Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Game Ideas

Now, we’re going to come up with some party
games to play throughout the party, or before the parties, or before the awards show starts.
And, there’s a great little party game that we found at Partyland, and it’s called the
Movie Awards Game, and you can guess the mystery movie star. So, you might have heard of this
or played it before, but now you don’t have to do any of the work. These starts are sticky
on the back, and they say, you know, like, “Robert DeNiro” or “Tom Hanks” or just some
famous movie stars that people know. So, when your guests come in you can put one of these
stars on their back, and then that will give everyone a chance to talk to each other and
try to figure out which star they’re portraying for the night. And, only “Yes” or “No” questions
can be asked until they guess who they are. And, it says right here, is one of the rules,
to limit to one question per guest at a time. So, they have to keep going around to different
guests and ask them like, “Am I a male?” or “Am I a female?” and guess, until they figure
out who they are. Let’s see, you can also hold a Name That Movie theme or contest, or
like, what if you played the song from “Jaws” or “Jurassic Park” or some other really well-known
ones, or like love stories, some classics, and have your guests guess on those. Then
you can award prizes, and just make everyone have a really fun night!

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