Ohio State MHA 50th Anniversary

when I was an undergrad looking at grad
school programs what stuck out about OSU is the fact that it felt like a family
you didn’t see that everywhere this program has really given me the the
support and the confidence to recognize that I can do something about the health
care problems that our community and our country is facing I did my undergrad in biology so I’ve
always known that I wanted to do some type of medicine or something in the
hospital and so when I switched to Health Administration I really did that
so that I would have the voice to change certain health care type policies to
help those patients who may not have somebody to voice for them
Ohio State nationally is really distinguished by its incredible personal
commitment to Student Development you have so many different opportunities so
many different events that our Alumni Association puts on our program itself
puts on and it’s really for the benefit of the current students because that is
really the future of healthcare I was immediately introduced to NAHSE which is
the National Association of Health Services Executives it’s a national
conference for minority health care executives it really creates a sense of
community for our underrepresented minority students that goes well beyond
this program and is so integral to their ability to succeed in the long term
really a life changing experience it’s so much more than what happens in the
classroom it is this nurturing that we do so that people see themselves as part
of the alumni group part of the world of health care management and that really
solid sense of themselves is being able to go out and actually do a job the
folks who came through the program in the 70s and the 80s are as active today
as they were when I was in the program it really is a family this idea of
connectedness of a family and that camaraderie that’s there it
gives you an energy and makes you want to come back and invest and see it
continue because you recognize this is such a special thing we’ve got to make
sure that that it goes on and on it’s what sets the program apart come and see
for yourself you know once you step foot on campus
you know once you start talking to our faculty once you start talking to
current students and alum that something is different I think this is an
incredible time for our program we have 50 years of success and we’re really
poised to be successful in the future the one thing that really defines us is
the people that have been in the program that are in the program that have taught
that our alumni our students and I’m just so grateful and it makes us proud
come and see for yourself you

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