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  1. Sing you a song for your birthday happy birthday misery is Siri is going tummy in the creator of my day with me. Crustacean

  2. Jk i love it was the night you guys are free and free at all this time I did a good one ☝️ I love 💗 did my morning night did a big one ☝️ is in a great 👍 was my dog 🐶 I like this place the dog 🐶 I was super cute the food 🥘 I had the chicken 🐓 is that it will make my dog 🐶 day to be free I like to be able I don’t have to be like that because they have no clue who is my kid 🧒 was like a big big one ☝️ was my first night out

  3. How do you send birthday mail? Im sorry i just wanna do it early so it could get there on time i just need directions to do it.

  4. Zz by the way Cory that was me I sent you that check and Posey I want you to have a happy birthday and this is all I could I live in Pablo's don't you live really far away court so I want to I don't know what I want to do but I want you to have a good day and I know you like you have to big videos I like die

  5. I did your first comment and then you saw me in the neighborhood you did a little bit of a challenge in your car

  6. Did you have 50 pounds of Swedish fish also I love your vids and she i sliced the like button the button was actually sliced also I can see if I can send you a present my name is Brody from Gilbert Arizona and you make me happy when I'm sad from being bullied and you inspire me to make home videos on my tablet and make sure everyone to s s s slice that like button

  7. When Cory,” Samurai stand up,” I didn’t stand up but when he said,” Stand up!” I was like,” oooo he serious

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