Guys it’s 12… It’s 11.43 am, I slept in for the first time in so long and it felt so good. I actually set my alarm for 8:00 am because my sisters were coming, I told you guys they were coming this weekend. But Alex messaged me and she’s really, really sick. She got sick last night with a fever. So, they’re all like “Let’s just reschedule it for another day.” So I went back to bed. Oh I needed that… That was so good. I was editing until 3:00 am… Oh I think I posted at like 1:32 am so I was up until 3:00 am. These ones are from my dad and Mariella. This is Elbow-san’s card. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ -Hello? -Hi! -So what are you guys gonna be doing? I think we’re just relaxing today. I’m trying to make your cinnamon bun but I’m not sur-do I put it in the oven or what? Well, they’re already cooked okay? -Yeah? -Yeah, you can just warm them up in the microwave just to get them warmed up. Or you can uh slice them in half and put them in the frying pan with a little bit of butter, just up to you. Hey? Just to put them in the frying pan, just to warm them up slowly. You know? Then take them out. -Oh, frying pan? -Yeah. -Okay. -Yeah. ♪♪♪ Good morning and good evening. It’s actually 5:00 p.m right now. I’ve had a very slow start to the day like I mentioned, I woke up at 12 pm so… Yeah but it’s been very relaxing, And now, I need to book it out to a shop before it closes at 6 pm because there’s something I wanna buy for a video, I want to make next week. And then I want to finish up shopping for Sharla’s gift so I can send it out on Monday, her Christmas gift. And.. yeah, I think those are my two main goals of the day. As I mentioned, I had completely different plans with my siblings today. I was really looking forward to that but we’re gonna do it another day. So now today is just… very chill. ♪♪♪ -Your destination is on the right. -[Gasp] This Greek place looks so good. It’s so busy too. -Look at them! I didn’t realize that shop was in the Greek town of Toronto. But this looks like a cool area, we’re going to walk around here a bit more after, maybe get some Greek food for dinner. ♪♪♪ But I’m not good at-I’m not good at umm… Special effects so like you can’t give me anything too crazy. Actually I suck. So the easiest.. I’m new to it. -Don’t be so hard on yourself. Oookay. -I’m just experimenting [laughs] -I have a liquid latex. Take a light brown pencil and follow through. -Yeah. Yeah. -Cause everybody has uh, smile lines, and you just take them and you extend them. -Oh… Okay, I’ll try. -Yeah. What’s that you got? Camera? -Hmm…And the… Yeah, I’m making a video about… -Oh Insta…insta…insta… what’s that, snap…? [Taylor laughing at confusion over social media] No I’m actually-I’m a YouTuber so I’m gonna make a video on all this stuff. Just came to Toronto. -Where are you from? -We’re actually from…We’re living in Hong Kong. -Oh! -So… Yeah, they have some shops like this in Hong Kong, but this is our… -Over the ocean? -Yeah. This is our first uh like special effects shop in Toronto. -[laughs] -This place has been around–It used to be much bigger. Umm… Joyce’s…she’s been around for like 70 years. Right, yeah, I read that. -This is the place. -This is the place? -Joyce is the genius, she knows about everything. I’ll try my best, if it’s not that good. I don’t–[laughs]. Not sure you guys wanna share it. -You have to show it somewhere. -Yeah, it’s just fun for me. -Well, you do this often? Yeah, I… yeah, sort of. I’ve tried-I tried this Halloween to create some things. -Okay. But, I had issues with the nose wax, sealing it. -Ahh. -I think when it… like it moves around a bit if it’s not sealed properly. How did you-how did you apply it? Perhaps I can give you some tips. -I used some Vaseline to help…Is that, is that it? -Ooh… -Joyce wasn’t in my life at this time [laughs]. -Now she is and never [inaudible]. -Okay… What you do is… One more question. What’s the best food…restaurant in this area to check out? It’s our first time in this area. -What do you feel like? -Greek food I guess? Cause we’re in Greek town. -That’s a good choice. [laughs] -Where should we go eat? -Look in the area. Now you can go to… -Just next door? Oh, across the street? -Over there, across the street. What kind of food, what do you want? You want lamb? You want…? Greek food is a lot of it. You know, I don’t know anything whatever you think is like the best restaurant. that one Yeah, you can go to that one right here. Yeah, the one beside it That one’s really busy right now. Is that the most popular? Yeah, okay So that those are the restaurants you get, you know It’s nice to go in. Okay, so you can decide but you got watch watch So right now your tips, I just I got you on video. I have you forever But now that we’re in Toronto there’s so many different nationalities you want to try all the food what’s that famous word You got a plethora? Family okay with it. Yeah Everyone’s good. Some people enjoy the weddings, but I don’t know for us know our family’s kind of scattered all over the world Yeah, you did good you did I find you happy Yeah, don’t worry about what people think I both think for sure and all these are happy. That’s the main thing. Yep So you guys do a lot of the makeup for the theater here? Yes, you do a lot with the film Oh the films too It’s the first Christmas out away a First married christmas Enjoy your dinner wherever you decide to go we’re gonna try and go there Yes, it quite a line up. Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure. Thanks. Enjoy your visit Thank you I’ll see you guys next time. Yes. Have a happy new year. Merry Christmas I love Canada Oh my gosh, okay this one they’re waiting for take-out. I think there is We just finished dinner, I’m so happy we stumbled upon this area. I’ve always wanted to come here, but I just haven’t and There’s so many cute little shops and restaurants. I want to come back in the summer when it’s warmer and walk around more and That theater shops. So like I I think I could tell you guys what I’m doing I was going to buy some special effects makeup, but the people working there were so so nice What’s the name of the shop R. Hiscott beauty and theatrical supplies? The people were so kind and they’re super passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. So it was really nice Just talking to them and going in there. I learned a lot I learned a lot about nose wax a lot of information that I couldn’t find online. I really couldn’t figure it out But now I feel like I could do it so Now we’re gonna head to a grocery store because I need to get some tee for Sarla Oh, she’s obsessed with this certain kind of tea now So I’m gonna see if I can find it and add it to her little Christmas box before I send it to her on Monday and then I want to open my birthday gift Let’s open up my birthday gifts together Jeez oh, I got a bottle of I got a bottle of Christi Who brought me that? Hey, did you guys get me the christel is that from you and From Danny. Oh, no, this is from my aunt uncle my godfather and mother I called him a little bit tipsy and I called him my grandfather last night my Italian grandfather, but he’s mine He’s he’s the Godfather you like everything no, everything was phoenomenal Good. My Italian grandfather is happy. Oh My god, thank you guys. I got some chocolates some dark chocolate from Blake my new editing snack Save those Thank you Blake. got this for my mom, I’m actually wearing it already got me in this silver heart bracelet Which is perfect because I actually wanted to layer some silver with this bracelet because it’ll go with my ring better I’m gonna do like a layered bracelet look but it is so pretty. Thank you mum I think this one’s from my grandma She got me some After 8 chocolate love these I love anything with chocolate and mint She knows me well A card My grandma just wrote all my names on the card because she put like my full name middle name last Name and then Tom’s last name because they all don’t know what what to write. But I am taking Tom’s last name Oh I always instantly cry when I read my grandparents write me letters or saying these things I can make me cry so easily Get it together Taylor My aunt Diane all go Kevin Spencer and Jessica ooh hand soap. We definitely need some of that But a few things I need soap paraffin hand and nail and cuticle cream And try that right now. My hands are constantly dry Winter Candles I don’t have my I only have one candle So nice the winter candle Mm-hmm the peach Bellini candle. I think I’m gonna save this one for the spring. That’s so nice and fresh Thank you guys. My mom got me this and lights up she got me this and the balloons – OH, oh This is from Carly’s husband Joey’s parents, thank you guys so much It’s a bottle of wine and some different jams Thank you. And the last one here is for Morgan. Morgan couldn’t come yesterday She dropped this off today when we were out at the grocery store So sweet of her The little towel like a baking towel they see me rolling I Love it Thank You Morgan. Then I got these flowers over here from my dad lastly from Tom, I got these earrings from Cartier They look like those love bracelets, but they’re an earring form and they do come off unlike the bracelets. They have a little Clasp thing so I really got spoiled this year usually I just celebrate with Tom and myself only but this is the first year like I said before in a while in about ten years that I got to celebrate my birthday at home with everyone all of my family and this was such a big important year So I’m so happy that it happened this way and it worked out like this. I was just about to get in the bath and I realized I will just end the vlog so I just threw out this towel I am gonna go now, thank you so much for watching and I will see you again tomorrow * Happy birthday TAYLOR

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