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Hey guys you’re watching Cait Straight Up I am Caitlin and today I’m going to show you how to make a one-pot steak dinner
everything that we make including our steak and our veggies is gonna be made
in one pot now if you’re the person that does the cleaning in your house I am
sure that you are very excited about this recipe but either way it’s super
delicious all the flavors get to mix together and
it’s a full steak dinner in a pot we’re gonna start by making a seasoned butter
to cook our steak in so we have about 2 to 3 tablespoons of butter we’re gonna
do some parsley about a teaspoon or so and then some minced garlic depending on
how much you like garlic or don’t like it that’s how much you could decide to
put in here but if you’re a garlic lover go ahead to really kind of go nuts and
if you’re not then definitely pull back we’re just gonna give all this a stir
your butter should be about room temperature then we’re gonna get ready
to drop it in our pan so while you’re mixing up your butter you’re gonna want
to have your steaks resting on your counter with a little bit of salt and
pepper then when it’s time to get going you’re gonna drop your butter mixture
into a hot pan and allow it to melt so you’re just gonna move that around
allowing this garlic butter with parsley kind of melt up in our pan right before
we add our steaks I have two thick cut strip steaks here so they’re actually
gonna take a little bit longer than if you had a thinner steak so we’re gonna
let our steaks kind of brown on each side depending on the kind of steak that
you’re using that would depend on how long you’re gonna cook it on each I have
these nice thicker cut strip steaks that my Wegmans near me does and they’re kind
of perfect for this they fit in the pan no big deal um so we’re gonna cook ours
for about 3 minutes on each side if you have a thinner cut stick that obviously
you’re gonna want it to less and kind of adjust accordingly so for me they’ve
been cooking about three minutes and I’m just gonna give them a nice flip so
they’re also gonna get a chance to cook when our veggies go in the pot as well
so you’re gonna brown them up before the veggies go so after they cook for about
three minutes we’re just gonna do a little splash of sherry and then we’re
gonna start putting in our vegetables so I have some asparagus here that I’m
going to drop in kind of while it’s bubbling just all throughout
and I also have some onion and some mushrooms so just go ahead and drop your
veggies in make it just you know a little bit of veggies on each side you
can always go back so throw that asparagus in first because that will
take the longest and then we’re gonna have some real thin slices of onion
we’re just gonna drop in here all along the sides if you have a bigger pan even
better and then last but not least I have my mushrooms we’re gonna get them
into I have a mixture of some cremini and some portobello and some shiitake so
just kind of drop them all in so our vegetables are in and we’re gonna
do our last step we’re gonna just add a little bit more butter on top of the
veggies to kind of melt over them so you don’t want to add a lot here and we’re
gonna try to stir it in on the sides but I’d say like just a little dab on each
side of the veggies and we’re gonna let that kind of melt down and toss them in
the veggies on the side just like so we’re gonna let this cook down like this
for about another four minutes that’s why it’s really important to get that
browning right with your steak right from the beginning cuz you don’t want
your steak to overcook and then we’re gonna stir up our veggies on our side
while your veggies are sweating down about four minutes or so you’re gonna give
your steaks a little flip and you can see this dinner really coming together in
the pot your veggies are kind of cooking down that butter has melted and your
steaks look better and after a time you have yourself a steak dinner in a pan
you got asparagus you got mushrooms you got onion you got two
delicious steaks in here you’ve got the flavor from the garlic butter it’s gonna
be epic you’re gonna love it and you just made it all in one pan make sure
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