One Couple’s Simple Mantra for a Lasting Marriage: “Self-Love for 2” | Black Love | OWN

-You know, a lot of people ask, like, ‘Oh, you know, do you have an uncle?’ ‘Do you have a brother?’ ‘Do you have somebody? A cousin?’ And I go, well, no, it’s not– -I think there are a lot of good men out there in the world. I think that that’s the problem, a lot of people don’t know that there are a lot of good men, and a lot of good women, but they have to want to be married, that’s the thing. At the end of the day, they have to want to be in a relationship and, you know, society at this point has made marriage not look sexy at all because it just doesn’t look fun, and it looks boring and it looks like a lot of work. -Yeah. OC: What is it really? -I feel like for me, it’s, it’s really simple. If you– and it depends how you live your life. I go, it’s like self-love for two. And that’s how I think about it. Everyday. Anything that I would, like, do for myself, there’s one other human being that I have to make, like, another serving for. Or– you know what I mean? -If I make coffee then I should make her coffee– -Then I’ll just make a little more coffee. That’s what I think a marriage is, just, like, a little more coffee.

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  1. I am one of those “good women” out there and marriage to me looks like a prison. It would take so much for me to want to get married. I’m happy to be friends, I’m a good and loyal friend.

  2. Go to the Bible for your marriage and for Love. The Almighty is the Original and purest form of Love, in which He Himself created. There is no Love without The Most High God and His Son.

    And a word to the wise, don't follow anything on the "OWN" Network and the New Age Witch Oprah Winfrey. She has no idea what real Love is, so here she is with the "Black Love" mess. Another way to defy and undermine The Most High and His establishments.

  3. Completely unrelated but I've noticed Darkskin women are mostly with lighterskin men. It's really aesthetically pleasing lol. Very good looking couple ..she's GORGEOUS!

  4. Yeah, but what if I don’t like coffee? Metaphorically speaking of course. I think it’s important to learn how your partner wants to be loved because how you want to be loved may not be the same as your partner, that’s why it’s call SELF love. Now if you happen to marry a person who practice self- love in the same ways you do, then this “ self-love for 2” concept will work perfectly, like for this couple. Now if your partner loves tea and you like coffee, that’s fine too, just learn how to make tea 😊🥰

  5. Just sent this to my man…self love for two is one of the sweetest ways I have ever heard a relationship described. I just fell in love with the both of you❤

  6. Beautiful couple.. beautiful love… beautiful example love for two 👍🏽selfless not selfish…may God continue to bless your marriage

  7. I’ve been married a little over a year, I can tell you it’s the best gift God could have given me. I love my husband. He’s not perfect, but I absolutely adore that dude.

  8. Especially for men. Society is always making it seem like relationships and marriage takes away their freedom. Like i can still do everything except the sleep with other people part geez. Other than that one thing. So dramatic lol

    Anyway this video is so true. U have to want to be

  9. Unfortunately these days marriage is underrated and under valued. Thank God I still believe in the union of marriage. Btw Nola and her husband make a beautiful couple

  10. The way she looks at him while he speaks. That’s how a marriage lasts. There needs to be admiration and respect on both sides.

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  12. That was cute💕 but ummm!! Ms Nola.. I wish marriage was exactly what you described. And not the reality of what it has become. On Oprah's other show Love & Marriage Huntsville.
    Mr. Married Martell has found.
    "Just a little more love to give"
    to two woman.

  13. This is so beautiful. I love how simple and easy they make marriage. I definitely have more negative feedback on relationships than positive and am grateful to see such a loving take on it. Also the choice and desire to be married is important.

  14. Shiiiiiiid for some a whole extra pot of coffee lol but I get the jist of what they’re saying HOWEVER it’s important that each person maintain their own identity. I might like a little less sugar in my coffee so it’s about finding a common ground and working to extract the best out what you both have individually& add that to the table. Keep it good& hot 😉 yeah I like this topic.

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  16. Marriage equality is a Business Partnership. Love ❤️ your partner like you Love 💕 yourself. #MakeTimeForEachOther #Communication #RealLoveLastALifeTime #InvestInEachOther I Love a Marriage ❤️

  17. She low key looks a lot like Kenya Moore. Both smile alike and have same eyes, skin tone and are both gorgeous. I found out she and Alano were married when she appeared on Underground and looked her up on Wikipedia.

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