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Hello Everybody My name is Ranveer Welcome to my youtube channel Now I am opening these Birthday gifts. One, Kiddy palace one Oh this is car. wow, let me show to papa This is remote car. very good. You please come here wow very nice which color? aw white. show me how is your car okay first need to put cell then it will work we have to put in cells first in white car then we have to play it with remote. which one you want to open next?want to show papa first. This is the next one. Papa we are keeping toys here now we are opening this one. okay! oops! oh.oh, careful. Papa you see that one how to start it. we will bring all those cells dont worry. 20 cells Papa get 20 cells from u star,okay.okay. And you count too. Arey wah This car we had seen before, where? oh my god there is a tape here open open who gave this friends gave this which friend oh such a big car I can drive this car But this is monster truck I want to drive ok lets put in cells first You see 1,2,3,4,5 cells we have to put in this next oh these are tracks this is car tracks, car swill run on this taxi also here this is blue jeep This is gun This is archery set so I will play with it next this one Piano this is Piano its on as well Piano wow someone else gave this you like it? YES this has mic also i want mic also i dont know it has mic or not will check it has no now shona will play piano Reyaansh gave this Aieooo what is this which one remote play motorbike I got pouch also some more gifts wow this one is to play balls in it oh I want to make this one today Okay this looks like tent This looks like my other tent this is second tent it contains lot of balls its play house & contains 50 color balls I LOVE THAT.. OK next Next I want this black color one Mummy this is already ON This is gun set what is this oh.why this one isn’t working when we will open then it will work This is police set kit it has whistle, handcuff ,guns and mobile transmitter Oh Shona you wanted the hand cuffs? Oh hand cuffs ok no problem I will take this to playgrounds ok next nice give Ranveer , next one Oh this motor scooter yes motor cycle does it run? yes Oh..this is LEGO set This looks like office set This is building blocks Ranveer I LOVE Building blocks I want to make these building blocks You like it? yes Later I want to make building blocks,okay. but how to open,I will let you know. we first have to remove this will remove later now next In this I got Big Bag That’s nice Shona is going to be a big boy he is going to take lot of books No I wont take this one but I want to take another one kindergarten one okay this one you can take when you go to India,this one is really nice when will you use this one There is some more bag here wow this is Minion bag Ranveer You like it ? YES HEY .I LOVE THIS,I LOVE THIS oh wow I love this Car and gun also These are darts in gun You need to put darts in gun and then shoot how to put it back? you have to press it the trigger where is the trigger yes need to press that trigger We will do it when we open it completely ok. And you got this also. And this car also What is inside these are also your birthday gifts,gift coupons for you to shop later. 4 coupons you can go to kiddy palace and buy your own toys later Oh you got cash also. how much? 50 dollars 50 so you put,wait I give you your piggy bank Hey this is mine,to Ranveer Yes This is your your money,fold it and keep it When Shona will go out he will spend this. One more how many coupons 4 another one 1,2,3.. 3 coupons This is for me count how many 1,2,3 ok all for you so you can go to kiddy palace and shop using these coupons ok Next one, thats all everything finished Okay now lets open all the toys Thankyou for watching bye..

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