‘Ohana Polynesian Steakhouse – Vegan & non-vegan dinner food review – Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Hello everybody, Princess and the Bear here. Today we’re back at Polynesian. We’re going to ‘Ohana! so it’s finally time for another vegan vs non vegan and we’re gonna see who’s food’s better. we’ve been
here for breakfast and now we’re going for dinner
on YouTube yes don’t be like a second time coming here in a few years but
we’ll see soon be sure to OHANA there’s nobody gets
left bar and after that then we can bring them
back all right I dunno
all right that’s why women I’ll have the chicken station brought to
your table like a volcanic eruption backwards three
to five bucks good but almost too sweet for me I wouldn’t drink it myself but I like it
I love frozen drinks sure you guys make it a mess good four five balls a lot of dried fruit on this so I’m
gonna take a small amount plus they have a lot of food so yeah small love spinach couldn’t love spinach the miso dressing is like herbed so
balances with the spinach really well is there really good salad I could paint
this on the daily I’m not in the salad person I love this no m-michelle person apparently the
sound only comes with a vegan course so we never get to try this normally
fountain princess raisins and dancing wanton spinach the
slightly dress which is good like a dried cranberry too much Dutch
three and a half out of five pause we’re all familiar with this cakey gluten-free
follow bread I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this which the Earth Balance
butter I use Earth Balance at home well if this bread is always uneventful its wheat which all right but it tastes
just like the normal bread that you get everywhere
it would never ask this this tastes like pancakes so we have a problem it sort of tastes like I imagine a
brand-new kitchen trying to place 105 loss for bread sign up there pineapple bread
it’s their normal ready you smell it strong my nemesis No delivering the butter there’s a very sweet but a lot dryer
Hawaiian roll but definitely better than that vegan gluten-free bread three out
of five flaws the only if you like pineapple if you do not like pineapple
is a super strong pineapple taste that you will not one Township with hummus you should serve this is a regular snack
like around the park this is really good I should just say or need this a
sentence done it instant looks amazing nice and thick hummus I was hurting the
long term rubbers weak thinner but this pic style the air bubbles love it this is an underrated snack for sure
purchasing all this on our own and before before and after five o’clock I’m gonna be a savage and just eat right
off the skillet here this looks like chicken it’s got like a sweet-and-sour sauce on
it that’s pretty tasty we got some jackford which I’m super excited to eat
because I love me some jackfruit jackfruit all the things it’s like a sweet tangy spicy Jack
forget what’s actually really really good I think it’s gonna win this dish then we
have beyond me stop see normal sausage that you get it
like a Casey’s corner or Flame Tree barbecue it’s just this normal sausage it’s not
like seasoned or anything so it’s like whatever we have it’s like some maybe
stir-fried veggies I’m just going to take a little press
it’s like onions carrots tomatoes water chestnuts and mushrooms there’s baby corn too it’s like it’s
just lightly oiled lightly seasoned pretty delicious jackford I think is
still winning here and then we have some noodles sure standard noodles which I
thought this is all I was going to be able to have those noodles are so good they’re like
super sweet I think this dish is tied between the noodles and the jackfruit
those are my two favorite things but this is all you care to enjoy it like
just purch me up here for the rest of the night I don’t want to go anywhere
don’t say your for like four five hours amazing plate of vegan goodness but it
looks good I’ve been eyeing this princess tried it so I’m going to steal
it sort of carries the oil and like smoke
days but not to our really cook to the vegetables slug that snapped oh it’s
pretty impressive two and a half out of five box
Jack my sauce is very surprising I’d give
that four out of five awesome please chicken strips just like bigger
chunks of shredded chicken just got a nice look to it he’s got a good flavor
to it with the texture just screams plant base to an ass out of pop laws
as for this beyond sausage it sort of benefits from all the flavors
around it so it doesn’t feel out of place but it’s just basically a cook
beyond sausage create a 5 + last but not least people are gonna do anything send nudes noodles here are absolutely fantastic
I’ve heard lots of great dignity bottom and I see why I usually you know play to
that and nothing else on air five out of five plus I would say it’s a really even
though I gave the jackfruit four and a half out of five applause so it’s really
hard for me between the noodles and exact fur but probably the jacket is
probably the best thing on there is that if you leave here not full
something wrong with you this is an appetizer plate now obviously this is
usually meant for a table of people but when you come vegan a non vegan reason
of getting a bowl of your own and if this is a meal for one person right here
probably more than you might need one city first up let’s try these chicken
wings they look absolutely delectable they’re
super sticky and soft when I like overly so you love chicken wings you love those
they’re purposely juiced on the inside but not greasy you got a nice little
char on the edges outside of the sauce is completely covered and saturate on
the outside but not like dripping with awesome
four and a half out of five plus so that you can live fingerling you have some pot stickers for spilling a little bit of basil and
thyme yes was strong through half of my
