Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Decoration Props

And we want the guest to feel part of your
event and we even want them to look like part of your event. So I, it’s really fun if you
dress up your guests and act, have them act as part of your decorations. So you can have
things all around like for your, pretend this is my best friend, she is a guest I’m going
to dress her up with feather boas, like any entertainer needs a feather boa of course,
and you can give your woman like the feather boas or funky hats or you can give your men
top hats they’re alway fun or fedoras, like you know old Hollywood styles of stuff like
Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. So everyone will like have their own like a new persona
once they’re all dressed up. And of course we have the Hollywood style of sunglasses
that every star must have. And you can also give your guests like different roles if you
want them to act as a director or give them a clap board and just so everyone can be having
fun during the whole party even if they’re not just watching the show.

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