Office Holiday Party Ideas: 3 ways to spice things up

Here’s the deal: you don’t want to plan a
dull office party and they certainly don’t want to come to one, right? so what
do you say we spice it up and make your company parties the highlight of the
year? Welcome to the Elevate Experiences
YouTube channel, where we share tips and best practices for your next event. Event planning can be described as challenging, fun, exciting, overwhelming, and about a
hundred other words at the same time, right? and when it comes to planing
office parties especially around the holidays you don’t want to create the same
cookie cutter thing, right? In this video, I’m gonna give you three ideas you can
execute to make your company party a smash hit. And listen be sure to stick
around at the end because I’m gonna give you a free resource that you can use to
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tricks we share from Elevate to help you plan a successful and memorable event. And I want to talk shop a little bit about your next corporate event. My goal
in this video is to provide you with some of the steps to take to make your
holiday party fantastic. Now, these three ideas are super realistic and they
really spice things up and make your company event highlight of the year. Idea number one? Simple. choose a theme this sounds like elementary, but let me
tell you, many companies don’t take the time to choose a unique theme for each
event, and as a result, the party can feel very stale and like the normal thing
they’ve done year in and year out. Choosing a different theme will help you
avoid the “stale template syndrome,” and instead, free you up to plan an
experience that’s exciting and meaningful for your team. So how do you
choose the right theme for your event? First up, you’ll want to consider your
company culture. If your culture is a little more hip and laid back, you might be able to get away with a trendy theme like the hot topic on Twitter or
whatever TV show is the main conversation around the office or even
some local favorites that are well known around your company’s flavor and in the
town. if your company culture is a little more corporate or conservative, choose a
theme that is risk free of going against your company’s values but still fun and
exciting for your team. One great tip for choosing a theme is to host a
brainstorming session and invite others into the room creating an environment where all ideas are welcomed and you can hear what
others have to say. It’s incredible how many fresh ideas come to the surface
when a group of people ideate together. I guarantee you’ll land on an idea far
greater than what one person can come up with by themselves, and as a bonus you’ll
most likely end up with a handful of future themes you can use down the road,
because here’s a fantastic quote, “People support what they help create.” What has
been your all-time favorite event theme? Drop a comment below and share, because
I’d love to hear it and I’m sure folks that stop by would love to learn about a
theme you came up with your team that was fantastic so let us know. All right, the second way you can spice up things is to incorporate a little competition
many people love competing against each other in the office and this is a great
way to keep your event from becoming the boring “food ->leave” type of thing. friendly competition can add humor, excitement and engagement to your event and will
absolutely make your holiday party more memorable than a simple “cake and punch
mingling hour.” There are a couple different ways you can do this. you can have a
competition that leads up to your event or you can incorporate your competition
at the event itself. An example of competition prior to the event might be
splitting into teams and collecting items for a food pantry. You could have
people do this for three weeks leading up to the event and then announce the
winner and a prize during that actual party. Something like this will build
momentum and create excitement leading up to your party. Now examples of
competitions at the event itself might be a simple quiz idea, maybe an eggnog
chugging contest, a gingerbread house building contest or a themed scavenger
hunt. There’s many ways to bring this in in a fun way.
Whether adults like to admit it or not, games aren’t only enjoyed by kids. In my
experience, anytime I’ve brought friendly competition to an event,
people let loose, have fun or remark about the excitement long after that
experience. Now you want to incorporate elements into your office party that
help make it memorable so people want to come in the next one. And speaking of
incorporating memorable elements that brings me to the third and final
idea for spicing up your office holiday party Prioritize crowd engagement.
Regardless of the holiday, the theme, the number of guests in the room,
crowd engagement is essential to creating a remarkable event, and it’s
something that many event planners don’t always think about incorporating. Anytime
I’ve executed an event, the crowd engagement pieces far outweigh the
food, music, decor or anything else. Trust me if you’re planning an office party,
you definitely want to include a few ways to engage your guests. Engaging the
guests is one of my favorite things to do, and really any event I really think
about how can I make someone smile or engage more. And I got a free gift for
you, there is a Crowd Engagement gift that you can look at the description (below),
click and download. It’s gonna help you really think about how to make your next
event your best event. Alright, if you’re excited about these three office party
ideas go ahead and click that thumbs up and let me know you enjoy the video. Now,
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planning tips and tricks. I hope you get after it and plan something awesome
and something that folks remark about for a long time

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  1. Thanks for watching to learn more about office holiday party ideas! Drop a comment below with your FAVORITE event theme! 🎉

  2. I don't see myself as super competitive, BUT put me in front of a gingerbread decorating contest and you've got a different story. Love it!

  3. Great tips!
    Agreed with how some "sophisticated" groups may frown upon games. But come on – we all like to have fun no matter what age! Yes, Games or Competition time like Jeopardy, Trivia … can make it more memorable.
    I seen it many times being hired as the ONLY form of entertainment. But can you imagine how much more fun it'll be including a game before or after ANY Hired Entertainer?

    Forget what fellow employees may think. Spice it up! Let your hair and guard down, your personality show, that's the goal of a party, isn't it?
    Good video quality!

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