Oops! 12 Smart Fashion Hacks and More Fun DIY Clothing Ideas

This one stays. This one has to go. Oh hi, Jacob! You’re finally cleaning up your wardrobe,
aren’t you? Nah, yellow’s not for you. Hey! Be careful where
you’re throwing that thing! What a clumsy…. Hm, wait a minute,
this yellow polo shirt might still be useful. Let’s see what Emily can do about it. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and cut along these lines. Sue the seams
together. For the skirt, sew in a thicker rubber band. And a thinner one for the
bottom of the shirt. And here’s where it all comes together. Grab a bunch of
safety pins and connect the skirt to the top. If you’re not a fan of this look,
leave it in two parts separated or connect them with beads, colorful thread
or even lace. It’s all up to you and your imagination! The safety pins give the new
dress and edgy twist! Which is perfect for a rock concert! No better way to
spend some holidays than doing refurbishing! Here comes Emily. With her head up in the clouds and knows deep in her phone screen. Whoops! Oh, seems like you were dying to get some pink in your life. Don’t blame Jacob for
your light headedness, lady! Next time, you need to look where you’re going! Right up to your new jeans! Good thing you didn’t wear your blue suede shoes! But hey, it might not be that bad! If you had a little accident with your jeans, lay them
on a piece of cardboard. Attach a piece of masking tape at an angle and cover
the stain with some fabric paint. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape, cover
the edge of the painted side and attach one more tape at an opposite angle. Cover that part with some paint of a different color. Repeat the process a couple of times. Until you get a funky geometrical
pattern. The best thing about it, you can match the color with your other clothes and accessories. So they can fit your style
even better. Jessica looks like a million dollars! But that doesn’t mean she should
pass on a fiver laying around! Lucky you! Oh careful! Oh! OUCH! Oh no, her maxi dress in
her mood for the evening totally ruined! But Jessica doesn’t give up so easily
and is determined to stun… …no matter what! A torn maxi dress isn’t exactly the end
of the world. While you can’t really fix the hole, you can still make it into a very stylish piece of clothing. Flip it on the side and cut the dress in a
smooth curve. Would you believe it, that’s it! Wow, Jessica, it actually looks better
than before! Those five dollars really were lucky after all! Party in the front,
business in the back! knock, knock! Oh, it’s Noah. But he’s not really up for a chat… He just came to give Jessica’s stuff back… Seriously?! Breakups can hit really hard… Especially when you’re all left with the box full
of memories…. That blue shawl he brought you for your birthday… A torn photo… Wow… Awkward… Awww and here are your mixtapes! How retro… No worries, these won’t
necessarily go to waste! Take a bunch of old cassettes and hot
glue them on the corners. Link two side by side and two at a 90 degree angle. Now take four cassettes on each side and glue it all together. You should get a cute little box! If you have an old broken handbag laying around that’s a perfect material for our handles! Using a zip tie, secure the handles in the
holes of the cassette rails. In the digital era, cassettes are a thing of the past. But absolutely doesn’t mean useless! Remember to cut the zip tie endings. They shouldn’t be getting in the way. Do the same for the other side. Your cute little retro purse is ready! Adam can’t wait to meet his new date. Not much longer, buddy! Look! Wow! That purse is a real eye-catcher. Not to mention, a great icebreaker! Seems you guys will have a lot of
nostalgia to talk about. Let’s leave them alone, shall we? Madison’s in such a good
mood tonight! Would be a shame if a solitary sock ruined it… Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. This isn’t exactly a hopeless case. Stop right there, little lady! Don’t you think it’s a little too early to give up
on that t-shirt? Lay it flat on a solid surface, turn it sideways. Flip the sleeves in such a way that one is inside another. Once again, turn in to the front. Now, fold it like a harmonica and then bend it once more. Using a piece of
thread, wrap it tightly at equal intervals. Put the bundle on a girl rack laid above
a metal tray. Use a special tie dye and start dyeing one part after another. You don’t have to be very precise. just be sure to wear some latex gloves for
safety. The more colorful – the better! Once the paint is dry, you can take it out and
remove the thread. Wow it looks better than the stuff you can buy online! Give it just one more wash and it’s ready to go. See, Madison, good thing you didn’t get
rid of that stained T-shirt! This hippie style really put you over the rainbow! Color me impressed! Rock on, presidential candidate Jessica! Making our schools crafty again aren’t we? You have Adams vote in your pocket –
that’s for sure! Though today he seems more absent-minded than usual. Oy, what are you looking at, you?! Poor girl, you must have torn that collar and
didn’t even notice… No use crying over spilled milk. Let’s do something about it! Take that ripped shirt and cut the collar
off. Now, use a threaded needle, attach some metal beads to a color and relink it with the rest of the shirt. Go up and
down with a thread twice on every bead. It’s gonna last much longer that way. Continue sewing beads like this until you reconnect the whole collar. From a simple t-shirt to a stylish top in a matter of minutes! You can leave the back
loose and add a v-shape for additional elegance. Now that’s the proper look for
a future ms. School President. Cheers, you two! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by
smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! And most importantly, don’t forget to leave a comment down below. We read them all! Anna finally has some time to do the ironing. Her favorite silk scarf is next in line. So soft and smooth! Once she finished, it’s gonna look great! Not to mention, there’s no feeling like the smell and warmth of a freshly ironed scarf… Oh look! It’s her best friend Sarah calling with some unbelievable news! Um, Anna, aren’t you forgetting something? OH NO! You only took it out of sight for
a second! This is so frustrating! But we can always turn our mishaps into
happy little accidents! Fold your scarf in four. Use other
shorts you have laying around as the template. Fold them in half and place it
on the scarf at a slight angle. You can always make it smaller but not larger. So be sure to leave some extra space. Sew the upper sides together. Grab the material in the middle and with one confident move put the seams in the middle. Sew a piece of rubber band into the waist part. Simply roll the rubber into the material. Don’t forget to sew the legs too. Such elegant ultra stylish shorts will be a
perfect piece of a casual business look! Oh, Anna, this really isn’t your day… Ripped jeans maybe still in fashion but that hole is a bit of a stretch… See what you can use from your sewing stuff box. That thread is just too dark, don’t you think? Sewing back together won’t really do the trick. But this old
piece of lace might come in handy! Whenever you need to fix a hole in your
jeans, don’t try to hide it. Let’s make even more! Using a piece of sandpaper, rub the edges of the cutouts. That’s an instant aged effect! Flip the jeans inside out. Cut a piece of lace just about the same
size as one of the holes. Well…. make it a bit bigger! Cover the edges of the holes
with a solid layer of fabric glue. We’re almost done! Now glue the pieces of lace you had prepared earlier. And flip the jeans again. Wow, Anna, if we didn’t know any better we could bet that the lace is
actually a tattoo! And the best part – no sewing! Stop, wait! Ah… Too late… That jacket isn’t even a week old… So, you got yourself into a bit of a fashion
accident… Take a ripped pillowcase and cover that stain. Cut off one of the
layers and glue it around the edges. Don’t save on the glue. It’s better than doing extra fixes later on. You can use the sewing machine for this hack as well. But we think the seamless version looks much cooler! Remember that old top that
got ripped beyond repair? Cut the picture out. We have just the right place to
reuse it! Just glue it to the pillowcase the same way we did before. The washed cutouts gave the jacket of vintage 90’s vibe! It’s almost like you’re a walking art
gallery, Anna! Hey, Stylish Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these fashion hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to
check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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