clothes now my veggies crazy the same with the
princess he’ll go and after the news oh these noodles so much fun even care
those are this good bye boss that’s the main course main main course do the
auction straight delivered some chicken to us beautifully cooked
juicy banana greasy it’s not dripping or anything like perfectly seared smokey oh I hope
the light days of a sweet sauce mmm four and a half out of five plugs
almost perfect a mistake medium-rare so pink in the middle such tender tasty little bit dryers how
they’re like most of my thick one more like a rare person good medium they’re
still pretty good not if it was a chicken them and give this 3 out of 5
plus they dropped off some shrimp for me now they come show you gonna peel them
yourself if you have issues with that you might want to skip the trip and you
don’t happy it she didn’t just have them bring you whatever you want
sometimes I’m so lazy I’ll you go on I’m really hungry
something’s off you know not all rubbery
smokey eye still to the chicken and both the appetizer the main court stuff with
the winter here the ship is still four to five laws in addition the non vegan
portion we have two dipping sauces with rpm first it looks like some sort of
sweet and sour when the second is some sort of sesame sauce a jet sesame seeds
floating around in it the Polynesian Queen sour sauce pretty similar to like the Polynesian
sauce used to be like it from McDonald’s like it years ago we still get out now
we don’t even know if it’s sesame sauce goodbye think the first offs better when
it was paired with the shrimp or the noodles Oh I had to get seconds of this amazing
jackfruit because this is the winning thing right here you
get the jackfruit you get the wonton you put the jackfruit on the long time and
then you eat it we have a cinnamon donut here with a
coconut ice cream and a soy ice cream all vegan he said I could have tofutti
or soy he said I had bones I got both I secretly hope this is an Aaron McKenna
donut it tastes like an apple pie a la mode
absolutely incredible but it helps like something else not just an apple pie but
maybe like a hint of ginger or something somebody make a little more tropical I
rather enjoy this dessert I don’t think I’m gonna be able to finish all of this
but yeah yeah let me I’m not a fan of coconut but I’m gonna try it with a
coconut milkshake just because there let’s see here’s the coconut milk
coconut ice cream honey coconut that tastes like a
summarize samal cookie and Girl Scout cookie that’s disgusting
it’s just so bad I gotta eat something else Marilyn
that was not her jam so before into the rules of my self deprecation I’m gonna
try this first women don’t open a time screen I see now
it’s not just to take a spelling an ice cream
it’s literally pedestrian this is the strong slap another man in the face
little bell i go ice cold Almond Joy SOI base definitely better than two a lot more
even flavor for sweetness and not so much of a somebody pointing to coming
into your face like the other one give the salt and ice cream two and a
half out of five flaws the soy-based ice cream three and a half out of my box
desserts I don’t think this whole thing either just my bear style up that I
brought no matching pillows and this thing is absolutely yes sir
however I am NOT gonna deny you guys see at least just how beautiful this thing
looks top with this sauce because I don’t think you guys wanna see
me die on camera I’ll be avoiding the ice-cream
sub today would die my part wouldn’t make it from this day warm and fall partner now filled back
with bananas so that sorta we just have the ice thing almost perfect topping
just play something without the ice cream give it three to five never gonna
eat the whole thing everybody puts in the bear here and we
just finished it oh hi Johanna means and nobody gets left behind even though the
meal you get left behind at that table he’s very good service was great he was
great everything’s great he was in our first time coming to the
hunter for dinner tenshi our second but the first time on YouTube but they have
definitely upgraded the plant-based option since we last came last time we
came basically all the princess got was noodles nudes I’m expecting just the
nudes and some salad but this time she had a whole spread vegan sausages
jackaroo like amazing I think I like it better than whispering Canyon I didn’t
anyone above me on here like this is definitely before we this being like
this sort of like Brazilian steakhouse right here vegan definitely come here
try this out it’s definitely worth it coming on vegan friends he won’t be left
out they’ll probably be jealous in some regards because I like her dessert
better than mine and some of them could her plate was better than when I had
jackfruit jackfruit was really good she almost cried when it left the table I
did but have you guys been here to OHANA and try the wonderful options let us
know in the comments you guys want to see us do other videos like this maybe
some more all you care to enjoy places let us know we will see you soon don’t
forget to hit that notification valve and be sure to subscribe

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  1. I’ve been to ‘Ohana for both and prefer dinner. The salad is delicious. I enjoy the flavor on the vegetables. I tried the sushi last time (they went to Kona to get it) but I wouldn’t get it again. The service is always great with two people helping.

  2. "It's like a volcanic eruption backwards." I gotta remember to use that one!! I love the Hawaiian music you used here, and your tropical dress and hair bow! What's that guy in the background YELLING about!? Ha ha! All your vegan food looks yummy!!!

  3. Fantastic in-depth review. The vegan options looked a lot better than I expected. Nice to know us vegans don't need to be afraid to book a reservation here.

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