Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Invitation Ideas

Right now we’re going to focus on invitations,
an invitation to an Oscar party. Now, if you don’t want to do something fun or cutesy you
could always try and go more elegant, which is always the theme of the Oscar’s themselves.
So, if you wanted to just maybe get an envelope and maybe do it in kind of like a cool like
silvery, shiny envelope, then write on the outside of it “And the Oscar goes to”. Then
when they open it up you might want to seal it with a gold seal as the sticker on the
outside. Then have your invitation inside there. So, they’ll know that this party is
going to be more of a formal affair. You’re always going to want to write on your invitations
what they should expect as far as dress code goes and obviously the time and the place,
and the fact that you’ll be watching the Oscars. So, you might want to tell them in advance
to have their picks ready so they’ll.. of who they think are going to win, all of the
main categories at least. That will make it more fun because your guests will be a little
more educated about what is going on and what’s going to happen at your party.

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