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(upbeat music) (applauses) It’s The Oscars this Sunday and here, to show us some last minute party ideas, it’s celebrity party planner Mikie Russo. Hi Carla, how you doing? – Hello! How you doing? Hi everyone! So are you excited about The Oscars? I can’t wait for The Oscars. Are you throwing a party? Well, now that you have this stuff, maybe I will. Because I wasn’t, because I didn’t have the time. Gotcha, so I’m hosting. Not The Oscars, just a party. (laughs) So this little selfie square right here is the kick off to the party. So I would put this by your front door so your guests come, they take pictures. And then you can move it into the room later on. So how I did this was pretty simple. So this is just foam core, right? – Okay. And then I got all of these fun little party accessories and like fun elements of like the movies. – Yes! So I just attached these with double-faced tape. Yup, and you just go ahead and pull that up. Crafts, I love crafts! Wasn’t that so fun? You love crafting? So fun. I love crafting. Oh I love crafting. And then for the adhesive stickers you can just write whatever you want. – Right. We did Oscars. C for Carla cause I’m taking this home. C for Carla, we love that. (audience cheers) So let’s try it out. You wanna try that? – Okay. Yes. So look it’s super light, super fun. So strike a pose. Pose. Smile! Cheers! Smile! You love it? Love it! Love this! You keep posing. -Okay! I’ll see you later. Hey AJ! Hello buddy, how are you? How are you? Nice to see you. I know we don’t have a shoe cam, but can we please just really quickly get a shot of this? Can we? I feel like you deserve that. Check out these shoes! Thank you! (audience cheering) All right. Come on! Thanks, Rambo. – What are we doing? So, this is a popcorn bar. So popcorn is pretty inexpensive, right? So, you can get a bunch of it serve it to your guests, but present it in a pretty clever way. So we have beautiful candy up front. But what we’re doing is these cute little glasses. So they’re champagne glasses. Okay, little savory, little sweet. Yes, filled with popcorn and candy. So you can start. Okay! So, are you having a party? I’m going to a gala. Ohhhhh. Fancy! It sounds way fancier than it is, I’m sure. I hope you’re wearing this fancy red suit. Oh we’re supposed to put it in the glass. Yes, in the glass. (audience laughs) And the best is you can use chocolate too, if it’s freshly popped corn. Because then it melts on to the popcorn. I like that! So you continue to make these. I’m just going to work on this. Yes, don’t eat it all! (audience clapping) Hey Jenny! Hi! How are you? I’m good! I’m good. What are we doing here? So this is a very fun section. So this is flowers, do you like flowers? I like flowers, yes. Does Jason bring you flowers? He does on occasion. I bring him flowers as well. You bring him flowers? He loves flowers. That’s nice. Alright, so maybe you can bring this home to him. I might, if it turns out okay. It will, it will. I’ll walk you through it. So these are red roses, just in a beautiful little gold vase. And then I finished it off with this ribbon, that looks like movie roll ribbon. Yes, I like that. – Isn’t that so cute? And then the palm tree is just a glass vase, right? I put a ribbon on it to give the effects of That looks complex. No, it’s very easy. So you just take the ribbon. It looks like a french braid, how did you do this? Yes, that’s exactly what it is. So you just take it, twist it, put it around. Super easy. And then fill it with the green palm ferns. Okay! You want to try it out? – I would. I would like to. You’re gonna do the flowers. So you put the red roses in. Okay, and where do we get like the foam and the couture? So you can get these at your local craft store. Michael, wait hold on! Just my local craft store? Yes and then the roses Do I have a local craft store? Yes, you have to. Does everybody have a local craft store that they go to? And then you can get your roses from your supermarket. I had no idea, okay. I love it! It’s a hit already! Okay, great. Alright so once you’re done with that then just put this is in, super easy. Take the ribbon like this and tuck it in. Oh wait I’m left handed, you have to go super slow for me, okay. That’s okay, and you can just have it flow out. And it should be messy. Alright. It’s supposed to be messy then. So inside there’s this floral foam, right? So that’s what holds everything in place. So you can put flowers in, and then they won’t mess. They just won’t go anywhere. This looks beautiful just like that. You can put a kid inside? You can put a kid inside, yes. Right, I need some of that. Now Finesse. What’s up Mikie? You have the most important craft. – Oh, okay. So we’re doing these little Oscar ballots which are super cute. So it has like Best actress, Best actor. Like, who are you voting for? Viola Davis. (audience cheering) Oh yes! She’s nominated for… All I know is she did “Fences”. You think you been standing in the same place by yourself for 20 years? I’ve been standing with you. That’s my Viola Davis. I think she’s nominated. – Yes. Alright so, to make these pretty simple, so we’re taking this glitter crafts paper. So this is not messy at all to do at home. So cut it down to the size that you want. Right, so ours are pre-cut. So you’ll take the little tape gun. Just tape the back. Yes. Got it. Right, and then put it right onto the paper. The paper. Give it a nice firm cut. And then this is what it looks like. So we have this cute little pen too that I created. So it’s just, again, that ribbon that looks like the reel. So just take that, tie it around. Spin it, spin it, spin it. Hot glue it at the top and then cute little bow it. And you do your own, you can write in your own answers. Best actress, best actor. Got it. Why don’t we all come over for a cocktail? Yes, my favorite part! So we’re calling this the “Star is Born” cocktail. So what I did was, I took sugar, rimmed the rims with lemon so you just do a little lemon wedge around the tops, dip it in, and then you have it there. Just champagne. How about that? Thank you. Should we toast to Finesse’s daughter? You know what? Let me say this. It’s my daughters birthday. Happy birthday Elle! She’s four years old. Daddy will be home soon. Oh! Happy Birthday Elle! Cheers, cheers, cheers! Thanks for being here Mikie. Thank you so much! For more information on these crafts go to wendyshow.com. (electronic music)

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  1. The blonde really didnt know there was a craft store in her town? Joanne fabrics? MICHAELS? TARGET? WALMART? 🙃😂🤔🤔

  2. Unintentionally funny the height difference between the party planner Mikey and nearly everyone at the party idea stations.

  3. The blond lady thought everyone was laughing at his response of "a local craft store," so she kept rolling with it. Little did she know they were walking behind her haha.

  4. The guest hosts say Wendy will be back Monday. In mid show it states Nick will be hosting for the next three days. At the end of the show Carla stated Wendy would be back on March 1. That is next Friday. So what is the deal? Seems as if they are still not sure she will be back. What do you think?

  5. I almost doubted myself until I realized Wendy was healthy last time fences was nominated TWO years ago. Like he was way behind on the times but she should've been nominated for The Widow this year

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