Office Christmas Party Official Trailer 2 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston Movie

– Ooh, somebody is getting fired. – Oh no. It’s my sister. – You’re having a Christmas party tonight? – No, it’s not a Christmas party. It’s a non-denominational holiday mixer.
More inclusive. – Well, whatever you call it,
it’s not happening. – All right, it’s canceled. – Hey, idiot.
I’m looking right at you. – Okay. We’re not doing it. We’ll still do it. – This branch is failing.
I’m shutting you down. – You gotta give us a little bit
of time to turn this around. – All right.
If by some miracle, you can close Walter Davis
and his $14 million account, your jobs are safe. – Done! And you’ll see.
You’re gonna look so stupid. – Then we’ll finally
have something in common. – God damn it!
She’s so mean! Guys, what if we show him
the greatest time of his life at our Christmas party tonight? This is how we save everybody’s job. – It’s not the worst idea. – Walter…
Do you party? – I used to. – It’s F-word Christmas, B-words!
Let’s get mother F-word drunk! Lawsuit. – It’s my birthday. – Ah. Really committing.
That’s nice. – Light the candle. – Merry Christmas, bitches! – Right down the chimney, folks! (cheering) – Greatest party ever.
Hashtag open bar. – Who are you sending that to? – Everyone in Chicago. – I am CEO of Zenotek.
Please just drive. – I just dropped off four people
there at that party tonight. They gave me three stars
like a bunch of bitches. – What did you just say? – I said they were a bunch of bitches! – Tonight, the decisions you make
will have consequences that’ll haunt you
for the rest of your professional lives. – Pull over or I will shoot
your penis in the face! – I love America! – Let’s party. – I love this company! – What did you guys do to him? – I feel alive!
(cheering) (screams) – I think he meant to swing there. – Where’d you get these? – Be better if I didn’t say.

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  1. Pull over or i will shoot your penis in the face! …wait what? i don't understand..that guy has a penis in the face or his penis has a face? LMFAO!

  2. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
    He makes me down to lie
    Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
    With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
    He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
    He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
    For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
    When cometh the day we lowly ones,
    Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
    Master the art of karate,
    Lo, we shall rise up,
    And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water.

  3. Has Jennifer Aniston ever made a good movie? Dumb American Movie for dumb Americans!!!!!! If these people represent the world greatest nation no wonder we are in such a mess !!!!!!

  4. The movie certainly isn't a letdown. It's worth watching. While it's not the best comedy, it's an enjoyable comedy.

  5. My advice is to not judge this movie by the trailer. I just watched this, and I found it pretty entertaining. One of those dumb-ish movies that still manages to get you laughing.. I does have a story line by the way, though simple but good.

  6. i need the song when ( Walter Davis ) gets high and dance with Santa .. when they all begin to slide on the ground .. the dubstep music ..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

  7. The formula for a good comedy movie is so obvious, yet no one makes one and everyone complains. Kind of like how running the United States is so simple and obvious to some, yet no one actually does anything.

  8. I saw this movie yesterday. I know im late but I just have to say I fkn loved it! All of the Actors and Actresses are funny a.f. I hope there's a part 2!!!! More Jennifer Aniston could never hurt. ☺

  9. I wish there is The Luge on our next office xmas party. I bet some of the sluts here would easily swallow the whole ice (and some men, too).

  10. Was pleasantly surprised with this movie, thought it was gonna be another 'why him' or 'dirty grandpa' let down but it's actually a good film, if you don't take it too seriously and just watch it for what it is, it's good

  11. I just watched the belko experiment. It's good but so much violence disturbing mind. So if this movie in office Comedy is it good or not because Just relax the mind

  12. Literally we were so confused by the ending. We were like "Oh, for some reason the internet is back on and their company is saved"

  13. This is a very funny movie. I would not say it is a Christmas classic or anything but it is pretty hilarious. I thought that all the actors in this movie did a great job especially the two main actors. Jennifer aniston was pretty funny in this movie. The story is good and the comedy is great. This is just another Christmas comedy to throw in and watch and have a good time. This movie is cinematastic rating 5/5

  14. Just saw this, solid movie…keeps you entertained, a few laughs here and there.
    If you're bored with nothing to do/watch then this movie is a good choice.

  15. I think this was actually a good comedy with lots of good jokes.

    There's a real Human Centipede situation in the men's room

    This was more the office-party version of "project-x".

    The uberdriver was also super funny.

  16. If only we could have a party like that in our office but its all make believe in this movie. Never happen in real life.

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