On Marriage, Family and Human Rights (ft. Christelyn Karazin) S2E5 UDHR 16

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rest of October. Christelyn, thanks for agreeing to speak
with me. Absolutely! it’s been a pleasure getting to know you these past few days. The pleasure has been mine. We have been getting into some trouble. Hanging OUT! [Laughter[ So, um I really am glad that I found you on
YouTube and it was through a series of people. My question to you is, why did you
get started with YouTube how did that come about? It was sheer laziness, you guys. Shhh. Um, well I have a background in
writing so you know about the book, and but before that I wrote for magazines,
and I was a publicist before.
So I’d always been a writer but when I started
the blog, Beyond Black White.com, you have to constantly produce and I just feel like
writing and just that was one day I didn’t feel like writing and so I
decided I’m gonna do video and instead of writing what I was gonna say I was
going to speak it because I can run my mouth, as I’m sure you
ascertain, and then it became this other thing I had no idea. It was like I tapped into something, um a whole new world that I didn’t even know existed. That’s great, that’s great, I’m so glad you did. What attracted me to your channel is after I discovered it is
that what you were saying reminded me so much of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Primarily Martin Luther King because he talked about his four little children
being judged by the content of their character and that’s what you’re talking
about on your channel that’s what you’re, that’s what you’re, that’s what you’re
about! Right character has nothing to do with melanin. Right, it certainly doesn’t
and what’s interesting is that one – well let me take a step back because I
mentioned Malcolm X, too. – and the reason why you to me you are an amalgam of both is
because are you personify both is because
when I read it Malcolm X’s biography I was really impressed about the
transformation of the human being and how he went from angry hoodrat to a
world renowned, world respected man who embraced everyone regardless of color.
Yes. And he’s the one that extended the olive branch to Martin Luther King to
work together. So that’s why you remind of both of them. And when it comes to
character, and both of them talked about this, even Malcolm X you realized that
you can’t judge by color, you have to judge by character, and your book is
about that too. “Swirling,” and you mentioned in the book finding common
ground in terms of interest, values, activities, intellect because those
things have nothing to do with race. Absolutely, I do talk about that. I before
I met my husband, I…remember we talked about having a list…you have a list! And did have a rough list, but I realized my initial list was all
external and it was very on the surface but I always wanted a man that I
admired like my father and I, I remember kind of trying to find men it kind of
looked like him but [they] didn’t act like him know what it was but, the light came on
after my, you know, umpteenth relationship I said you know I’m just gonna open that
I’m gonna do an open call I’m gonna open casting call of all, all men not just
black and I did find a man who reminded me of my father and he was not black., but his character even down to his astrological
sign .Wow! it was from my father and so we, when you, when you’re looking for that special person,
focus on action; the action and not the external. What’s common in the black
community, blackistan, the refugee camp whatever you, however you want to
identify it, is that people..growing up, I grew up during the Civil Rights
Movement, so I remember clearly when Malcolm X was assassinated. I remember
that they clearly, I’ll always remember it. I remember the day Martin Luther King was
assassinated. Kennedy, I know where I was and just like you’ve met resistance so
did they. And hopefully not with the, the same outcome. No, you’re not gonna have, I doubt you have the same out, I doubt very much you have the same outcome. However, they had to deal with
the moles, they had to deal with the angry black community, and the fear of the
change because they [blacks] were comfortable with their lot in life. Even if they were miserable, they were comfortable with with it. And, AND, even going back going
back to slavery that’s what, that’s an issue that Harriet Tubman you had to
deal with. Absolutely. So these issues are no not old issues but the mindset is this what’s
keeping those issues alive today. Absolutely, and what I want to do, what I
want to teach black women is that there is something else. That it will take some courage to step out
and be brave in a way that maybe you haven’t done before but I think that
with my work I try to be an example and sort of a guidepost so that they can at
least envision themselves in that space. If we want to go we have to go beyond
our comfort zones. Absolutely. So this is an area, it’s almost like the last frontier. Yes.
Ah, where understanding that allowing ourselves to, to live our lives with dignity
has nothing to do with color. Absolutely. At all which is why I so admire your work
because I see that you clearly you represent article 16 of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights which goes to marriage and family. So I just want to
thank you and let you know that I admire and respect what you do. Thank you. And I wish
you continued success. Thank you. My little sister, oooh! I hope you found this insightful. Until next time, be well
and remember to live your life Dignity. Bye, bye!

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  1. Please check our my conversation with Christelyn Karazin on her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAXUgzA-NgM

  2. Thank you for this interview. It's amazing how these things happen. Just like Christelyn's husband in my personality I'm very similar to my father in-law and we are of different races and look totally different (he's Black and I'm White). Statistical probability of such coincidence is so low that my only explanation is it's the work of God!

  3. Refreshing and relatable on some many different levels. You're spot on about the mindsets of so many closed minded individuals. Some will get the message and run with it, starting a new venture in their lives, while others sit back and complain. Nice interview.

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