Our 1st Anniversary // Mrs & Mrs [CC]

C: Hello. C: Look behind you. C: What is that? That is really scary. J: Who did that used to belong to, and why? C: And who wants to buy it now? J: This shop has the strangest mix of stuff. C: Yeah. J: My X-Men comic, a beautiful chair…and that. C: Yes. And this weird thing that looked like a pipe. C: But it wasn’t. J: Yeah, what’s an Irish [attempts pronunciation]? J: Maybe it says, “Shilla” C: We need to ask Andrea. J: Yeah. J: If you’re watching and you’re Irish, what is an Irish [re-attempts pronunciation]? J: Oh, my gosh. All right. C: It looks very prophetic [?], holding a white tablecloth out in the wind. J: Next to a cliff, having a drama [?] C: So, for our first year anniversary we came to the Seven Sisters Cliffs. J: To look at Beachy Head. C: Well – sorry – you can’t actually see it. C: It’s more like–it’s more like that, but… J: But we’re standing on top of it, so you can’t see it because it’s just grass. C: And we got fish and chips. J: We did. Had a little picnic. C: So, um, we were like old ladies. J: The old ladies who hold hands and sit on a bench on the beach, with their fish and chips. C: They don’t sit on a beach, they sit in their car, but just parked in front of the sea, so they’re like, “…” J: I feel like a bench is more romantic, though, than parked in their car. C: Yeah. J: And they’re together forever, these old ladies! C: How’s the joke go? About the man called Brian? Or… [Both] Cliff. C: What do you call a…? J: No, Cliff is the punchline. C: Aww, now I know what it is! J: Yes. C: What’s–do you know that joke? [?] J: No. C: What’s the name of the man with a seagull on his head? J: “What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?”! C: Yeah! J: Cliff! C: How are we still laughing at this after we’ve, like…? J: We have awesome senses of humour. J: No? J: I think so. C: So I told Jessica she was walking a bit too close to the edge for my liking. C: I said, “Don’t walk too close! The wind might catch your petticoat and drag you off the edge.” C: And what was your response? J: Well, I think it would act like a parachute on the way down. C: Yeah. J: If the wind has puffed it out enough that I’m flying off the edge, surely it will also save me? C: No. C: Well, and then I said, “Let’s not try that theory out [?]” J: Yeah. J: I don’t know! C: Careful! Look how close that edge is. J: That is quite close. J: I have something for you. J: This feels like a proposal right now. J: I’m not sure why. C: It is! It’s because we’re celebrating our– C: It’s because it’s all to do with marriage, darling. J: Yes! Yes, it is! J: So, the one-year anniversary is actually paper. J: And I considered many gift options, one of which was making you a thousand paper cranes and putting them inside a paper box and giving that to you. C: Aww, wow. C: I just got you a card. C: Like, seriously. J: But I thought you might notice a thousand paper cranes in our house and I wasn’t sure when I’d have the time away from you to actually make them. C: Yeah, that’s a problem. C: We’re never apart. J: So, I know that you love nature. J: So, I have a present for you. C: Oooo. C: I like presents! C: Wow! What is it?! J: You have to open the box! C: Hmm, what is in this box? J: It’s not a mystery box! C: I don’t know, is it one of those ones…? C: Cool! C: Wow! J: Yeah. C: Is it made of wood? It doesn’t even look like wood at first! J: It is! It is, it’s made of wood. C: That’s really nice. J: It’s a whole watch made of wood. C: Oh, I really like this big, big face and, like, the kind of copper–metal… C: And then this really, really lovely wood. C: I’ll be one of those cool people. You know, if I’m on the Tube; standing there on the bus. Got my big watch – people will be like, “Have you got the time?” and I’ll be like, “Yes. I have got the time.” “On my massive watch!” J: I married her. C: Aww, wow. Thank you. J: You’re welcome. J: To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve teamed up with Jord to give one lucky subscriber a 180 dollar gift card so you can buy your very own beautiful, wooden watch, shipped worldwide for free. J: And! Even if you don’t win the big prize, everyone can get twenty-five dollars off just by using the code jessicaoutofthecloset J: You’ve got two weeks to enter, and all of the details are down in the description. J: Good luck! C: Have you had a nice day, wife? J: I’ve had a marvellous day, wife. J: And I love you very much.

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    But my sister is called Shayle Lily after shillelagh (stick used as a weapon {or as we say in my family "a stick used to beat people}) bc my dad wouldn't let my mom call her Shillelagh properly.

  2. Nothing like a beautiful relationship between two awesome women to brighten my day! I know this vid is a couple months old, but I'm so happy for you both!

  3. Don't know if it was already answered but apparently, a shillelagh is a thick stick of blackthorn or oak used in Ireland, typically as a weapon. Accourding to Google lol

  4. You know, in these dark days, it's really special to see two people so much in love. Thanks for sharing, you guys are really awesome and I wish you NOTHING…. but fabulous things!

  5. I’m just going to say this upfront……….you two are gorgeous!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. You are driving on the false side of the road!!

    Oh no. Oops, I'm just living in the wrong country.

  7. I wonder how "famous" you two are in and around Brighton. I'm sure people recognize and "know" you everywhere. How is that? Maybe you'd like to talk about it? 😉 I live in a small city /town in the middle of Germany and I begin to think it is better for me to move to a place where the atmosphere is more open and gay couples also more visible than here. Feelin' bit lonely here, to admit. :-/

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