Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Gift Ideas

Now your awards show is going to be the main
attraction of the event. And we’ve also thrown in some games and some trivia contests that
we’ve talked about getting prizes for. Now if you. Now all of your guests aren’t going
to win a prize, but you do want all of your guests to leave with something to either remember
the party, or just. Well yeah, just to remember the party and how much fun they had, and what
a great host you are. So if you want, you can give everyone like a free movie ticket.
And then its an excuse to get together later with some of the new friends that you’ve made
or that they’ve made. And we’re like “hey, you know lets like go to a movie together
since we have these free tickets”. But if you don’t want something that’s maybe that
expensive, you can just get a stack of CDs and burn CDs of movie theme songs or maybe
the best song award nominees. And you can have this CD playing when the guests are coming
in. When they are walking down their red carpet. Have it playing outside. Have it playing in
the kitchen or other places where you’re not going to have the award show going. So it
won’t be a distraction. And then when your guests leave your party they can pop the CD
into their car and just like remember all of their fun memories of their awesome party
that they were invited to by you. And they can just keep cruising down the highway and
enjoy the music and the memory that you’ve given them. So I think that was a really great
idea. And its really inexpensive too. But when you are making the CD, make sure that
you are not violating any copyright laws and everything will go smoothly from there.

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