[OFFICIAL] SONIC X Ep23 – Emerald Anniversary

-(upbeat music) -It’s very impressive, isn’t it?
-That’s it? -Man: Project Beetle
is only a prototype, of course. Based on our analysis
of Dr. Eggman’s technology, but if all goes as planned, we’ll soon have our own
working robot. -The President considers
this project to be a national priority. -We won’t let him down. -(upbeat music) -Rouge:
What a fabulous display. I wish I had a rock collection
like that. -You’re a thief. -I haven’t stolen them yet,
Topaz. -So, then you are planning
a robbery, aren’t you? Excuse me,
could somebody get the police and tell them there’s a thief
hiding back here. -(crowd gasps) -(screams) -I know why you’re so
passive-aggressive towards me. You’re jealous of me because
I’m the glamorous team member. -If you think
I’m the least bit
jealous of you, then you really are bats. Huh? -Man:
That’s Nelson Thorndyke. -Man 2:
The computer mogul? -Woman:
What a hunk. -Both:
Good morning! -Hello, thank you for visiting
our store, Mr. Thorndyke. Is there something
we can help you find today? -Yes, I’m shopping
for an anniversary present for my wife. -Store owner: You’ve come
to the right place, sir. We’ve got a full line
of matrimonial mementos guaranteed to make
every anniversary golden. -What’s under there? -(chuckles)
You have exquisite taste, sir. This item was acquired recently
and it’s truly one of a kind. -(gasps) -(crowd gasps) -It’s a perfect gift. That’s it! Lindsey is simply wild
about jewelry. How long will it take you
to have the ring ready? -But, isn’t that gem
a tad large for a ring? -My wife definitely
likes flashy jewelry. It’s our wedding anniversary, and I want to get her
something special. I can’t wait
to see Lindsey’s face when I slip it on her finger. Her birthday is coming up,
I’ll tell you what. Give me a couple
of diamonds too. -Uh-huh, sure. -Both:
Thank you very much,
Mr. Thorndyke. Please feel free
to stop by on our store anytime. -Ooh.
-Whoa. -Both:
Mmm! -♪ Go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, gotta go fast ♪ ♪ Gotta go fast ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ Movin’ at speed of sound ♪
-♪ Make tracks ♪ -♪ Quickest hedgehog around ♪ ♪ Got ourselves a situation ♪ ♪ Stuck in a new location ♪ ♪ Without any explanation ♪ ♪ No time for relaxation ♪ ♪ Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t,
don’t blink, don’t think ♪ ♪ Just go, go, go, go,
g-g-g-g-go, go ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s on the run ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s number one ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s comin’ next,
so watch out for “Sonic X” ♪ -♪ Gotta go fast,
gotta go fast ♪
-♪ Sonic! Sonic! ♪ -♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster! ♪ ♪ Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go! Sonic! ♪
-♪ Sonic! “Sonic X”! ♪ -♪ Gotta go faster!
Gotta go fast! ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, “Sonic X”! ♪ -(telephone ringing) -Mr. Tanaka: Hello,
this is the Thorndyke Residence. -Hello, Tanaka,
how’s everything going at home? -Everyone is doing
very well here, Mr. Thorndyke. Mr. Chris, I have Mr. Thorndyke
on the line for you. -Oh, cool. -Hold on,
I thought Chuck was here? -He is. -Thank you. Hey there!
How is it going, Dad? Are you calling from the office
or are you traveling? -Chris’s father is
the Mr. Thorndyke
on the phone. If it was Chuck,
he’d say, “Hello, Grandpa.” -Right,
it is Mr. Nelson Thorndyke. -You see, I’m right. -Yeah, now it’s clear. -She’s not here. Mom is in Filmdom City
in this whole week acting in a movie. If you need to reach her you can call her
at the studio, though. Okay, I’ll be there. -I changed my mind. I want to go
to Filmdom City right away. -Yes, sir. -That’s weird. My dad wants us all
to go to Filmdom City, but he don’t say why. -Filmdom City? Where the movie stars live?
Yeah! Let’s go! -It sounds like fun,
right, Cheese? -Chao. -Tails:
We’re all set. -So, Tails, how many Chaos Emeralds
do you need now? -We have four,
and Knuckles is holding one. We need seven. -Wow! Just two more. -Yeah, but we have
to be really careful now when we add
the new Chaos Emeralds to the ones we have already. The four Chaos Emeralds
we have now are okay because they’ve had time
to adapt to each other. But if we add a new emerald without following
the right steps, it can cause
an electromagnetic reaction that we can’t control,
and we’ll be a major trouble. The last time
they were all brought together, it was a disaster. -Huh, it sounds tricky. -Hey, aren’t you forgetting we’re supposed
to meet your father in Filmdom City now. -Yeah, sorry. -Filmdom City, huh?
