ONE PIECE Animation 20th Anniversary Promotional Video 1999-2019

I’m going to become the King of the Pirates!! Wounds on the back are a swordsman’s shame. Thank you for all the damn things
you’ve done for me!! Luffy… help… Okay!! One Piece lies somewhere beyond this! Please train me… to be a doctor!! Our left arms will bear the sign of our fellowship! We’re flying!! Reach!! The City of Gold is real!! Robin intends to sacrifice herself to protect us!! Say that you want to live! I want to live!! This is a farewell between men.
I mustn’t shed a single tear. Gear Second! Nothing… at all! I said stop it!! Bon-chan!! Ace!! I want to see them!! Everyone’s… all right… I don’t ever want to see you again!! Okay! You wanna fight me?! I really, really thought he was dead!! It’s suffocating me!! You can kick me all you want, but you’re the one feeling the pain!! This voyage isn’t over yet!!

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  1. This makes me want to rewatch the show again for the 10th time

    Also who is over her cutting onions trying to make me cry over here

  2. I can't imagine, how more amazing One Piece would be, if the animatiom will be as good as in film Z or Strong World. Jesus.

  3. One Piece has grown up right along side me. And hot damn if that doesn't make it something special.

    Other animes come and go for me…but never One Piece. That'll always be with me.

  4. I started watching one piece since I was 7. In 2006 until today. I don't want to miss any episode

  5. 2012 is when the art started to be trash and episodes consist of 50% fillers. Hence why I switched to reading the manga. Fck u Toei tbh.

  6. Ok so the story line is even longer I just started and I know I have a lonnngggggggg way to go but god know I think I might die before finishing it. 😂

  7. When you realize there is an english sub version and watch the one without it first.

  8. why is it that even after the tenth watch I'm still crying this is honestly the best story of all time.


  9. Man…and now I'm in the episode 446 I watch this sometimes and I'm already nostalgic x). One Piece is from another world…


    – Gol D. Roger

  11. One piece is my life, because i born and grow up with this in a last 20 years. Thanks u so much for this lovely journey

  12. It's really with One Piece manga & anime that i really discovered the japanese pop culture.
    I NEVER forget the emotions that i've felt the first time that i read one tome and watch one episode of this 21th century's MASTERPIECE!! i was 11 years old before, now i'm 20 and i continue to watch and read One Piece.
    And despite every mistakes made in the production and the formattiing (hours planning issues, work context in trouble with all Japan society), One Piece anime is and will be ever my favorite anime!! 🙂

  13. Hola 👋 podríais ayudarme, me gustaría saber en que página puedo ver esta serie completa por qué me la enseñaron y me gustó mucho y me gustaría verla, por el momento me an dicho que hay como 800 capítulos así k. Tengo tela por ver 😋me gustaría k. Me ayudarais, un saludo ✌️😉

  14. I can’t believe that I started One Piece 3 Months ago and have finally caught up to the recent episode. What’s even better is that its the start of a new arc

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