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Oh… we’re going to Oslo! Never been… Let’s Go! We’re going to Norway! We made it! This is the first time we are
actually in Norway I’ve never been here… Have you ever been to Norway? No. and we are going by train to the city centre It’s apparently better to go by train than
to use cars All right, let’s go! Everything is super clean here Amazing how it looks I like this already! We made it to “Oshlo”. This is how they
pronounce it actually. So, it’s not Oslo. Thanks to Christina… right there and you can see the Thors Hammer behind me And we go to the hotel. Then we go explore the city and of course we need some food So let’s do that. It is snowing so much that is almost
impossible to make any videos This is our room. It’s a bit smaller than we’re used to but still… you know, it’s a place to stay Who’s there?! All is good? How you doing? Dinner time! It’s snowing heavily! it’s crazy! Who would say it’s gonna snow in Norway in winter… Pizza, Pizza, PIZZA!!! Hi, this is Ashley Wallbridge! and this is a shout-out for ReOrders B Blog Cock out! I’m Ready, let’s go Party! Good morning guys! Last night was absolutely amazing… I had so much fun. And thank you everyone for coming last night. It was crazy like… two hours of complete madness my whole body hurts! And today we will explore the city a little At least we will try because it’s raining heavily Last night there was like a 15 centimeters snowfall Anyways… Wish us luck And this is what we did in the City! This is how much snow it fell last night We had to go back in to hotel walking in this Crazy What can happen in Norway in just a few hours right? We are now standing on the Opera House we’re gonna walk around Because… you can do that in here! The architect who actually
designed this he made this the way that if you don’t go to opera you can
at least walk around I just be careful with the seagulls Because they apparently really like Starbucks coffee and now let’s move on! We are now at the Akershus Fortress at least I hope it’s pronounced this way. if not please let me know in comments, guys! Now it’s like an old army museum, I guess… Anyway, we’re here for the views Because the views are absolutely amazing here. And you have the whole Oslo on palm of your hand It’s pretty unique how chilled-out this city
is on Sunday Almost no people… Just couple tourists All the shops are closed and it’s just peaceful I’m loving it! And that’s all for this episode guys.
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hear the set from Seasons Of Trance Check right there Thank you very much for watching again and See you soon! Cau! I don’t know what happened, but I just got locked out in this rotating door There’s Somebody! Hello, help me please… Can you move the door? Just step there… Cock out! It’s not moving I can’t get out! Thank you! I’m saved! So, you will not believe How they say number six in this country it’s pretty simple, I’ll spell it out for you wonderful This guy saved my life! Thank you!!! And this lady… Here, she would left me
there to die 🙂 Where? you

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