ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (LGBTQ) | Harry Potter Philharmonic Show

As it gets It’s our anniversary one year We survived We have a show we’re going to tonight called Exciting Harry Potter one of the movies, but it’s like a Philharmonic show where the orchestra plays the music Sure We have that show tonight we’re gonna go to dinner before we have a reservation. I’m gonna man up the third after the show yeah, hopefully we’re ready for market after that You got vanilla latte or no, really Haley’s gonna take the purse Yes true Don’t eat too much sure Don’t drink it all I Think I’m on why tinkle Since the place it’s just like upstairs and downstairs. It’s kind of cute What do you think about it? Such a vibe Kitsune Slow very slow You ain’t never gonna get lunch this test, so please a place called Castle Casa probably so they Can’t eat sandwiches. I don’t know but I just ordered but it’s good It has like I don’t know chicken ham and a nice healthy salad And not continue potatoes Ryan So we are on part While they’re all standing there but an officer changes retire for them We’re on part three of our day anniversary day We went to coffee move into lunch returns now we are going to Because we can’t stop eating We have reservations at this restaurant that’s supposed to be pretty but neither of us have been to it So I’m excited to try it. It’s Good like American food we all show you a little bit Yes, so we’re gonna go there It’s near the place that we’re going to see the Harry Potter show the revenge and those are – oh, yes three hours and we’ll be Harry Potter very hot – hopefully as mostly fun he did We just took some pictures outside of where we left so probably post them on Instagram at some point so Their kids go – tick-tock. Yeah, and we filled two tick tocks. We have three now Maybe we’ll put our link. We don’t have our link in there now because it’s new, but we’ll put it in for this video So jumper over Thirteen so don’t judge Yeah, here’s our restaurant. We’re going to Okay, here we are at the restaurants a little dark in here It’s like a beer cheese and salted something Yeah, okay Trey I’m filming I’ll film your reaction go please don’t – hi Tease me tease me Is it good are you drunk off the beer cheese Avocado and tomato. Yeah, they can pesco well as that surprise, but We’re sisters according to workers they were asked that today Is it backwards I tried there’s the orchestra Screams iron 7r3 to go People are dressed up with our Harry Potter says we really like her so whatever Next day we didn’t film after the show because we forgot it But it was a good show I wish we weren’t so high but it’s good I still thought it was good. You know it was there was intermission which I was wondering about since it’s a movie Yeah It was a fun little date. It was a good date so You enjoyed it? The most easy for them to say yeah, I leave today in like two hours Yeah, so she was here for a good day and a half So worth it so was going to possibly Drive over Valentine’s Day weekend. We did likely on that but it’s a three-day weekend. I sound like a man She’s sick Like a six and a half hours. That’s hot No, we’re trying to do more two times I have a good great skin and she doesn’t want to do it Don’t have a questionable All right, well, we’ll see you next time thanks for watching bye e

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