OH NO!! Steve Harvey Makes Fun Of Contestants On Family Feud US! TOO FUNNY!!

Say hey name something you only have one of so you should take good care of your your life. Ya Got only one do you think that’s pretty good answer? I think that’s good. Yeah, I do too Y’all y’all think is a good answer to that Either out of four answers like if you could rate that like one through four, how would you rate that? I Would say that should that be number one answer? One you gonna stay with Yes, sir Okay, let me see if I’m cookie like this here Okay Everybody in here right now thinks that your life is the number one answer Y’all feel that way I say we need another one name something. You should only have you only have one. Oh, so you should take good care of it Your brain hey listen man I say let me ask you this Yo brain is Wham where is your brain? Anything that you have one, oh that ain’t on yo damn body But you should take good care of it anyway Name a kind of plastic surgery you’d like to get tummy tuck. Yeah. That’s a good answer you like that one. Sure Positive Really positive I’m so sick of Let me do this my god how many times of somebody had to ask you to be quiet You know what I sure hope you get this answer me, I sure hope you get you some please I Hope in the name of Hope Theme that have sent these kids to school let her get this answer so I can talk to you know, who I Sure. Wanted to be your turn Elizabeth Name a kind of plastic surgery you’d like to get tummy tuck We’ll go ha let me know Name a kind of plastic surgery you’d like to get Eyebrow lift Name something might be leaky where a plum will be. No, help me say you’re tired I have a small leak in your tire in your tire. That’s good. You liked up. I like that you like it a lot I like a lot It’s up there boy You show us up there show honey and I 50/50 not fifty-fifty 100 I’m gonna show you how smart you are. How many of y’all think he’s up there already? Something you got everybody in the crowd Think tyre is up there. They know it had a leak in the time they know What They know for show For show for show so facility 1,000% so if I turn Tae gonna be up there. You ready? You want to turn first and look All right, great minds think alike Great minds think alike. Here we go. No one needs a different a different answer. Okay, cool name something else It might be leaking where a plumber would be. No help refrigerator Name something you might like you love the rub on your bottom lotion Yes, thank you something I think it is Like one how many people you think was saying lotion like two More than that oceans be I stick it out of a hundred out of a hundred. Yeah, 200 million two hundred You don’t know how much this turnkey thing don’t stick after this read that first line up that time I Told amber That’s good acid old Turkey I think hold on to you boys see this right here that turkey sticks forever now They gonna call you turkey Turkey lotion Give me something else you might like you love the rub on your bottom hands Mark if you were a chicken, what would you object somebody doing tea cooking me? All right mark we need something up cause it’s not only up there it’s number one All right, if you were a chicken, what would you object to someone doing to you plucking me cooking me scratch them? Well, at least now we know you read Yeah, yeah, I you said I used to want to play the tambourine to check they wouldn’t let me Use the chicken, what would you object somebody doing you cleaning misdeed cleaning? Place let people pour the heart out to a complete stranger Dad the doctor. Yeah That’s good and stop. No, that’s right. That’s good like Yeah, how certain are you that is up here? What like a percentage of what you think? It’s up there like 80 percent 90 Percent 90 percent I Think it’s higher than that I Think of a little high net beer I Don’t want to sound like I knew everything but I think it’s hot in that 100 point two point three four five ten. That’s what I want you to go with That’s what you going with we now already went there Yeah, we already yeah, I got a comeback over yeah You sure Cuz I I see when you come from now Steve. I got it now Yeah, I got so what you mean, so I’m gonna change that one ninety nine ninety nine percent, uh-huh – what – uh zero percent Right now because you do you know, why why You know what I’ve been knowing bribe My friend for a moment you said I Knew where this was all gonna lead to now. I’m just waiting on you to catch up. We’re all in on this here I can do something else. I got new free. You gonna have to Flip it over twice Well, I’m gonna go to barbershop You

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  1. I find it hard to believe that people can be that thick, surely you would look at the board before you answered.

  2. If you're a contestant on Family Feud, you had damn best look up on that board when you give your answer and Steve says "That's a good answer…you like that answer?"

  3. Only Steve Harvey has the charisma to turn this into something worthwhile, rememberable and comedic…


  4. Good answer, Good answer. When its a fucking awful answer, wake up….. Steve Harvey should answer instead…..

  5. You know, past hosts would just tell them it was already up there and let them give another answer. It's annoying how Steve does it though.

  6. Why do these contestants say dumb answers and then go good answer good answer while bobbing their heads idiotically with their mouths open as they clap. Pull yourself together man. Say what you wanna say then be cool ffs

  7. Its already up there 丹儭 look at the board before you answer so you don't look a fool

    Steve Harvey and his tambourine

  8. I used to think that would be an easy job, hosting a game show. With few more decades behind me, I see it's like watching kids play with devices they don't understand.

    It's takes a lot patience and effort to keep that all civilized and appearing like fun.

  9. I love all all the Steve Harvey/Family Feud stuff, but holy shit are the people that shout "GOoOOOoODd AnSwErR!!1" all the time cringey as fuck

  10. From this we have learned if you are ever on family feud and you need extra time to think say an answer thats up their already so you have more and while your getting roasted think of a answer and pray its up there

  11. Its true though.
    Earth is a good answer and theres only one.
    You rather live in a Wasteland everywhere you go?

    Edit: But I guess that falls under life. If you do not take care of Earth, you are not taking care of not only your life but every other lives out there.

  12. Unspoken rule of Family Feud number 1:

    When you give an answer and Steve says Thats a good answer. You like that? Look at the board. That answer is already up there.

  13. 3:52 Oh no you don't, lady. They're women out there who are blonde but are extremely intelligent. You don't get to use that excuse.

  14. First guy could have said anything and those grinning, braying mormon-looking idiots would have gone YESSSSSS IT'S A GOOD ANSWER!!!!

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