Our 25th Anniversary: 1993-2018

A pioneering scheme to help people clear
their debts was launched today in West Yorkshire. In 1993 I was five and
probably being dead annoying I can’t remember how old I was then [laughing]. I was 23 I’m still young
and vibrant as I am now collectively we’ve been here 57 years [laughing] The thing I love about working for the charity is the fact that we have such a
relaxed and friendly attitude and it’s quite a family that you’ve got here everyone’s always pulling in the same direction. I do love working here actually it is genuinely about people, it’s about the team. The people that I work with are fantastic I don’t know what I’d do if I left here I feel like I wouldn’t know where to turn It’s the fact that we have such dedicated hard-working people at the charity who simply couldn’t work any harder and be any more committed. We’re not just colleagues we’re family. One of the reasons why I’ve worked here
for 22 years is because it’s all about the client, the client comes first Time and time again I’ve seen our colleagues deliver not only what a client needs, but
also go above and beyond that So it was my first week and I was speaking to this client and she mumbled something to me and I didn’t quite hear it so knowing what to do I sort of asked her about it and said ‘what was that, I missed that?’ And she just said I was thinking about killing myself tonight but I’m not going to because of you. And I think that’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever had, certainly while I’ve been at the charity is the fact that I’ve saved
someone’s life No matter who I speak to I can walk down
the street and literally any person that I walk past I could’ve helped with their debt problems that’s the thing that has definitely kept me here so for the next 25 years think it’d be great to see the charity grow more in the background there’s an
awful lot of hard work been put into making sure that we will continue to be a really sustainable charity for the future as long as we keep doing right by
our clients we’ll keep on succeeding so here’s to the next 25 years Here’s to the next 25 years! The vision of the charity stands out for me our passion our colleagues our achievements our clients our future. You’re the reason we’re celebrating you’re the reason why we’re celebrating 25 years. So happy anniversary! [blows party blower] Happy anniversary! [blows party blower] Happy Anniversary! [blows party blower] [laughs] Happy Anniversary!

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