Hi, I’m Paul, welcome to One Minute English
with Spevacek Language School. Today I’ve got just 60 seconds to teach you
another typical Czenglish mistake. Let’s do this! So, what is the difference between ‘fun’ and
‘funny’? Fun is when you enjoy yourself and have a
good time. For example, the party with my friends on
Friday was fun. Funny is when something makes you laugh. For example, my dad told me a very rude joke
but it was very funny! Fun can also be used as a noun. For example, we had lots of fun at Colours
of Ostrava Music Festival this year. Or, ‘my sister’s wedding was lots of fun…until
there was a massive fight!’ When was the last time you had lots of fun? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching One Minute English, please
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