I’ve never been there. -(upbeat music) -Huh? Whoa! The X Tornado! -(tires screech) -I’d better see
what those kids are up to. -(playful music) (door knocks) -Yes? Come in. -(laughs) Hi, Dad.
-Hello, son. Thanks for coming, Chris.
Boy, I am happy to see you. -(emerald humming) -Both:
Huh? -Nelson:
Sonic, how are you? Hey, that race you won
was really amazing. -Thanks a lot. -Hey, Dad, I want you to meet
some of my other friends who came along. This is Tails. -Nice to meet you. Hello. -Chris: Amy. -Hello. -Chris:
And here’s Cream and Cheese. -Hello, sir. (giggles) -Chris: And this is my teacher,
Mr. Stewart. -Others: Mr. Stewart’s here?
No way! -Hello, sir,
it’s a pleasure to meet you. -So, how is my son
doing in school ? -He is a model student,
Mr. Thorndyke. -Is there a reason we’re here? Or did we travel all this way
just to say hello? -You mean I didn’t tell you? This is a very special day. -Director:
Let’s try one more take. Try to get it right
this time, people. Ready and action! -The prince swore
he would return someday, and I know he’ll keep his word. -(rustles)
-(gasps) Is it really you? My true love. Why Nelson! -Here, Lindsey,
with my love. -Oh! -You haven’t forgotten
what today is, have you, dear? -All:
Happy wedding anniversary
to the Thorndyke’s! -I don’t know what to say.
Thank you all. -All:
Congratulations. -Chao, chao! -Thank you, honey. -So, what do you think? -Well…
-That’s almost as original as the time you wished her
a happy birthday by a skydiving onto her set. -I guarantee you’re going
to leave Mrs. Thorndyke totally speechless. -That’s what I’m going for. -Surprising Mom with that ring
while she’s filming is a great idea. -Mr. Tanaka:
A wonderful plan, sir. -Ella: Hey,
you can give me jewelry anytime. -Now, honestly,
you really think
she’ll like it, Ella? -(yelps) -Oh my, it’s amazing. -What’s going on? -(all screaming) -(snoring) -I am bored out of my circuits. -I would give my left servomotor
for a little excitement. -(beeps, alarm blaring)
-Huh, what is this? Dr. Eggman, we have detected
a Chaos Emerald. -(yelps) You’d better not be joking. Where? Show me. -Bocoe:
There, in the Filmdom City. -Right, set a course
for Filmdom City on the double! -There’s a Chaos Emerald
somewhere around here. -That emerald could be
any place in this city. I found it. -(energy buzzing) -(energy buzzing) -(yells) -(electricity crackling) -(screaming) -(electricity crackling) -(explodes)
-(gasps) -Whoa! -(all gasp) -Just what is going on here? -The filming is about to begin. You should go get changed, sir. -Yeah, you’re right. -Thorndyke doesn’t know how valuable
that gem really is. -(door clicks) -Now what? That ring is made
from a Chaos Emerald, isn’t it? -We need that emerald
to get home, but now it looks like
Chris’s mom will be wearing it
on her finger. -We should talk about it
with Chris, but let’s wait till after
the surprise party is over. -Calling homeroom,
I have just detected a possible Chaos Emerald.
Will retrieve. -Woman:
We need more foliage over here. -(people chattering) -Actor: I think this is one
of the greatest roles you’ve ever done. -Hello, Sonic. -Hey there, Knuckles,
what’s crackin’? -You tell me. -To be honest,
I’m not really sure. -Director:
Let’s try one more take. Try to get it right
this time, people. Ready and action! -The prince swore
he would return someday, and I know he’ll keep his word. -(rustles)
-(gasps) Oh. Is it really you? -Whoa! Oh! -Oh! -Oh, no, the ring. -Nelson?
