On 50th Anniversary Of Martin Luther King’s Death, Tom Brokaw Looks Back | TODAY

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  1. Any place that has a Martin Luther King Blvd, there is going to be violence. If you get lost on MLK Blvd, just start running.

  2. Does NBC always disable comments for White House Briefings on their YouTube channel ? Or is it only for press briefings that discuss national security issues involving illegal immigration ?
    Biased journalism / #FAKENEWS

  3. I wasn't alive back then but didn't Mr. King have something to do with road construction ? Every large city in the east has a road named after him.

  4. look out across the crowd in these films–see any saggers showing they nasty draws? The slogan today would be" I AM A MAN-WITHOUT A BELT.

  5. This brings me so much emotion hearing and seeing MLK jr speech to know he once was still is a great leader trying to bring this whole nation together as one I wish I could have been fortunate enough to been around to see the incredible hot button issues and topics the he fought so hard for its so sad to see there still a lot of bigotry and racism out there especially in 2018 hopefully in the next 50 years it won’t be like this anymore we can just live in peace and harmony just love one another

  6. How did James Earl Ray go from a 'lone crazed drifter' to a globe trotting fugitive ?    Where did the money, fake passports and ease to travel to Europe come from ?   The US Govt had many reasons to see Dr. King dead.  Conspiracy.

  7. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, and it failed. He opened a gateway to murder, and black on black crime. Nothing good came of this, he only added to Americas problems.

  8. Martin Luther King Jr was a great man it shows that though none violence you can get what you want you just got to work hard for it and be commedit to reach that goal

  9. Go to the Real News – MLK: ‘When Silence Becomes Betrayal’ – they "forgot" that he spoke out against the Vietnam war when many advised him to stick to Civil Rights Issues only and to not offend "patriotism". And he declared a war on poverty – ALL poverty – in the U.S. (of all races and ethnicities).

    They have from 23 : 00 on the audio of the iconic speech in the Riverside Church – well famous in the insider circles – the mainstream media does not bother the audience with that much. They stick to the convenient narrative of "I have a dream".

    In that speech in 1967 MLK also mentions how the U.S. press lauded him and the movement for their non-violence – and that he does not get how that journalistic admiration for non-violence fits with killing and harming brown children in Vietnam – many thousand miles away (and let me add in a country where the U.S. had not business to be. At. All.)

    Truman had declared that the Vietnamese "were not ready for democracy or their own state". Well spoken as the former colony of the British Emire. It did not help the Vietnamese that they referenced the 1776 Declaration of Independence in their own Declaration of 1945.

    In that speech MLK also gave an outline of the long war of the U.S. against Vietnam – along with the colonial power France – to suppress the Vietnamese who had declared their independence in 1945 (from the Japanese/French occupation). The goal was to brick the colony back under French influence (which de facto meant to keep it under U.S. thumb as well).

    When the French dropped out of the war, the U.S. kept on with the war.

    After that speech of MLK it was time for the FBI to remove his protection.
    True the movement had lost some momentum, and the war resistance cost him sympathies, even among black people. Even his close allies had advised him to not engage in the debate, to stick to Civil Rights issues and not to take a public stance on foreign affairs.

    He saw it as a matter of principle and justice. In his speech he gives the seven reasons.

    The powers that be on the other hand did not want another prominent anti-war figure (Mohammad Ali was another one). And the "war on poverty" did not endear him to the elites either. That would have meant black and white people joining forces to reach an economic goal. Might even strengthen unions !

    There are many that doubt that the man who was counselled to confess the assassination to avoid the death penalty was really the murderer – or at least that he had acted on his own.
    (It was an uncanny series of assassinations – and always ONE side).

    If the FBI – or other parts of the goverment – were involved in him getting killed (or if they looked the other way), they were right in their assessment, he was dangerous for the establishment and the Military Industrial Complex.

    The public would have remembered that he was ahead of the curve when resistance grew against the war.

  10. Brokaw fails to mention Kings speech against the Vietnam war and his fight for justice for all poor people of the world.

  11. Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TLkpQd-i0U&index=22&list=PLmiEqL5GSsA9Eppe0zQJihzPKht0XVnxh

  12. These are the most Satanic celebration in the US , no were in a Bible says that to celebrate same body dead morants

  13. One of the most bravest and courageous men, in one of the most darkest times in this country… May your dream live on Dr. King and continue to touch lives…✨✊🏾♥️

  14. Me too movement came for mr. Brokaw, but several females anchors said he "was like their grandfather's figure"…they tried with mr. Morgan Freeman, too( the camera showed it was a lie)…all to say they all old men now…mr. Cosby is old n blind…no proof, all hear say n all high tech lynching…bc his was highly orchestrated n nothing less. We haven't seen anything like that since…n yes attacking Dr. King, now…it is what it is

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