ORANG THAILAND LAKUKAN INI SAAT TAHUN BARU! // New Year 2020 celebration in Bangkok, Thailand!

This is the third time I celebrate New Year’s Eve at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand. Look at these many people They are real people There might be millions of people here So cool, right? So today I am going to show you what Thai people do on New Year’s Day Now it’s 11.30 PM, December 31, 2019 In a half an hour, we will welcome the First January of 2020 Right now I am at Central World For 3 years in a row, I’ve been celebrating New Year’s Eve at this place Good Morning Good Morning This is still in the morning, around 8 AM Last night was the New Year’s Eve party so I just had slept for 3 hours Usually what Thai people do on the New Year’s Day is doing charity at temples or shrines This is a positive thing that we can copy from the Thai people Even when doing charity, they stand in a long line for getting the opportunity You can not come out of nowhere to do the charity You have to register first and find the date before you can do the charity The event today is located at Wat Rakhang Khositaram So the shrine is about the reputation People believe if they ring the bells around the shrine their reputation will climb up this year If I am not mistaken I am at Wat Rakhang And a lot of people have arrived this morning They come for praying Some people come to do charity, others just come to visit, like me I came here not to pray, only to do charity Even though this is not my religion I think it’s okay for us to come and learn about other people’s religion Just so we can be more tolerant of each other Anyway, this is our donation counter Yesterday we bought all these foods from the bakery store and we bring those foods to our friends at the counter Now, they are giving the food out for the people who visit the shrine This is the main shrine I think I will not enter and just go around it Here are Buddha statues Many people bring gold to attach it to the statues So the statues look like they are gold plated Here we can have a sneak peek of the ritual inside So Hotttt Longer line of people you can see now Delicious! Awesome! Okay, we arrived before with a taxi now we go home with Boat Taxi Because the shrine is right in front of a river so we can take the Boat Taxi straight to the city Cuz, the shrine is a lil bit far from downtown Okay, that’s all for today We have learned other people’s culture, other country’s culture See you later, ciaoo

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