-Lindsey. -(both scream) -(screams) -(grunts) -(energy humming) -Bocoe:
We are closing in
on the Chaos Emerald. -Look, Doctor. -What? (grunts, laughs) That light beam will lead us
straight to the emerald. Let’s go! -(all screaming) -Put that ring
back in the box right away! -(all screams) -Oh, I think perhaps
we should move off the set, sir? -What in the world
has gotten into you? We’re shooting
the most important scene in the entire movie. -I was only trying
to surprise you, honey. -This isn’t going
like Dad planned at all. -Sorry, I forgot
I married a movie star. -Well, how would you like it
if I barged into one of your company’s
shareholder meetings and made a complete fool
of myself? -At least I cared enough
to come visit you! -What is that supposed to mean? Are you insinuating
that I don’t care? -Now, now, calm down. -Both:
Butt out! -Homeroom, will you alert
the crisis team to standby? -Sonic, we need that ring. -I know,
but it wont be easy to get. -Let’s just tell ’em
we need it to get home. -We can’t spoil
their anniversary. -(crashing) -Decoe and Bocoe:
Hand over that Chaos Emerald! -Trio:
It’s Eggman, of course. (zooms) -(roars) -(screams) -Sonic:
This way, Eggman. (laughs) -I’ll get you, Sonic. -(grunts) -Oh, no! -Whoa! (laughs) -With all this confusion,
now is the perfect time to make my move.
-Rouge! -(gasps) Where’s the ring? Hey! You give that back to me! -Sorry, but this gem
is really a Chaos Emerald, which is far too precious
to use in jewelry, even for somebody
as glamorous as me. -(Dr. Eggman laughs) -(yells) -Let’s make sure
this emerald is real. Fantastic.
We hit the jackpot. -Hand it back, Eggman. -No way, it’s mine now. -Give it up! -Get away! Decoe and Bocoe,
come and help me! Hurry! -Oh! Yes, Doctor. -Coming. -Doctor Eggman is trying
to escape with the emerald. -(Dr. Eggman grunting) -Come on! Drop it! -I’d rather drop you. (screaming) -Ladies, please, I– -(splash)
-(laughs) -Sonic and Knuckles:
-Huh? -Both:
Hand over that
Chaos Emerald or else! -Ooh! Or else what? Weazo, get rid of those clowns. -(all gasp) -Both:
Not another robot. -(fire hisses) -You get away!
Don’t you dare harm my family! -Mr. Tanaka:
Hold it, chump. -(wind whispers) Before you lay your claws
on the Thorndyke family… you must get past me. (grunts) -(whirs) -Well, robot,
do you feel lucky?
(grunts) (screaming) -What’s wrong with that guy? -Too many kung fu movies. -(all whimper) -(grunting) -Leave them alone, Weazo! Hey! Whoa! (yelps) -Sonic:
You won’t win that easy. Come on! (chuckles) -(Dr. Eggman laughing) -Soon I’ll steal
the other emeralds too. -This one sure is impressive. -It looks very powerful. -(hissing) -(yells) -Huh? It’s a dead end!
(yelps) I can’t get away! -Sonic!
Hey, Sonic, where are you? They’re fighting in water? Now I see. -(yelps) -Listen, Sonic, jump up now! (grunts) -(hums) -You’re through! -Bocoe and Decoe: Oh! -I think I’ll cut Sonic a break
and call it quits today. -Decoe:
Good idea. -All:
Thanks for the Chaos Emerald! (laughing) -Are you all okay? -You protected us, dear. -Of course, you’re my family. -This surprise party
is certainly was surprising. -I’m all upset that Eggman stole
Mrs. Thorndyke’s new ring. That gemstone was so pretty. -I have failed in my duties.
I don’t deserve this uniform. -Hold on! The important thing
is we’re all here to celebrate Mom and Dad’s anniversary. -And besides, Tanaka,
it isn’t your fault that my ring was stolen. -Thank you. -Hey, let’s all wish my mom and dad
a very happy anniversary! -All:
And many more! -Chao. Chao. -Both:
Thank you, everybody. -All:
Congratulations. (laughing) -It all worked out okay. -Oh, yeah, except for Eggman getting away
with a Chaos Emerald, it went just perfect. -Rouge:
Sonic has four Chaos Emeralds
and Knuckles has one. Even Dr. Eggman has one emerald, and now we’re the only ones
who don’t have any. When the last Chaos Emerald
is found and all seven are put together,
it’ll be a real blast. I’ll get those emeralds
no matter what. -♪ Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ Movin’ at speed of sound
-♪ Make tracks ♪ -♪ Quickest hedgehog around ♪ ♪ Got ourselves a situation ♪ ♪ Stuck in a new location ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s on the run ♪ ♪ Sonic, he’s comin’ next ♪ ♪ So watch out for “Sonic X” ♪ ♪ “Sonic X” ♪
-♪ Sonic, Sonic ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster!
Gotta go fast! ♪ ♪ Gotta go faster, faster,
faster, faster, “Sonic X”! ♪

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