Orthodox Christianity: Russians Take a Frozen Dip to Celebrate Epiphany

Epiphany bathing on the Lena River started without waiting for the dark. The tent with heating was set up directly next to the pool but clearly, it was still cold. In Yakutsk, the thermometer shows as usual minus 40. This is in the afternoon, in the evening the frost gets stronger. There is no warm weather period here. Water invigorates. I recommend everyone to go into the water. In Vladivostok, Epiphany baths are traditionally held in the Amur Bay. The water temperature in the coastal part is minus 2, but after dipping everyone is offered hot drinks. Good! And in Kamchatka, on the lake in the village of Avacha, many came to plunge even with children, despite the minus 10-degree frost. Is it cold? No, no. But in Tver, on the Volga, where the ice-hole was usually cut out in ice at this time, it was necessary to put the pontoon on stilts. The river has not frozen; primroses bloom in the city. We haven’t seen this in the last 30-35 years. The weather in the European part of Russia can be called, rather, an Epiphany heatwave. Instead of snow on the beach, fresh sand is leveled in Pskov. Of course, there is ice in Yekaterinburg, but employees of the emergency department, choosing a place for the font, complain that it is thin. We are doing a measurement. It is 37 cm (14.6 inches) deep. Now it’s minus 8 in the Urals, and in this time of the year, the temperature should be minus 20 degrees. It is above zero in Moscow. Temperature is 9 or 10 degrees higher than it should be at this time of the year. In Khimki, near Moscow, they put bats in the center of the suburb, so that people do not walk on thin ice. They heat the water in them, as in a jacuzzi – citizens have long complained that they are freezing at Epiphany. 18 degrees Celsius (64,4 Fahrenheit). The Orthodox clergy every year remind parishioners that they should not confuse the Orthodox Christian holiday with the usual bathing. On this day, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was baptized in the waters of the Jordan River, and believers now plunge into the water three times, purifying themselves. We need to do it with faith! With faith! Not just to go in and out and that’s it, and now all my sins are gone. Divine services are held in churches tonight. Holy water is blessed at the liturgy – everyone can take it home. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill consecrated water in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Those who are determined to go into water are advised to do this in designated areas. In Silver Bor, fonts were opened at 6 pm. At the Ostankino pond, unlike other Moscow reservoirs, there is ice, but it is very thin, so a pier with a wooden hole was built here. The procession begins, after which the font will be blessed – everyone will be able to plunge into the Epiphany waters.

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  2. This is why I take cold showers everyday. It feels like getting baptized and getting closer to God and my ancestors everyday.

  3. If they the Ortodox do not understand this I certainly don't but I do know that when people go swimming in cold water germs die in the body. It is medicinal

  4. looks like religious spirit. John Ramirez ex-warlock of the burroughs in NY, said they did a satanic ritual of being submerged in ice cold water, in his book “Armed and dangerous”. also from my knowledge about catholischism, that sign they are doing supposed to be a “cross” look closely its an upside down cross they are doing.

  5. Если мне придется переехать в Россию, чтобы противостоять сатане, я буду. Я верю, что наш Небесный Отец будет использовать Россию для борьбы с новым мировым порядком! Россия не должна поддаваться сатане или знамению зверя!

  6. Religion does not get you to Heaven. Baptism is only once, lime Jesus taught. Crossing ts and dotting I's is nothing in the sight of the Lord.

  7. Muy lindo ver el bautismo , yo soy de Argentina y aca nosotros tambien tenemos la misma costumbre de ir a la iglesia y bautizarnos . Muy hermoso .

  8. So, the ice bucket challenge that raised awareness is for ALS is for losers?

    The only losers I see are religious nut jobs who are still stuck in the dark ages believing that a God actually exists.

  9. Baby its cold outside….bbbbrrr. in surety, the barefoot walker In cold, hot, normal temps, …it's not to shiver too much. Here too the measure of a bit of enjoyment differs from exausting to pain. We know what shows little things mean alot. We learn…

  10. I would like to see more of this Christian faith, since I'm catholic and don't know much about rhe Orthodox . Explaining this faith and its construction in Russian society, habits and traditions . I watch almost every video on this channel . Greetz, from Portugal

  11. In Minnesota they claim polar swims are good for circulation. I could never try it, OMG too cold. But many people are right about the cold water.

  12. Amen Submersion in the name of the lord Jesus Christ from Nazareth he will save and lead his children HOME HOME SWEET HOME

  13. Господи благослови Россию!
    God bless Russia!

  14. Perun shudders at the thought. you've all betrayed your ancestry and traditions by accepting this globalist bs that is xtianity. no wonder why you all suffer. Dabog would help you, you just need to accept true gods, and reject this false idol, god of desert, foreskin, and death.

  15. We need to recruit Russians for future soldiers against alien invaders lol. When entire world does something, Russians are in next level ….Vodka power lol 👍

  16. Cliff diving, deep driving, swimming, friend chamber sitting or dipping, baptism water bucket over, baptism showerplaces

  17. "В Химках, воду подогревают как в джакузи" … да окунайтесь дома под душем тогда. Маразм какой-то

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