Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Decoration Banners

Now, we’re talking about decorations right
now, and if you’ve ever heard of scene setters it’s a great way to get a lot of bang for
your buck. Now, these scene setters at Party Land we have tons of different styles for
every holiday and theme, but right now obviously we want the Hollywood theme. So let’s see
if this will help open. So you, they come, these scene setters come in a variety of ways.
Like you can get a whole roll that’s fifty feet long and you can go across your whole
room, and there’s even one that looks like a red carpet, or that just looks like stars.
These ones, oh, there’s also one that looks like the Hollywood sign on the hill, but these
ones just say a variety of different things. You got your “Hollywood” or “party with the
stars” theme going. Let’s see what else is here, and in here these are over five feet
wide and we have four of these giant decorations, and you can put them all over the walls, and
where people come in or over the TV stuff like that. They’ve got the thing upside down.
Like, “and the winner is” and “awards night”. So, I would just put this like on a focal
wall of your party and you can keep these together how they are, or you can just cut
them apart so you have four of the giant decorations, and place them all over inside and outside
of your house and also a great backdrop for when you’re taking pictures of your guests

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