Olivia Is Finally A Teenager!! Happy 13th Birthday!!!

hey guys so olivia has no clue about this but I wanted to surprise her bigger than ever and I need your guys’s help so I want you guys to go wish Olivia a happy birthday down in the comments and I want to see like over a million happy birthday wishes towards her and she is going to be so surprised so everyone go comment down below and I hope you enjoyed the video bye I’m finally 13 What’s up guys it’s Olivia here and today it is my birthday three two one and action the first thing that happened is I walked upstairs I see beautiful decorations of my favorite colors which are pink light blue or light greenish blue and yellow most of the time me and my sisters will decorate the living room or our bedroom for our birthday but this time we got the living room and it’s amazing guys I love it when I came downstairs I saw these giant balloons of my favorite colors and this big happy birthday balloon and then after that me my dad went and went to Starbucks and I on that favorite drink which is the pink drink comment down below if you guys love the pink drink and after that we went and got breakfast and my favorite breakfast place has to be this biscuit place I don’t know it’s called but it’s super duper good guys for breakfast I had a biscuit with egg and bacon and it’s my favorite breakfast ever and then after that me and my family went and we visited my sister in college Madison and then we went and picked her up and went back home and now she’s making my cake having my birthday happen is kinda making me have flashbacks of last year’s birthday like when I started gymnastics and I got braces and expander like all this new stuff and I’m actually really excited to see what this year has to hold and I want to see what other new things I get into and on that note the cake is ready I love cake ya ya ya ya Whoa Oh my gosh Thats so cool Tell us a little bit about this cake this is a chocolate cake with Oreo frosting come take a look at the cake so oh my gosh looks so good as you can see it kinda looks like a crown which I didn’t see that coming but it looks really cool birthday crown and it has all of these Oreos around Olivia has been wanting this cake for a long time and so Madison made this vision come to life so do you know what time I think it is what time Gracie I think it is time to eat cake and open presents your tongue is really blue thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes thank you for watching and happy birthday I can’t open it (laughter) guys guys we’re going to take a retake of that shot so it’s gonna be cooler so just pretend like you never saw that so you know some I think it is I don’t know I think it’s cake and ice cream time (cheering) Happy Birthday!!! (Screaming) Thanks for watching guys (music) like and subscribe Choo Choo Make sure you turn on your post notifications LaLaLaLaLaLaLa (laughter click one of these videos to keep watching we love you guys!!!

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