Our DIY Ninja Turtle Birthday Party – Ninja Shells, Cookies, Party Games and More

all right welcome to family fun lab today we are getting ready for Liam’s birthday party which is going to be in three days it’s gonna be on Sunday and so what we’re doing here – what do we have do we have going on here? We’re printing a cookie cutter. On our 3d printer here we are printing a ninja turtle cookie cutter that look like much now but uh but pretty soon it will be hopefully it’ll be a cookie cutter hey what are other plans? Spray painting a ninja turtle back. we’re going to be making these roasting pans into ninja turtle shells ready and we’ve got this kind and this kind of the handle is it’s not handled on here cuz it’s a roasting pan but is going to be on our back like this. And also we have these smaller ones for a little our kids all right let’s see that let me see the back of that. These are our ones for the littler kid in the back of it show me back show me back make it sir alright well look I guess I guess let’s go panties thank you so we’re just we’re just trying stuff out as we go we don’t really know exactly how this is going to go but uh but I think we can get some pretty cool totally look alright so we’re done with round one of the turtle shell makeover I’m just putting the base coat on them and I’ll put some green and yellow see how they come out no idea how does it travel I think its treatment so I had some issues with the printer but it is now working and and this should work well that we’re going to basically create this cookie cutter and the kids are going to have all the room food Peter and cookie and they can decorate their Ninja Turtle Creek you so the shelves have actually come out pretty well two of them show them to you this here is the ninja turtle shell so this is those oven at those roasting pan I ended up just going and spray-painting it almost entirely entirely green and brown so there’s some brown underneath at it so it’s all solid brown but then I sprayed green on top so and so we are going to make turtle shells for the kids the Boyd career so that’s what we’re up to we’re also going to come up with some games we’ll see how that goes we’re not really sure what we’re going to do yet but hannah has made these guys these throwing stars and for Liam’s party you’re going to have a little game and hannah has been demonstrated so you go over there Santana and there you go I may have these little buckets and then we’re going to set the buckets up and they will have scores I guess on each one not sure where we’re going to begin yeah boy so so that thing one thing we’re doing another thing that we’re doing is we’re going to play pin the mask on the turtle which I found these printables online because that further and took it into Photoshop and made this big kind of poster thing and then these are the masks and the masks so wait or working the kids will be blindfolded north to 10 the mask on the ninja turtle check it in on this print so far it’s looking really good so so Hannah here is making some treats for our I’m pretty close eye on it I’m no pro at this this is my first try here’s the bo staff and they’re pretty awesome when I made the chocolate strawberry I put it the last paper under it that didn’t work so well because the chocolate got stuck to the wire rack I say about the last paper over it cuz then it is it yep and I should just comes right off of it yeah right off I’m there they do have that flat side but yeah but that gives it more chocolate and I mean what’s better than more chocolate hmm oh god birthday party very good negative oh my goodness that sounds fun last night we try to use the Ninja Turtle cookie cutter and I should have thought about that because if you look at how big this ninja turtle cookie cutter is and then you think about the how much the cookies will expand in the oven they ended up about the size of my head so that was a problem so we tried one it was way too big so I resized the cookie cutter down to this size here and so we’re going to try that again and we’re going to see how that works so these are the ninja turtle cookie as you can see we have now the imprint of the coil place Hayley I’m gonna get your lamp all right here you go guys all right all right okay all right all right we’re going to kinkos brief X 2 3 2 1 they just hold it what it Tony builder for the sill throws herself

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