Other than a wedding what other occasions does someone hire a limo company?

So obviously we’re gateway limousines
and and with that name goes along the perception that we have limousines which
is correct but we have a whole lot more than just limousines and we do a lot
more than what would just be perceived as a limousine ride so on a daily basis
we’re bringing people to the airports that can be either for your personal
vacation or maybe a business trip a meeting a doctor’s appointment a myriad
of reasons why you may need transportation but again we have the
fleet to accommodate groups of 1 up to 30 and and really just depends on on
what type of service you require what the most appropriate vehicle may be we
have you know some vehicles that have similar seating capacities as an example
we have six passenger limousines and six passenger SUVs some people prefer the
lower profile of the SUV coming to their office rather than a limousine so we
really have a pretty diverse fleet to serve you know different different needs
in addition to that daily airport services that we provide you know we we
provide some other pretty cool things that that people really enjoy I mean one
of the one of the biggest parts of our business are weddings
so why gateway limousines for your way well to start with were rated by the
knot and wedding wire as the highest reviewed company in the state of
Connecticut the wedding so that’s one of the things
I think that you get with us that you can’t get anyplace else and why does
that happen well it happens because of the type of training we put our
chauffeurs through granted we have beautiful vehicles but anybody can buy a
beautifully a beautiful vehicle what they can’t do is provide the service
level that we provide on a consistent basis our drivers are trained and
specific details on a wedding so that when the bride is in the back of the
church getting ready to go down the aisle yeah the last person down there
with her is the chauffeur so what does he do he picks up her train and spreads
it out for her after she starts down the aisle
he’s also standing guard at the back door to make sure that Uncle Joe who
just got here 15 minutes late doesn’t open the door and blow the picture seen
as of her walking down the aisle so these are just a couple of the small
things that our staff does that people never expect you’re at the park taking
your pictures it’s 90 degrees while the cold drinks are in the vehicle he’s
getting a wicker basket and bringing those those vehicles out to you are
those drinks out to you from the vehicle as you’re taking your picture so it’s
all the extra stuff that I think that people really appreciate and really
realize the value of the service we provide after it’s done that’s where the
reviews come from 576 reviews wedding wire a hundred and five on the night
again unique gateway limousines you’re not finding that someplace else

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